d estinations p rogram an overview seleni matus director of tourism belize tourism board june 2011

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  • D ESTINATIONS P ROGRAM An Overview Seleni Matus Director of Tourism Belize Tourism Board June 2011
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  • What is a a local tourism destination? A local tourism destination is a physical space in which a tourist spends at least one overnight. It includes tourism products such as support services and attractions and tourist resources within one days return travel time. It has physical and administrative boundaries defining its management, and images and perceptions defining its market competitiveness. Local destinations incorporate various stakeholders often including a host community, and can nest and network to form larger destinations. Source: WTO Think Tank 2-4 December 2002 Madrid
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  • What is destination management? Source: SNV and M. Fabricus, 2008 How can the GSTC help Destinations to become more sustainable?
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  • A little bit of theory Source: Butler, 1993 GSTC: Helping destinations to avoid decline: environmental, social and cultural, economic
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  • Destinations WG Goals The goals for June 2011 May 2012: Goal 1: Criteria for sustainable tourism in destinations are developed Goal 2: Criteria tested in 10 pilot locations Goal 3: Criteria disseminated Goal 4: Development of guidance on the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in tourism destinations Goal 5: Dissemination of guidance on roles and responsibilities to the 10 pilot locations.
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  • Destinations: Potted history November, 2009: Idea for the group was born out of a destination think tank organized by Royal Caribbean December, 2009: Secretariat presented conclusions of the think tank meeting and decided it should operate as an independent working group; became and interim advisory committee within the GSTC February, 2010: Creation of the Steering Committee; developed objectives, roles and activities of the Destinations WG April, 2010: First meeting of the Steering Committee; discussed the need for a consultant to develop standards for Destinations May, 2010: Secretariat presented a proposal submitted by STI to develop criteria for destinations; proposal was accepted but it was established that the GSTC did not have the financial resources to implement it and needed financial support March, 2011: GSTC Destination working group convened June, 2011: STI commissioned to develop destination criteria
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  • Destinations WG members Anna Spenceley (Chair)IndividualAfrica Francois Bedard (VC)NGOGlobal - Americas Jamie SweetingPrivate sector (cruise)Americas Jiwei XuPrivate sectorChina Jonathan TourtellotIndividualAmericas Luigi CabriniUN AgencyGlobal Europe Sarah DaybollPrivate sector (hotel)Americas Seleni MatusDMOAmericas (Carib.) Thomas EnderlinNGOAmericas Currently looking for 2 new members New candidates needed from Europe, Africa, Asia. 20 GSTC members interested in Destinations
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  • Process for destination criteria development Compilation of comprehensive sources of criteria and indicators for destinations, including sustainable tourism certification standards SWOT analysis & matrix for evaluation of the criteria Draft key minimum baseline criteria & indicators for destinations Stakeholder review Revision Pilot launch in 10 destinations Final report Linkage with the Standards Setting WG
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  • Destination Program Outcomes Outcome: Sustainable tourism in destinations Outputs: A set of generic criteria for sustainable tourism in destinations Guidance available for destinations on roles and responsibilities of stakeholders Technical tools and resources available through GSTC members to support destinations Availability through GSTC members of technical advice for destinations
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