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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    World Favorite Friendship Quotes Collection

    Ultimate Friendship Quotes Collection #1(100)

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    Aasman tumse narazhai,taare tumse dushwarhain.Wo sab tumse jalte

    hain kyonki chand se behtartumhare paas hum jaisa

    yaar hai...(From:Vivek Manchanda -Lucknow) )

    Life is sin 90=1 Love,cos 90=0 but friendshipis tan 90=infinity !!! It has no value in this

    universe...Happy to have a Friend likeU........

    (From:Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow))

    Enter PIN code...Enter PINcode...'L',Enter PIN

    code ...'LO' Enter PINcode...'LOV' Enter PIN Code

    'LOVE'.....wait......PINAccepted......'Welcome' ';^

    U ^;' to '"v "'my

    Phool aisa ho jo baag ko khushbu se bharde,Hamsafar aisa ho jo andheron ko roshankar de,Dost aisa ho zindagi ko khushi aur

    mobile ko SMS se bhar de...(From:Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow))


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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    '*HeArT*'....""(From:Vivek Manchanda -


    Medicines & Friendship cureour problems,Onlydifference is that

    Friendships don"t have anexpiry date...

    "(From:Vivek Manchanda -Lucknow))

    I am just thankful to all of you who aresharing their great thoughts here with all ofus. I know its not easy those day to sparethe time for friends since the Education,

    Business and Job even work for House wifeevery thing with the life is turning sodemanding and quick but still some friendsare around and I am very glad to say thatthey are real friend. Love you all. Thnaks

    (From:Sarfraz Abbasi - , )

    Yeh WORLD hai na WORLD,is mein do tarah ke log hotehai; Ek jo kabhi kisi ke dil

    mein jagah nahi bana paateaur doosre jo kabhi kisi kedil se juda nahi ho paate..

    HUM aur TUM in doosrelogon mein se hai!!(From:Gaurav Patil - Alibag)

    To love without condition, to talk withoutintention, to give without reason n to carewithout expectation is the heart of a true

    friend!(From:shirish - pune))

    () ()

    (,,) =(,,) Its Rainingoutside, If u wanna knowhow much I MISS U? Just

    count the raindrops

    Judai aapki rulate rahegi,Yaad aapki aate rahengi,Pal Pal Jaan jati rahengi,

    Jab tak Jism mei hai Jaan,Meri har Saans Yaari Nibhati rahengi...

    Good Morning(From: Jeetu))

    !!!!!1 2 3 4

    By any Measure You areSPECIAL! GOD Made U one

    Such PERSON! Dont letAnything ever change you.

    Dost gazal hai gungunane ke liye, dostinagma hai sunane ke liye, ye woh jazba haijo sabko milta nahin, hausala chahiye dosti

    nibhane ke liye.**

    Dosti guna hai toh hone nadena Dosti khuda hai tohkhone na dena Karte ho

    dosti jab kisse toh kabhi ussdost ko rone na dena

    Suraj paas ho na ho, Roshni aaspas rehtihai, Dost paas ho na ho, Dosti aas pas rehti

    hai, Waise hi aap paas ho na ho, aapkiYaadein hamesha paas rehti hai!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai))




    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    YOU can b a doctor & save lives, a lawyer &defend lives, a soldier & protect lives, or

    simply b YOURSELF - a Fabulous Friend whoTOUCHES LIVES!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai))

    D se Dosti,D se Dushmani,

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    D se Dil,D se Dard,

    D se Diwangi,D se Dillagi, per

    D se itne bhi Dur na ho janaki,

    D se Dekh bhi na sake,

    SAMJED se DEAR.(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    When nights r long & friends r fewI sit bymy window & think of U A silent whisper, asilent tear With all my heart! Wish u were

    here! Gud nite!(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Har raat ko chand kashingar nahin milta, Harbagh ko phool ka dulaarnahin milta, maine bhi

    duniya dekhi hai dost, Hardost ko aap jaisa DOST nahi

    milta!(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Unhe aadat hai zakham dene ki. Apni tohfitrat hai gum chupane ki, ab toh aadat si

    pad gayi hai aasu pi jane ki, kya haseen sazadi hai zaalim ne dosti rakhne ki

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    2 love without condition, 2

    talk without intention, 2give without reason n 2care without expectation isthe heart of a True Friend!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Apki yaad me udaas hein, bas aapse milne ki

    aas hai, chahe dost kitne hi kyo na ho, apneliye to aap hi khaas hai Hamesha kush

    rehana mere yaar!(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)



    LIST 4 EVER.(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Arz hai, jab dosti ki dastan waqt sunayega,humko koi shaks yad ayega, tab bhul jaenge

    zindigi k gamo ko, jab apke saath guzarawakt yad ayega!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai))

    Think of me n keep in mind,a faithful friend is hard 2

    find, but if u find one equaln true, never leave the old

    for new.(From: Rajendra K. Sheth -


    Friends r like films, some r musical, some rromantic, some r adventurous, some r

    comedy & yet others are tragedy, but veryfew like u r Oscar Winning!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai))

    Your friendship is a BlankCheque for me.Its an assetnot a libility always a creditnot a debit,always a profitnot a loss & I hope it will

    never bounce...(From: Vivek Manchanda -


    Some JOYS are better expressed in SILENCEas a SMILE holds more meaning than

    LAUGHTER. I asked myself if I enjoyedmeeting you in my life.....I just SMILED...(From: Prosenjit - Kolkata)

    kisi ki chahat par jinda

    Life has NoGuarantees;

    Part of Growing isLearning,

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    rahne wale hum naa the,kisi par mar mitne wale

    hum naa the,aadat si pad gayi hai aapko

    yaad karne ki,varna kisi ko yaad karne

    wale hum naa the.(From: PINKU - BHOPAL)

    Part of Happiness isTears,

    Part of Loving isHurting &

    Part of YOU...

    Will Always Bewith ME!

    (From: Roona Rahman - UK)

    (From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow (India))

    Zindagi ko ek ranginkalpana samjho.Subah ko

    sach raat ko sapnasamjho,Bhulana chahte hosabhi gamo ko to,zindagi

    me mujhe apna samjho....

    Got a Gift For U...No Costs!No Batteriesrequired!Tax Free!Performs Silently!

    Extremely Personal!Fully Returnable!It's A*##HUG##* From Me To U...Happy B'day...

    Make a Heart Which neverbreaks,Make a smile whichnever Hurts,Make a touch

    which never pains,Andmake a Friendship which

    never ends..

    My Heart os like an open book,It depands onhow u read me,don't judge me by my

    cover,Look in discover I'll be true friendforever.....

    Talk 2 me wen Im Bored, Bwith me wen im Sad, Hugme wen i Cry, Care 4 me

    wen im Sick, Dont ever cry4 me wen I die! Just

    treasure me wen Im ALIVE.

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    " Zindagi taz mahal ho jaye,Chandani khil ke kamal ho jaye,

    Tum jo ban jaao dost mere,Dil ki dhadkan bhi ek Ghazal ho jaye"

    (From: kapil - delhi)

    Let me guess what are youdoing?Reading a book?Na!Na! Na! Listening music ?OOOhhhuu! Watching TV?Nah.! Caught you missing

    me & reading my smsna.! Oh now u r


    (From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow)

    Nadiyano se kinnare choot jaate hain,Aasaman se taare toot jaate hain,Zindagi kirah mein aksar aisa hota hai,ki jinhe humchahte hain wahi aksar hum se rooth jaate

    hain(From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow )

    college mein school ki yaad

    aayi .javani mein bachapan ki

    yaad aayi .kanto ko chhua to phool ki

    yaad aayi .jindagi ka karib se dekha to

    dost aapki yaad aayi(From: SURENDRA BHILWAL -


    Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oilof LOVE,

    Bcoz Sun rises in the east and sets in thewest but friendship

    Rises in the heart and sets after Death..(From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow )

    "Some day if u need "me" &

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    there are 100 stepsbetween us. YOu take the

    first step to get near me, i'lltake all the 99 steps to be

    there for you".(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Shores never meet, but share the sameocean. The moon & stars could not be one,yet are in the same sky. We may not meet

    often, but yet you are my good friend!(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai))

    To love without condition,

    to talk without intention, togive without reason n tocare without expectation isthe heart of a true friend!

    (From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Not every flower can represent LOVE, butroses did it, not every tree can stand thirst,but cactus did it, not every PERSON can be

    special, but U did it!(From: Rajendra K. Sheth - Chennai)

    Nice People r like d wind.U'll never know what'is

    inside their Heart......Butu'll always feel their

    presense. "Hey, U'r 1 ofThem."

    (From: shridula - blr)

    Friendship is like Chinaware so handle it withcare,

    if it is broken it is hard to repair....

    (From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow)

    Chersh thngs while u stilhav dem b4 they r gone &u'll realize how precious

    they really r. Life can only bunderstood backwrds, but it

    must be lived 4ward.(From: Vishal Lingdeokar - Pune)

    Days r short, hours r 2 few, seconds r 2 fastbut I'll always have d time 2 greet d best

    friend of all - that's u!

    (From: Vishal Lingdeokar - Pune)

    Real friends r not those whor always arnd wen

    evrythings almst prfect, deird 1st who dig deep in2 dground wen ur dwn jst 2

    pull u up & say evrythingsgonna be alryt.(From: Vishal Lingdeokar - Pune)

    Planes have wings so they can fly. Cars havewheels so they can drive. And I've got

    friends so I can smile.

    (From: Vishal Lingdeokar - Pune)

    A true friend undrstandswen u say "I forgot", waits

    4ever wen u say "jst aminute", stays w/ u wen u

    say "leave me alone".opens his heart even b4 u

    knock.(From: Vishal Lingdeokar - Pune)

    God picked up a flower n dipped it in dew, helovingly touched it, which turned into u, andthen he gifted to me n said this sweet friend

    is 4 u..!!!(From: TheManu - Kota, Rajasthan)

    1+1=2 Eyes that look at U..

    4+1=5 Senses miss U.12+12=24 hrs thinkingabout U.3+4=7 days in

    week miss u.1+11=12 Months I need A

    friend Like U..(From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow)

    Aisa nahi ki aapki yaad aati nahi....., khataitni hain ki hum batate nahi..... dosti aapkeanmol hain hamare liye.....samajhte ho aap

    isliye jatate nahi.......(From: vaishalee - N.Delhi)

    You will always impresspeople because you have

    talent,looks,Friendship is like war easy to start.Difficult to


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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    Intelligence and if that isn'tenough tell them u r "My

    Friend"!(From: Vivek Manchanda -


    Impossible to forget.So I am having war withyou,

    I hope you don't want peace.(From: Vivek Manchanda - Lucknow)

    a friend is: 1% funny 2%sweet 3% caring 4 % loving

    and....90% smart & goodlooking thats why..............

    I M UR FRIEND.........(From: umesh - pune)

    Frndship is like a clap it make sound greatwhen we clap with two hands and frndship is

    strong when two person can understandeach orther,and that two person are u and

    me ... thanks for being my frnd.....(From: Sai Krishna - Khammam)

    Life is sin90 =1

    Love is cos90 = 0

    but Frndship is like

    Tan90 = Infinity

    it has no value in thisuniverse .I am happy to

    have a frnd likeu.................(From: sai krishna

    - khammam)

    Ekk khwab,Ekk kheyal,

    Ekk hakikat ho tum,Dosti me padnewali har jarurat

    ho tum,

    jisko roj Ekk smskarne ko dil kare,Arre yaar ajib musibat ho tum....

    (From: sagar - surat)

    dont place me in ur eyes, imay fall as a tear, place mein ur heart, so that everybeat reminds u, that this

    friend is always there.... foru..!!!

    (From: TheManu - Kota, Rajasthan)

    Quit This, Quit That, Quit Anything, But notME bcoz I M only 4 U.(From: Ravi Prakash - Delhi)

    Shores never meet butshare the same ocean. Themoon and the stars couldnot be 1 yest they are in 1

    sky. Friends dont meetoften but never stop being

    friends.(From: RiteSh - Pune)

    Friendship is like the relation between Handand Eyes.

    Its like when the Hand gets Hurt, Eyes cries,And when the Eye cries, the Hand wipes.

    (From: Amit Agashe - Pune)

    Dur hote huve bhiDosti ka Rishta nibhate hai

    aap,Na jane kyun Dil ko lubhate

    hai aap,Yeh kaisa karishma hai aap

    ka,Jo hum ko itna yaad aate

    hai aap.(From: bhavin - mumbai)

    Marathi SMS:

    Maitree Asavee Mana-Manachi,Maitree Asavee Janmo-Janmachi,Maitree Asavee Prem Ani Tyagachi,

    Ashi Maitree Asavee Faqt Tuzi Ani Mazi(From: Amit Agashe - Pune)

    Some body need BIG SHIP,Some body need

    small SHIP,

    Ekk khwab,Ekk kheyal,

    Ekk hakikat ho tum,Dosti me padne

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    But i needone SHIP,



    wali har jaruratho tum,

    jisko roj Ekk smskarne ko dil kare,

    Arre yaar ajib musibat ho tum....(From: smruti - cuttack)

    log khete ki hamare dostchand ka tukra hai par humkhete hai ki chand hamare

    dosto ka tukra hai(From: amit lohia - kolkata)

    True friends are like mornings:

    You can't have them for thewhole day,but you can be sure they

    will be there when you wake up tommrowday after!!!

    (From: Dipti - Nagpur)

    (From: Vivek Manchanda, Lucknow)

    A friend is alwayswelcome ... Early in themorning or late at night.

    Time is of no importance ...When it concerns real


    I could 4get a face...4get a home, 4get aplace, 4get a name, 4get a game,

    I could 4get myself...But 4getting a friendslike U.

    "FORGET IT" !!!

    In this WORLD, whereeverything seems

    UNCERTAIN, only 1 thing isDEFINITE. U'll always be

    my FRIEND, beyondWORDS, beyond TIME &

    beyond DISTANCE!

    I met U as a stranger, I leave U as a friend,as long as the world stands, our friendshipnever ends. All friends never split N even if

    they do they will meet again.

    FRIENDSHIP isn't how U4get but how U 4give, Not

    how U listen but how UUnderstand&, Not what U

    see but how U feel, & nothow U Let Go but how Uhold on!!!

    GOD is so wise that he never createdFRIENDS with price tags, Because..... if He

    did, I can't af4d a precious FRIEND like U!!!

    The sun is glazing, upon thesunlight I see the path of

    our friendship shiningbrightly knowing that it is

    so great 2 have a friend likeU! :)

    Time might lead It takes half our life 2 findtrue friends & half of it keeping them. I amlucky 2 have spent less than half my life

    finding U & wish 2 spend the rest keeping U.

    -""-.( 'o' ) _/

    __) Valuing Friendship isnot

    merely by seeing eachother everyday,

    What's more important is inour busy lives,

    We SMS Reply each other!

    Time might lead me 2 nowhere & faith mightbreak in2 pieces but I will always beTHANKFUL that once in my life's journey we

    became FRIENDS!

    Day's by day's week depart,Week's by week's month

    depart,Never say UR happy when UR sad,Never say UR fine when UR not ok,

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    Month's by month yeardepart,

    But my friendship with Uwill never depart.

    Never say U feel good when U feel bad, &Never say UR alone when I m still alive.

    A sweet sms for you,Whatis the difference between

    blood and you?Blood enters

    in the hearts and flowsout,But you entered the

    heart and stayed.

    Our Dosti is Crossed cheque of Rs.*Happy*/-which we both have.

    When u feel upset & alone withdraw it frommy account.

    Forever in my heart, uwould be cherished,

    and in my mind ur alwayzthought of,

    we may be far away but inmy heart you remain 1 ofthe special people I gained

    in life... I am blessed tohave a Friend Like you...

    Thank you..


    When i wish something iclose my eyes and count it

    slow from 1 to 5.when i need something i

    dont feel shy,To friends of me i dont ever

    lie.To win something i alwaystry and if i wont it most i

    dont let fly.If i lose something i say its

    not mine because the fact isthat boys dont cry.(From: Santosh Parab)

    Court Order - U R Accused 4 crawling in 2my heart and hijacking my smiles with URsweet msgs. Ur sentenced 2b my Friend 4

    ever.(From: Vishal, Mumbai)

    Purity of gold is tested inthe flame;

    A man of good birth isjudged by his behaviour;A hero in times of panic;A man of patience when

    faced with poverty &Friends during difficulties....

    (From: Nikhil)

    The best school is LIFEThe best teacher is EXPERIENCE

    The best book is NATUREThe best temple is HEART

    The best friend is U(From: Nikhil)

    A million words couldn'tbring you back I know coz

    I've tried.... Neither could a




  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    million tears I know coz I'vecried...

    (From: Anjana (Ash))

    ( ,"o(,(")(")


  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    50g kabhi na khatma honewali batein

    RESULT: FRNDS 4ever(From: amit jain)

    Love + Happiness + Faith + Secrecy + Truth+ and sadness (too)

    Friendship is like a violin,Music may stop but stringremain attached forever

    whether u remain in touchor not,

    u r always rememberedfrom heart.

    (From: Vishal Pune)

    (",) FRiDS(",) come & go,




    c",) M..?

    c",) NEVER!i'm here 4eva!

    ============================(From: amit jain)

    The recipe of friendship:1 cup of sharing.2 cups of caring.

    3 cups of forgiveness &hugs.

    Mix all of these together to

    make friends 4ever.





    (From: Amit Jain, Kota)

    Dreams r2b 4goten realityto b lived. desires 2bfulfilled & destiny 2b

    reached.where itbegan.where will itend.friends from da

    start.friends til da end!.

    God picked up a flower n dipped it in dew, helovingly touched it, which turned into u. Andthen he gifted it to me n said dis friend is 4


    R we friends or r we not.Utold me once but i 4got.of

    all d m8s ive eva met ur d 1i wont 4get.& if i die b4 u

    do i will go 2 heaven & wait4 u.

    Sum1 sum where dreamz of ur smiles &

    whilst thinking of u says life is worthwhile.sowen ur lonely remember its true.that sum1

    sum where is thinking of u.

    FriEndSHiP iS A PRiCeLeSsGiFt tHaT cAn'T Be BoUgHtOr SoLd, BuT To Have AnUnDeRsTaNdiNg FriEnd iSFaR MoRe WoRtH tHaN


    thE tEst oF fRiEndsHip dOseN't cOmeS wHenu R 2GethEr. It cOmEs wHeN u ParT waYs &u ReaLizE tHat dEsPitE tHe dIsTanCe, thE

    fRiEndshIp iS sTilL tHeRe...

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    Keep the flame of theFriendship burning, And

    never let it die, For it bringsthe everlasting happiness,Which money cannot buy.

    Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, allangels in heaven know I need u. years mayfly, tears may dry, but my friendship with u

    will never die.

    A loving person lives in aloving World.

    A hostile person lives in ahoste hostile world.

    But a person like you livesin Friend's heart.

    Aisi dosti hamari ke dl kare to har dagar pe

    mile,mar bhi javu to yari rahe kayam aur tu bajeki kabar me mile.(From: Vishal Pune))

    The best of FRIENDSHIPdosen't come when u r

    together, its come when u aaparat & u r realise that

    despite the distance & thesilence, the FRIENDSHIP

    still survives.(From: deepak kukreja)

    -Last night thinking of u, 1 tear rolled out, Iasked tear, why r u out? Tear said, there isv.good frnd inside, now there is no place 4

    me.(From: Amit)

    Monsoon Rain or SummerHeat,

    Your friendship is thereason why I breathe.Tell me Dear, What is

    Sweet?Is that U or UR heart beat.

    (From: Gaurav Patil)

    Friends r many but best pals r few,Yet no one is as sweet as you,

    I'd stand & wait in any longest queue;Just for the pleaure of a moment with you!!

    (From: Gaurav Patil)

    (From: Lina K)

    Many people sleep

    troughout the life,Somedare to dream.others walkwhen they can run ,A

    handful learn to fly.Theyare oNE-iN-a-mILLION 7

    my Dear Friend be like that.

    It's Hard To Find Balance When U r in Love.Ufound In a middle Cause, U have To DecideBetween Heart & the Brain.Heart is the

    Engine Of Your Body,But Brain Is Engine OfUr Life.

    (From: Tinky Winky)

    if u ask me 4how long will ib ur friend? my ans will b.

    I DON'T KNOWcoz i really don't know

    which is longer,4EVA or ALWAYS!!

    hey do 1 thing put your left hand on ur rightsholder and ur right hand on left

    sholder.guess wht i jst messaged u a sweethug. and good morning

    may ur hart b happy &urdays b bryt. may ur roads b

    smooth &ur burdens lite.may u find dreams &touch astar &neva 4get how special

    u r(",)

    others say lyf is unfair. well it's true! others rjelous of me. well, they should b! wanna

    know y? hmmm. coz i hav a sweet friend lyku.

    friendship is a gift wen it is 4so long i've been trying 2figure out how

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  • 8/9/2019 D Xtra Ulti Sms Friendship Quotes


    EJalgaon.com Home

    new.. it's a miracle wen it istrue.. but u know wat? it's ablessing wen it is you(",).

    sum1 as gr8 as u can exist.. i've finally cum2a conclusion... GOD JUST HAD TO B


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