March 22, 2012 • V42.12 In the Community, With the Community, For the Community C URRENT Richfield 75 ¢ minnlocal.com Flyers take fourth at state. Page 27 Richfield gives OK to I-494 project, but ... Implores MnDOT to explore Cedar Avenue underpass BY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS The city of Richfield has granted consent for a project scheduled for Interstate 494 late this summer. The Richfield City Council voted unanimously on the reso- lution March 13, giving its blessing to a $30 million project that will include the addition of a westbound auxiliary lane on the Interstate between Portland Avenue and Nicollet Avenue, and between I-35W and Highway 100. Also, the freeway is to be resurfaced between Highway 100 and 24th Avenue. MnDOT plans to reconstruct the bridge at I-494 and Xerxes Avenue as well. The project will be funded mainly by federal dollars and cost nothing for municipalities adjacent to the project, which also include Bloomington and Edina. The consent comes with one caveat, however. The Minnesota Department of Transportation must agree to again study the possibility of an underpass for 77th Street beneath Cedar Avenue, which would more con- veniently link Richfield to the Mall of America area. Richfield has long pined for such a project. The last time the concept was studied was 2001, and that study is considered outdated. The call for a renewed study comes after some city council members and staff bristled at news that the 494 project — to be conducted in three phases, with completion scheduled for fall, 2013 — would not use an extra 26-feet of corridor the city of Richfield purchased in accordance with a MnDOT environmental impact study from 2001. City Manager Steve Devich expressed his frustra- tion during a special work ses- sion in January that addressed the upcoming project. “I mean, I could look at that and say, ‘Tough luck; that’s the way it is,’ but we’ve been look- ing forever for some help from somewhere to help us finish that piece we need to do on 77th Street,” he told an MnDOT rep- resentative at the time. At last week’s meeting, Richfield Public Works Director Mike Eastling assured the council that the language in the resolution granting consent — but demanding considera- tion — for the 77th Street underpass, is indeed binding, responding to concerns. The language referred to the call for the study as a “request,” but Eastling said that word will have the same effect as “require.” Spartans secure state runner-up trophy ABOVE: Richfield fans cheer on the Spartan girls basketball team during the state Class 3A tournament finals March 17 at Target Center. Richfield, making its first state appearance, finished second after losing 65-45 to DeLaSalle in the title game. The Spartans concluded their season with a 27-5 record. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer) LEFT: Richfield junior point guard Jessica January drives to the basket pursued by a DeLaSalle player during the Spartans’ 65-45 state 3A championship loss Saturday night. January was named to the all-state Class 3A tournament squad along with teammates Sierra Ford-Washington and Bry Guyton. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer) W e e k l y S u p e r S a v i n g s ! W e e k l y S u p e r S a v i n g s ! Get your ad in print & online at zip2save.com View Our TAX GUIDE on page 10

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View Our on page 10 75¢ March 22, 2012• V42.12 In the Community, With the Community, For the Community Weekly Super Savings! Weekly Super Savings! LEFT: Richfield junior point guard Jessica January drives to the basket pursued by a DeLaSalle player during the Spartans’ 65-45 state 3A championship loss Saturday night. January was named to the all-state Class 3A tournament squad along with teammates Sierra Ford-Washington and Bry Guyton. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer)


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March 22, 2012 • V42.12 In the Community, With the Community, For the CommunityCURRENTRichfield



Flyers take fourth at state. Page 27

Richfield gives OK toI-494 project, but ...Implores MnDOTto explore CedarAvenue underpassBY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS

The city of Richfield hasgranted consent for a projectscheduled for Interstate 494 latethis summer.

The Richfield City Councilvoted unanimously on the reso-lution March 13, giving itsblessing to a $30 million projectthat will include the addition ofa westbound auxiliary lane onthe Interstate between PortlandAvenue and Nicollet Avenue,and between I-35W andHighway 100. Also, the freewayis to be resurfaced betweenHighway 100 and 24th Avenue.MnDOT plans to reconstructthe bridge at I-494 and XerxesAvenue as well. The project willbe funded mainly by federaldollars and cost nothing formunicipalities adjacent to theproject, which also includeBloomington and Edina.

The consent comes with onecaveat, however. The MinnesotaDepartment of Transportationmust agree to again study thepossibility of an underpass for77th Street beneath CedarAvenue, which would more con-veniently link Richfield to theMall of America area.

Richfield has long pined for

such a project. The last time theconcept was studied was 2001,and that study is consideredoutdated.

The call for a renewed studycomes after some city councilmembers and staff bristled atnews that the 494 project — tobe conducted in three phases,with completion scheduled forfall, 2013 — would not use anextra 26-feet of corridor thecity of Richfield purchased inaccordance with a MnDOTenvironmental impact studyfrom 2001. City Manager SteveDevich expressed his frustra-tion during a special work ses-sion in January that addressedthe upcoming project.

“I mean, I could look at thatand say, ‘Tough luck; that’s theway it is,’ but we’ve been look-ing forever for some help fromsomewhere to help us finishthat piece we need to do on 77thStreet,” he told an MnDOT rep-resentative at the time.

At last week’s meeting,Richfield Public WorksDirector Mike Eastling assuredthe council that the language inthe resolution granting consent— but demanding considera-tion — for the 77th Streetunderpass, is indeed binding,responding to concerns.

The language referred to thecall for the study as a “request,”but Eastling said that word willhave the same effect as“require.”

Spartans secure staterunner-up trophyABOVE: Richfield fans cheer on the Spartan girls basketballteam during the state Class 3A tournament finals March 17at Target Center. Richfield, making its first state appearance,finished second after losing 65-45 to DeLaSalle in the titlegame. The Spartans concluded their season with a 27-5record. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer)

LEFT: Richfield junior point guard Jessica January drives tothe basket pursued by a DeLaSalle player during theSpartans’ 65-45 state 3A championship loss Saturday night.January was named to the all-state Class 3A tournamentsquad along with teammates Sierra Ford-Washington andBry Guyton. (Photo by Brian Nelson – ContributingPhotographer)

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2 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community


Harpist plays harpsongs, tells harp jokes

Harpist Trudy Harper will perform atthe next meeting of the RichfieldChapter of the American Association ofRetired People, Monday, March 26 at 1:30p.m., at the Richfield CommunityCenter, 7000 Nicollet Ave. S.

Harper, a light-hearted harpist, isquick to tell stories and jokes about whatshe knows: harps and harpists. Sheplays the elegant string instrument, too,performing classical melodies, popularballads and jazzy toe-tappers.

Info: 612-866-1266 (Pat Miller).

Watershed districtoffers project grants

The Lower Minnesota RiverWatershed District, based in Chaska,has created a new program that willaward up to $20,000 in matching fundsthis year to individuals, neighborhoods,or organizations that carry out environ-mental improvement projects.

The Cost Share Incentive and WaterQuality Restoration Program offers

money for projects within the District,which includes portions of the cities ofBloomington, Burnsville, Carver,Chaska, Chanhassen, Eagan, EdenPrairie, Mendota, Mendota Heights andShakopee, as well as the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

Eligible entities, private or public,must submit proposals by April 1 that:

• implement Best ManagementPractices, or

• carry out studies to protect andimprove natural resources.

Proposals must assist in such proj-ects as protecting or restoring quality oflakes, streams, wetlands, fens, theMinnesota River or groundwater; reduc-ing bluff, stream bank, or main streamerosion; providing public education ben-efits.

Funds will be awarded to a maximumof $1,000 per single-family residenceproject, $5,000 per neighborhood projectand $20,000 per commercial, industrialor municipal project.

The district will accept new applica-tions until April 1. Applications will bereviewed by staff and manager, and theawards will be made May 16.

Info: watersheddistrict.org or 952-856-5880.



When you purchase a second hamburgerat equal or greater value ($4.05 value).

4502 Valley View Rd. Edina(952) 920-0949

Expires April 4, 2012

Putting down roots in Richfield.

The proposed Pillsbury Commons is a high-quality new rental neighborhood that will be located at 76th Street and Pillsbury Avenue in Richfield. Construction managed by

Ron Clark Construction & Design. 952-947-3041 | Lic#1220

Many of Richfield’s young professionals—in healthcare, retail, public safety, service and trades—are a workforce we couldn’t do without. The proposed new Pillsbury Commons will be a high-quality new rental neighborhood they will be proud to call Home!

DIETICIAN TECHNICIANAverage annual income: $39,100,based on a median salary of $18.82/hour

Please visit us at www.PillsburyCommons.com

March 30 - April 1

3 DaysONLY





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Call or text Chuck Abramson for an appointment.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 3

New ‘discovery art’ helps those with Alzheimer’s

Sheila Van Houten does paintings said to soothe and enliven some of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s. VanHouten, who offers a variety of services out of her home, including palm reading, discovered her talent for whatshe calls “discovery art” about a year ago.

Richfield woman believes supernaturalphenomenon is at workBY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS

Residents at Sunrise Senior Living inMinnetonka are seeing things. They seebirds, flowers, dancers, men groomingtheir facial hair.

The visions have been appearing forthe past several months, on the thirdfloor of the assisted living community,in what is called the ReminiscenceNeighborhood, a place set up to comfortfor those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Every Tuesday afternoon the resi-dents gather around the dining roomtable in the homey space and stare atglossy 8½-by-11-inch cards — colorful,splashy abstract prints painted by aRichfield resident who believes she ischanneling something from a spiritualrealm, in a kind of Alzheimer’s therapythat by all accounts is unprecedented.

After about five months of the weeklyexercise, of gazing into the work ofSheila Van Houten, the results frominside Sunrise’s memory care communi-

ty are phenomenal, staff there say.Normally taciturn residents are

brought to life when guided through aninterpretation of Van Houten’s work,they report. The artist calls it “discoveryart,” consisting of seemingly randombrush strokes and splotches that seem tocome to life before the right kind of eyes.

Bloomington resident Dan Dolliff ’s80-year-old mother, Mary, is in theadvanced stages of Alzheimer’s. Onething that holds her attention are re-runs of “The Lawrence Welk Show.” Itwas on one day as Mary sat on the thirdfloor at the Sunrise community.

“Ordinarily she would have beenglued to the music on TV,” Dolliff said.

But then the art came out. “It was likesomebody switched the set off and therewas no other competition. It was just thecards,” Dolliff said. “That was an eye-opener for me.”

Now, his mother, instead of sittingpassive, was subject to “100 percentengagement” in what lay before her,tracing shapes and strokes with her fin-gers, Dolliff said.


Many people live their lives sufferingfrom low thyroid symptoms. This is espe-cially true for females. Thyroid hormonescontrol all your metabolism, and whenthyroid hormones are low they cause allthe cells in your body and mind to slowdown. These symptoms include fatigue,weight gain, mood swings, sweet crav-ings, depression, sluggish thinking, thin-ning hair or hair loss, and cold hands andfeet. For some people digestive problemslike constipation and acid indigestion maysignal low thyroid.

Even when taking thyroid medication,many people continue to suffer from thesymptoms of having low thyroid. Somepeople are even told their lab tests are nor-mal but still continue to endure the symp-toms of low thyroid. However, there can bea solution for symptoms from low thyroid!

Dr. Phil Gilman DC FMA FASBE, a pub-lished thyroid researcher and chiropractor,is holding a seminar to discuss low thyroidsymptoms. His research shows that whileblood tests are valuable in evaluating thy-roid dysfunction, often the basic tests areinadequate in finding the underlying caus-es of low thyroid. For example Dr. Gilman’spublished research showed that liver func-

tion affects low thyroid. This research alsoshowed that low thyroid persons have aobservable posture and testable muscleweakness.

There are six patterns of thyroid dys-function and only one of them respondswell to thyroid medication. That is why somany have been disappointed in theirresults.

During the seminar Dr. Gilman willreveal the number one cause of low thy-roid in the United States, why manywomen taking replacement hormoneswon’t get better, six patterns to thyroidproblems, and why doctor’s don’t runcomplete thyroid tests. He will also dis-cuss the one food that is often involved inlow thyroid and how to test for it. In addi-tion to exposing these truths about thy-roid treatment, Dr. Gilman will also dis-cuss natural solutions to help thyroidproblems. Due to the high demand andsensitivity of this information, seating forDr. Gilman’s private thyroid seminar islimited. It will be held on Tuesday, March27th at 6:00 PM at the SouthtownOffice Park Conference Room, 8120 PennAve So., Bloomington. Please call651-681-8199 to reserve a seat today!

Women with Low ThyroidWomen With Low Thyroid

Dr Phil Gilman, Thyroid Researcher

FREE SEMINARTuesday, March 27th at 6:00pm

Do you suffer from any of these LOW THYROID symptoms?

❏ What mechanism causes 70% of hypothyroidism in the U.S.…❏ Why you are taking Thyroid Medications but

still feel lousy❏ The 6 different patterns of thyroid problems ❏ What lab tests are needed to identify your problem❏ Natural solutions to improve your low thyroid problems

Tuesday, March 27th 6:00 pm Southtown Office Park Conference Room

8120 Penn Ave So., BloomingtonDr. Phil Gilman DC FMA FASBE Chiropractor

Due to the high demand and sensitivity of this information, seating is limited

Call Seminar registration at 651-681-8199. If line is busy, KEEP CALLING.

• Fatigue• Mood changes/Depression• Cold hands, feet or all over

• Weight gain• Sluggish thinking• Hair loss, or thinning hair

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4 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community


Richfield snowboarders ride to the top Richfield snowboarders have been sliding past the competition in local snow-

boarding events. Julia Zappa is among the top in her age group for Junior Women (16-17) in slalom

and giant slalom. Jadon Babinski, for the breaker’s age group (12-113), has successfully placed him-

self in the top 10 among his peers in all 17 competitions he has rode in. Elija Yoho, competing in 15 events total for the grommet boy’s (8-9) age group, has

secured first place, five second places, and four third place finishes. All three have been training with the Midwest’s snowboard team the G team. They

are looking for invites to this years national competition, which will be held atCopper Mountain in Colorado, April 1-6.

Pain slowing you down?

We’ll put you on the road to recoveryWhen joint, back or foot pain keeps you from activities you love, Fairview orthopedic services can help. Our team of doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers off er the best in orthopedic care for people of all ages. We perform the most joint replacements in the Twin Cities, which means better care and results for you.

• Joint replacement

• Care for osteoarthritis

and related joint pain

• ACL and knee repair

• Hand and wrist surgery

• Foot and ankle surgery

• Rotator cuff

and shoulder repair

• Treatment for

sports-related injuries

• Physical therapy

Don’t live with the pain.Learn more about our orthopedic services at fairview.org/southdale or schedule an appointment at 612-672-7100.

We off er comprehensive orthopedic services, including:

Physical therapistMary Kremer, andpatient Christian

7601 Lyndale Ave. S. • Richfield, MN 55423



WE OFFER:• Dining• Transportation• Weekly Chapel

Services• Activities• On-Site Home

Care Services• Housekeeping• Many More!

Grandma’s Hutch& Jewelry SaleFriday, March 30th, 2012


Calling All Collector’s to Mainstreet Village for Our Annual

Featuring men’s & women’s jewelry,vintage linens, fine china, crystal & silver.

A la Carte Lunch available featuringdelectable soups, sandwiches & bars.

Event benefits Twin City ChristianHomes Endowment Fund.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 5

Richfield roads may lose a lanePublic works outlines findings from pilot projectBY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS

Some of Richfield’s main roads maybe dramatically transformed in thecoming years, with the strong possibil-ity that some of the city’s four-lanethoroughfares may lose a lane.

“It’s a drive to give the city a wholenew look,” said Richfield Public WorksDirector Mike Eastling, addressing thecommunity group, Penn Central, lastThursday. Portland, Nicollet, Pennavenues are among the candidates forthree-lanes.

The city has been studying the possi-bility of three-lane thoroughfares sinceOctober, 2010, when the public worksdepartment followed a mill-and-overlayof Portland Avenue with a pilot projectthat redrew traffic lines between East68th Street and East 74th Street.

Public works staff on March 13 pre-sented what the department has foundso far from what is called the PortlandAvenue Land Configuration PilotProject.

Three-lane roads, where traffic lev-els allow, are supposed to increase safe-ty in a number of ways, and have been

a recent trend in transportation plan-ning, according to Jeff Pearson, trans-portation engineer for Richfield.

Chief among purported benefits,three-lane roads, with the middle lanereserved for left-hand turns, reduceblind the spots on four-lane streets thatare created when two vehicles wait forleft turns at the same intersection,Pearson said.

Three-lane roads are also said toreduce speeding. While studies showaverage speeds on such roads decreaseonly by one or two miles per hour, thosewith the most leaden feet — the outliersin the speed spectrum — are forced toease up, stuck behind slower traffic.

Additionally, three-lane roads alsoallow for wider shoulders, makingmore room for bicyclists.

Following the repainting of the linesin October 2010, Richfield polled resi-dents near Portland Avenue twice withonline surveys — after six months, andafter 12 months — receiving varyingfeedback on the new configuration.

After the three-lane section was inplace for one year, 63 percent of thoseliving on it preferred the three-lanesection to four lanes. But of those liv-ing one to two blocks away fromPortland Avenue, 48 percent favoredthree lanes. Seventy-five residentsresponded the questionnaire at the 1-year mark.

More residents took the survey that

measured opinion after six months,with 260 responding. Among those liv-ing on Portland Avenue, 54 percentcommented positively on the three-lanesection, while 39 percent respondednegatively.

Respondents in general said thepedestrian experience improved, with29 percent saying it was “good” or bet-ter than with the four-lane configura-tion, while 39 percent provided such arating for three lanes.

Biking got better, too, they said, with14 percent of respondents ranking thethree-lane biking experience favorably,compared to the 32 percent who so-rated the four-lane experience.

However, the percentage of respon-dents identifying driving difficultiesactually increased in the 6-month sur-vey — from 25 percent to 41 percent.These complaints were “little things inthe grand scheme of things,” Pearsontold the city council last week.

“They identify [the issues] as diffi-culties but they’re not necessarily crip-pling to an infrastructure.”

Pearson later attributed the report-

ed difficulties to a phenomenon he hascome to expect when road changesoccur. “It’s like any time you try toimprove the road. It’s an improvementfor the majority but there are going tobe people that are affected negatively,”he said in an interview.

While sentiment in the public worksdepartment favors the three-lane con-versions for qualifying roads inRichfield, any final decision is still aways off. “We probably will continue toleave [the Portland Avenue pilot proj-ect] as a three-lane section, and willcontinue to get feedback on that.”

The Minnesota Department ofTransportation has $18 million slatedfor roadwork in Richfield, most likelyto be used in 2015 or 2016, and lanereductions could coincide with thatwork, Eastling said.

Councilmember Fred Wrogeexpressed hesitance regarding thethree-lane configuration at last week’ssession, calling for more in-depth studywhile noting the relatively small sam-ple size of respondents during thePortland Avenue pilot program.


Police ReportsRichfield police

For March 8-11, the Richfield PoliceDepartment answered the followingcalls:

March 8–An unknown suspect stolea 43-inch television worth $500 from aresidence at 6938 16th Ave. S., a victimreported at 5:37 p.m.

March 9–A catalytic converter wasreported stolen at 7:07 a.m. from a vanbelonging to the Minnesota School ofBusiness. The $500 part had been cleanlycut from the vehicle, which was parkedon the north side of the school. Anothervan belonging to the school wasuntouched. The theft is one of severalsimilar incidents in which catalytic con-

verters have been removed from newvehicles in Richfield and Bloomington.

A victim reported at 8:05 p.m. thatsomeone smashed out the rear driver’sside window of a vehicle parked in thelot of Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue. Thesuspect took a backpack containingitems valued at $410.

Three juvenile females were cited forshoplifting $282 worth of merchandiseat Sports Authority.

March 10–A driver was arrested forDWI at 9:06 p.m. after being stopped forspeeding at 1st Avenue South and East66th Street.

A victim reported at 11:44 p.m. that hefeared for his safety after an Impala raninto the front of his bike and hit his legat East 76th Street and BloomingtonAvenue South.

Kroening Interpretive Center, Minneapolis March 31, noon – 3 p.m.

Silverwood Park, St Anthony March 31, 1 – 4 p.m.

Fish Lake Regional Park, Maple Grove April 6, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Richardson Nature Center, Bloomington April 6 – 7, 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Lowry Nature Center, Victoria April 6 – 7, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The Landing, Shakopee April 7, 11:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Reservations Required

Join the egg hunts, meet the bunny and friends, play games and more...


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Thursday, March 22, 2012 Richfield Visit us online at minnlocal.com Page 6

CURRENTSpeak up for county library funding

In a story titled “Ralph’sShoe Service is back in busi-ness” appearing on page 1 ofthe March 22 edition of theSun-Current, a misspellingresulted in a word, inappropri-ate for a community publica-tion, making its way into ourpages.

The Sun-Current regrets theerror.

CORRECTION Parents question teachers and journalistsBY JOE NATHAN – GUEST COLUMNIST

Two frustrated questions ata recent Stillwater“Conversation in the St. CroixValley” community meetingmirrored each other. One camefrom a parent of a teacher. Theother came from a senior citi-zen, also a parent. Together,they help illustrate two pas-sionate, opposite polls in ournational debate about improv-ing schools.

One person identified her-

self as the mother of a teacherworking with special needs stu-dents. She asked, “What can bedone about the constant attackin the news media on teachers?It’s very demoralizing.”

Last week I mentioned anational poll published by MetLife Insurance showing thatteacher job satisfaction hasdropped 18 points since 2008, tothe lowest level in more than 20years. Some teachers write tome and affirm what this pollfound … many teachers feel

under attack.Yes, there is criticism.But any fair description of

how newspapers and televisiondepict teachers would find avariety of stories, not just “aconstant attack.” Journalistsalso describe outstanding workthat students and teachers aredoing. There is coverage ofaward-winning teachers. It’snot all negative.


Unless advocates makesome noise, dollars willcontinue to be cut

At a time when more people than ever areusing their community libraries, the fundinggradually is being reduced.

A good library is essential in a communi-ty now more than ever when people cannotafford to buy books and more people areusing its computers, downloading E-booksand checking out audio materials.

At this time, advocates of local librariesneed to protest some of these reductions dur-ing a time when services are most needed.

Counties are responsible for providing alibrary system. Libraries get some revenuefrom the state while most of it comes fromtaxpayers in each county through special andgeneral property tax levies.

Hennepin and Ramsey County and its sub-urban libraries, bolstered by supportivecounty commissioners, are weathering thereductions better than most.

Despite a $2.5 million reduction this yearfor the Hennepin County library, neitherhours nor staff were cut. The director decid-ed to buy fewer materials. The annual totalbudget for 2012 is $69.9 million.

Thanks to some money from the Targetballpark sales tax revenue, worked out by thecounty board of commissioners, Hennepinopened some libraries on Sunday and addedhours to the Central Library. They are, how-ever, expecting revenues to be tight for a

while. Hennepin library users checked out 18.3

million items in the 41 libraries last year. In Ramsey County where there are sepa-

rate tax levies for St. Paul and its suburbanlibraries, hours have not been reduced and areduction of $100,000 has resulted in a loss oftwo staff and less for the collection.

The collection revenues have been hit thehardest dropping from $1.3 million in 2003 to$850,000 in 2012, Revenue to buy materials forthe libraries has gone down from $1.3 millionin 2003 to 850,000 in 2012. Fortunately, Ramseyand other libraries purchase materialsthrough the Metro Library Service Agency(MELSA) at a lower price.

Last year, the Ramsey County system cir-culated 4,317,000 materials and had 1.8 mil-lion visitors.

The Dakota County Library systemexpects to circulate 5 million materials thisyear. No hours have been reduced and most ofthe nine libraries are open Sunday. Last yearthe county system circulated 4.9 millionmaterials through its nine-library system.

This year’s total budget from all sources is$11,691,000.

Over the last few years, mostly throughattrition and not filling positions the number

of fulltime equivalents has dropped from ahigh of 159 to 136.

The counties’ revenues are sufferingbecause tax capacity is going down due to allthe foreclosures and shrinking commercialtax base. State legislators have cut local gov-ernment aid and are requiring counties to domore with less and mandating more expens-es with no extra money.

The state auditor reports that cities andcounties in the state have cut public libraryoperating budgets and capital outlay by 42percent between 2005 and 2009.

Meanwhile, more people than ever areusing libraries. More students are going tothe library, because school districts are short-changing their media centers, once calledlibraries. Home-schooled children are usingthe libraries more. Senior citizens are attend-ing computer classes so they can use thelibrary’s computers.

Of course, the economy and particularlyreductions in local government aid from thestate to the counties partly are to blame forthe underfunding and reduction in services.

Advocates of community libraries need tospeak up particularly to legislators about thisslow erosion of library hours and servicesunless policy makers hear protests fromusers, funding for libraries will continue tobe reduced.

Don Heinzman is an editorial writer forECM Publishers. Sun Newspapers welcomesresponses to this and any other editorial pagecommentary. Send to:[email protected].


Page 7: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 7

There is a big disconnect betweenwhat some educators and many journal-ists see as the responsibility of the newsmedia. Over the last 40 years, I’velearned that some educators think thejob of the news media is to promote localschools.

Many journalists quote a Chicagowriter named Finley Peter Dunne. Hebelieved newspapers “comfort theafflicted and afflict the comfortable.”While I understand some educators’frustration with criticism sometimesfound in a paper, I think that IS part ofwhat journalists should be doing. Theother side is that journalists should, andoften do, report on progress and accom-plishments. But there is not room ortime to cover every event, every poten-tially interesting story.

This brings us to the second speakerat the Stillwater meeting. He asked whatcould be done about the constant teacherunion opposition to needed reforms.

I responded that I think, again, thepicture is more complicated. Someunions and their leaders have stronglysupported changes that producedprogress. I’ve written before about thesuccessful effort in Cincinnati (district)public schools to close graduation gaps

between white and African Americanstudents, and students from low andmiddle income families. The CincinnatiFederation of Teachers was a strongsupporter of these efforts.

Closer to home, I know of unions thathave recommended laws, allowing, forexample, site-governed public schools,new approaches to teacher training thatmake better use of the most effective K-12 teachers in our schools, and moresupport for high quality early childhoodprograms.

But statewide teacher unions andsome local unions in Minnesota alsohave opposed programs like PostSecondary Option, open enrollment andchartered public schools.

In both instances – coverage of teach-ers and impact of teacher unions, Ithink the picture is more mixed thansometimes described.

What’s best for students? Recognizingwe won’t always agree, I think studentsgain and schools improve when weacknowledge good work that is beingdone, along with mistakes that havemade and problems that need attention.

Joe Nathan, former public schoolteacher, administrator, PTA presidentand parent of three public school gradu-ates, is director of the Center for SchoolChange at Macalester College. He can bereached at [email protected] reflect the opinion of the author.


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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 9

County courts in Edinato remain open, for nowCounty board approvesinterim security plan forsuburban courtrooms BY MIKE HANKS – SUN NEWSPAPERS

The future of Hennepin County’sEdina courtrooms remained uncertainas the Hennepin County Board narrowlyvoted in favor of temporary weaponsscreening measures for the building.

The 4-3 vote by the board at its March13 meeting will result in the implemen-tation of temporary weapons screeningfor the three outlying courtrooms inHennepin County, with a permanentsolution for courtroom safety to bedetermined after an administrativestudy of security needs. The originalproposal to implement interim proce-dures included closing the Southdalecourts by Sept. 1, a move representativesof the affected cities oppose.

The board’s deliberation centeredaround the urgency to implement tem-porary screening measures at theBrooklyn Center, Edina and Minnetonkacourts. The majority – Jan Callison, GailDorfman, Jeff Johnson and RandyJohnson – wanted to move forward withsecurity measures now, while the dis-senters wanted direction as to long-termsolutions before committing to expendi-tures for temporary measures.

Commissioner Peter McLaughlincalled the proposal “an open checkbookresolution with security as the goal.”Noting that the proposal did not refer-ence cost effectiveness of the temporarymeasures, McLaughlin pointed out“other public safety priorities in thiscounty.”

Fiscal concern for taxpayer dollars“goes out the window when this topiccomes up,” he added.

McLaughlin also expressed concernthat the county isn’t optimizing itscourtroom capacity at the HennepinCounty Government Center inMinneapolis, where weapons screeningoccurs.

Board Chairman Mike Opat said thatthe results of a security study should becomplete before the screening measuresare added at the suburban courts, argu-ing that the county will study its way tojustifying weapons screening, and thatonce the measures are in place, nobody

will argue for abandoning the proce-dures.

Callison, whose district includesEdina, argued that the county alwayslooks to be cost effective in doing itsbusiness, and defended the move towardimplementing interim screening meas-ures at buildings where high stress situ-ations occur. “This is about probabili-ties, not about certainties,” she said.

Dorfman recalled a 2003 shooting atthe government center that promptedweapons screening for the facility inarguing for screening at suburbancourts, which handle misdemeanorissues including traffic issues and somedomestic violence cases. “There’s alegitimate security issue that needs tobe addressed,” she said.

The Hennepin County Sheriff ’sOffice provides security for 96 countycourtrooms in eight facilities. Morethan 3,400 weapons, from pocketknivesto firearms, were confiscated at the gov-ernment center in 2011, according toSheriff Rich Stanek.

There were 15 significant courthouseevents at the suburban sites in 2011 thatnecessitated taking a person into cus-tody, he added, noting that althoughsome events may not appear to be signif-icant, they may be for the person affect-ed by the incident. “Weapons screeningin all of our courthouses is needed,” hetold the board.

Bloomington City Attorney SandraJohnson told the board that if the Edinacourtrooms are to be closed, it should beafter the security study of suburbancourts, allowing cities to plan and budg-et for the increased time and expendi-tures associated with moving court pro-ceedings from Edina to downtownMinneapolis or one of the other subur-ban divisions. Johnson was not opposedto a vote by the board on temporaryweapons screening, but had previouslydisagreed with the need for increasedsecurity at the Southdale courts. “Theyare not logically or functionally inter-twined,” she said.

The administrative security analysisis due to the board by Nov. 1. Temporarysecurity measures proposed for theBrooklyn Center and Minnetonkacourts call for pass-through metal detec-tion devices while metal detection wand-ing is planned in Edina. More than$600,000 in equipment and staffing wasapproved for the security plan.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 11

dik Bolger to be reunited with vehicle he painted in wilder daysBY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS

A Richfield native is in for a flash-back this spring, when the 1961 Citroën,which he painted in a psychedelicallyinspired fashion more than 40 years ago,makes a return trip to Minnesota.

The original painter of the tiny two-seater, dik Bolger — who spells his firstname in all lower-case — came forwardin February after seeing a story pub-lished in the Star Tribune. It detailedsuburban Detroit resident MikeMullen’s quest to find the artist respon-sible for the splashy paint job thatgraces the vehicle he purchased lastsummer, when he fell in love with thepiece of work.

The Richfield Sun-Current originallypublished a story about the vehicle Jan.2, but Mullen later contacted the StarTribune to broaden his search.

It worked, and Mullen will reunitethe Citroën with the one who imbued itwith its colorful, whimsical spirit, dur-ing northeast Minneapolis’ Art-a-Whirlfestival, the weekend of May 18-20.

Bolger, a Richfield native but now aSt. Paul resident, recalls painting thecar in 1971 or 1972 with his older brother,now deceased, at their grandfather’shome near Lake of the Isles in

Minneapolis. A Minneapolis College ofArt and Design student art-directed theproject.

The result was a spectacle whereverBolger took the ride. “You could not be

inconspicuous in that car,” he said. “Ifyou drove down the road or parked in aparking lot, people would just surroundit.”

He didn’t mind the attention. “At that

stage in my life it was a lot of fun,because people enjoyed it. It made peo-ple happy,” he remembers.

But mechanically, the two-cylinderCitroën was too much trouble, and in1975 Bolger sold it to TerranceDickinson, who fixed it up. Dickinson,then a devotee of French automobiles,couldn’t reconcile with the paint job,however, and sold the Citroën to a carcollector from Highland Park.

The buyer, Paul Hansen, held onto thevehicle for years, and took it with himwhen he moved to Michigan in the late1990s.

Then last summer, Mullen wasinspecting a foreclosed home in Detroitas part of his job as a court officer.There, he found the vehicle in a base-ment garage, which Hansen had rentedto store his car collection.

Thanks to the discovery, the life ofthe little Citroën will soon come full cir-cle. Bolger, the owner of a nationalprinting company based in Minneapolis,curtailed his hippie leanings as hebecame a businessman and raised a fam-ily.

But standing out in that fever-dream-on-wheels, “at that time, was a lot of fun,because people enjoyed it and it madepeople happy,” he said.

“And obviously it’s still making peo-ple happy. It’s a happy car and it’s ahappy car to drive, too.”

Bolger said he wouldn’t get emotionalduring the May reunion, though. Afterall, he said, “it’s a car.”

A fresh-faced dik Bolger poses by his freshly painted 1961 Citroën outside his boyhood home in Richfield.

A two-seated trip for Richfield native

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12 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Mike Robin, foreground, and Rick Leiviska, fly their RC planes while taking care to avoid each other inside thetight confines of the Central School gym. Midair collisions are known to occur in the hobby. (Photo by AndrewWig – Sun Newspapers)

New club takes flight, takes refuge, in Richfield gymMetro Flyers take overCentral School gym, have grander plansBY ANDREW WIG – SUN NEWSPAPERS

Every Wednesday evening, basket-balls and dodge balls are replaced by fly-ing pieces of foam inside the RichfieldCentral School gym, home to the state’snewest RC flying club.

The Metro Flyers have rented out thespace since December, taking refugefrom the winter — and those who see thehobbyists as a nuisance — as they honetheir flight skills. Central School is oneof the dwindling number of places theycan do so, said club co-founder BillJennings of Credit River Township.

“The perception is that we bring trou-ble with us,” the 73-year-old retired com-puter-industry executive said. “It’s hardto establish a flying field because folkshave a preconceived notion of dangerand noise.”

The members of the RC Flyers allbelong to at least one other club, so they

have some options, including otherplaces they can fly indoors. Jennings,however, decided to form the group afteranother club he is in got kicked offUniversity of Minnesota-owned landnear Rosemount, when the U decided tobuild a wind turbine on the field the clubwas leasing.

So considering that, and the fact thatwinter hinders outdoor flying, the MetroFlyers have taken to a gym the size of asingle basketball court, a spaceJennings learned about as an instructorof computer classes for seniors there.The club is thinking beyond the confinesof the gym though — of establishing anoutdoor space where they can soar unen-cumbered and unharassed.

Jennings envisions leasing a sod fieldsouth of the metro or maybe even a por-tion of land on someone’s farm,although he knows corn stalks can real-ly tear up a wayward RC plane.

So can gym walls, which for now willhave to make up the Metro Flyers’ home.Two weeks ago, “we went through 17props about,” said charter member RickLeiviska of Apple Valley.


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Program dates: June 18 - July 13

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call 763.559.6700ThreeRiversParks.org

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 13

This Thursday in …

Family tiesMusicians Branford Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr.join millions of Americans uncovering their family histories.

Page 14: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

14 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

News forseniors



By Emily Hedges

Tim Morin, program coordinator forthe Household and Outside Maintenancefor the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) program forSenior Community Services, loves work-ing with seniors.

Before he came to H.O.M.E, the Hopkinsresident worked with the organizationLoaves and Fishes, delivering free meals toeight sites. Through this experience, he

transitioned into the H.O.M.E. program, amove that he is grateful for.

Morin always had the desire to helppeople. “I have found great joy in beingable to make people’s lives easier,” he said.“I like working with people, providing anhonest service people can trust. So manybusinesses are trying to rip people off.H.O.M.E. has been around the better partof 60 years. The agency speaks for itself.”

The mission of H.O.M.E. is to help peo-

ple remain independent in their homes byproviding low cost and free services forpeople 60 and over in 15 suburban commu-nities. Services offered include interiorand exterior painting, minor homerepairs, installation of safety bars, housecleaning, laundry, errands, grocery shop-ping, snow shoveling, lawn moving, leafraking and window washing.

H.O.M.E/Next Page


Page 15: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 15

H.O.M.E/From previous

Looking at the last census, Morin andothers are anticipating a huge increasein the senior population in next decade.“There are expected to be more seniorsthan school aged children,” he said.“Plus, a lot more people are aging inplace.”

While no one is turned down becauseof an inability pay, H.O.M.E. does chargefor some of its services. “What we chargebarely covers the cost we pay to work-ers,” he said. “People are asked to pay atenth of what a for-profit would charge.”Administration costs for the programare subsidized through funding fromcommunity development block grants,United Way, the Metropolitan AreaAgency on Aging, and private donations.

In 2011, H.O.M.E. served 1,064 house-holds in surburban Hennepin County.Morin estimates that volunteers turnedin around 6,000 hours of service.

“We are just honored to be able towork with seniors in our community.They provide valuable resources to us,”he said. Morin personally visits eachsenior who signs up with H.O.M.E. tolearn more about what they need to keepthem independent. “I’m honored to workin this business. All day long, I hear per-sonal stories. If we can do something tohelp, we’ve succeeded.”

The H.O.M.E. program is a homemak-

er and maintenance program that isdesigned to assist the elderly. The goal isto assist those who are age 60 and older,or those with disabilities in order toallow them to remain in their homes.Services include: house cleaning, foodpreparation, grocery shopping, windowwashing, lawn care, and other mainte-nance and homemaker services. Formore information on H.O.M.E. Southserving the communities ofBloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina,Richfield and St. Louis Park, call (952)888-5530. For H.O.M.E. North/West serv-ing Brooklyn Center, Crystal, GoldenValley, Hopkins, Maple Grove,Minnetonka, New Hope, Plymouth,Robbinsdale and Wayzata, call (952) 746-4046.

H.O.M.E. Program is a part of SeniorCommunity Services (SCS). Since itsestablishment in 1950, SCS has worked tomeet the needs of seniors and care-givers. SCS offers services, includingprofessional care coordination, caregiv-er support groups, Eldercare Partnerscaregiver coaching and counseling,CareNextion caregiver websites,Medicare and health insurance counsel-ing, homemaking, home maintenanceand chore services, meals on wheels andprogramming at six senior centers. Moreinformation may be found atwww.seniorcommunityservices.org.

Every springand fall,H.O.M.E.volunteers putin thousandsof hours incommunity-wide yardcleanups. Workincludesraking,windowwashing, andgaragesweeping.

Tom Morin,program



9 5 2 - 8 8 4 - 2 4 5 3 1 0 8 0 0 N o r m a n d a l e B l v d . B l o o m i n g t o n M N 5 5 4 3 7

w w w . s o u t h s i d e h e a t i n g . c o m • e m a i l : s o u t h s i d e @ s o u t h s i d e h e a t i n g . c o m

Don’t Be Caught NAKED - NAKED Let Southside Wrap You In Comfort!

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Page 16: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

16 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Housing a lurking issue for many seniorsBy Emily Hedges

Edina resident Ron Anderson believesyou could write a book about all thatmost seniors don’t know about theiravailable housing options. So he’s decid-ed to write it.

“It can be very difficult to examineresources with no working knowledge ofwhat the system provides. Most peoplecan’t tell the difference betweenMedicare and Medicaid or what theiroptions are,” he said. “That’s the chal-lenge for seniors and their families, tounderstand their situation.”

As a member of a family that hasworked in senior housing for two genera-tions, and with his current involvementin two independent living facilities,Woodbridge Cooperative of New Hopeand Chardon Court, he is in a uniqueposition to write the guide he personallyneeded not too long ago. While he and hisfamily were considering placement ofhis mother, a Missouri resident, in anassisted living facility, she had a fall inher home that forced the issue.

“Walking through as a participant,trying to direct traffic, prompted myresearch,” said Anderson. “We foundthere were options that were not very

good.” Like so many

families, they werethrust into a situa-tion where a quickdecision was neces-sary. “There istremendous psycho-logical pressurelooking out for thewelfare of parents.All these decisionsfor placement aremade in the middleof a crisis.Something happens to force a decision inthe middle of a Medicare-funded hospitalstay,” said Anderson. “Decisions aremade using a social worker at the hospi-tal as a traffic cop.”

Anderson says there is a big move-ment in development towards assistedliving facilities, which can run seniorsup to $60,000 a year in this market. “Moststudies show that aging Boomers andGreatest-Generation seniors have a networth of $240,000 including real estate,”he said. “With 90-plus the fastest grow-ing demographic in America, how canthis work over the long haul?”

Anderson points out that when there

are no assets remaining people willmove to the least-expensive option, andthey need to understand what thatmeans in different parts of the country.

“There are two levels of nursinghome care, private-pay and the Medicaidgroup. You find the standards of care aredramatically different,” he said. Hepoints out that because Minnesota has amandated quality of care that attemptsto close the care gap between the twogroups, things are better here.

“We can’t rely on federal funding inthe future to take care of these people,”said Anderson, who also believes pen-sions aren’t necessarily the answereither. “All pensions are under fire.Companies are filing bankruptcy to getout of pensions.” He advises seniors totake stock and use their assets wisely,and focus on quality of life above all else.

“Independent living at an affordablecost, this is the challenge all seniors willface in the near future,” he said. “Who istalking about it? Local governmentsaren’t funded and can’t help.”

This is why Anderson developedWoodbridge Cooperative of New Hopeand purchased Chardon Court independ-ent living facility, two affordable alterna-tives to expensive assisted living cen-

ters.According to Anderson, about two-

thirds of all Woodbridge Coop ownerspay cash for their homes. A monthly feeof approximately $500 covers heating,taxes, insurance, management fees,maintenance and a reserve account forimprovements. “Most people will live atWoodbridge for much less money thanthey lived in their home,” he said.

Chardon Court runs about $775 for a660 square feet apartment, whichincludes an “I’m okay” daily visit fromthe staff. They are able to keep costsdown because additional services andfood are purchased as needed,” saidAnderson. “We are staffed there withpeople practiced in housing require-ments for seniors.”

Anderson plans to explore these andmany more issues related to senior hous-ing in the book he hopes to completewithin the year. “It will be a good hand-book in the future for people who needit,” he said. “The education piece is whatis needed to really support people inexamining all the options.”

For more information on WoodbridgeCooperative of New Hope, call 763-535-2013. For Chardon Court, call 763-535-0607.

Ron Anderson is writ-ing a book on seniorhousing options.

In a recent survey, we asked our customers to describe the caretheir loved one receives at Emerald Crest, here is what they said:



Minnetonka • Victoria952-908-2215


Emerald CrestMemory Care offers:

Promotion ofindependence and dignity

•Unique and invitingone-level environment

•Specialized programming forthose with Memory Challenges

The Assisted Living Memory Care Specialists

Minnetonka • Victoria • Burnsville • ShakopeeMinnetonka • Victoria952-908-2215


Minnetonka • Victoria • Burnsville • Shakopee

The Assisted Living Memory Care Specialists

Owned and Operated by Augustana Care2040 West Wayzata Blvd

Orono • 952-473-0010www.voa.org/oronowoods

Independent Living for Adults 55 & Better

Orono Woods is a vibrant senior community nestled in the woods of Long Lake and Orono,

just minutes from Wayzata and Ridgedale Shopping Center.

Amenities• Full size washers and dryers in apartments• Decks with beautiful landscape and views• Complimentary continental breakfast


Page 17: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 17

He pointed to the glue gun, noting,“That’s the first thing we plug in whenwe get here.”

The walls force the flyers to sharpentheir skills as they maneuver their foamaircraft within the tight quarters. Theycan’t do some of the tricks allowed inopen skies — the loops, rolls, “knifeedges,” where a plane flies on its side foran extended period — but it lets the 12-member group feed their passion year-round.

“We don’t like to hang ’em up for thewinter,” Jennings said.

As proof of his dedication, Jenningsowns 52 planes, keeping them “whereverthey fit,” said the hobbyist, whose househas become a hangar. “I live in a largehome and its full.”

Another charter member, DannyCollier of Bloomington, has been flying17 years, ever since a limo from theMake-a-Wish Foundation brought him toHobby Warehouse in Richfield when hewas about 11.

“I went to the hobby store, picked outthe plane I wanted. Hugged it,” saidCollier, who battles sickle cell anemia.

Collier later went to work in the shop,where he met the man considered the

group’s most skilled pilot, Mike Robin, a44-year RC veteran, also from CreditRiver Township.

The club’s co-founder and owner of aprinting shop in Bloomington is wellolder than Collier, who is in his late 20s,but he and the group would like to see anew generation take to the skies — orthe rafters.

But some significant barriers posechallenges in attracting new flyers.There is the aforementioned question ofspace, for one. Also, the planes are notcheap — a basic foam beginner’s rigcosts between $100 and $200, not count-ing the replacement parts inevitablyrequired.

The learning curve can be steep, too.Mastering the pitch and yaw requiresfinesse and much practice, so much sothat there are technically accurate com-puter-based RC flight simulators on themarket to help fliers do so. In the field,beginners start tethered to an instructorwho is ready to flip a switch on his owncontroller should something go awry forthe novice, much like driver’s edinstructors and their passenger-sidebreaks.

“They crash and the get discouragedand they want to do something differ-ent,” said Robin, father of a 24-year-oldand a 26-year-old, neither of which havetaken up his hobby.



The TowersIndependent Living

The TerracesAssisted Living and

Memory Care

DayBridge Adult Day Services


1011 Feltl CourtHopkins, MN


Call to schedule your future today!

in a faith based community

Page 18: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

18 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

To help youthful beginners get overthese hurdles, some members of theclub hope to purchase a trainer plane fornewcomers.

Still, “this is a popular hobby,”Jennings said. “It supports three hobbystores (in the area).” Two of them are inRichfield, which hosts Hub Hobby inaddition to Hobby Warehouse.

Despite some barriers to entry, thehobby attracts enthusiasts because thecost and potential early frustrations arewell worth it, club members say. ToJennings, who is also licensed to fly thereal thing, flying helps RC pilots decom-

press. “It allows you to disconnect from the

stress of the day,” he said, allowing forthe constant potential that a plane worththousands could take a nosedive with anerroneous flip of the sticks. “If you will,it replaces one stress with another.”

Arriving at the Central School gymone evening last week — where theywould remain flying, tinkering and glu-ing for at least the next two-and-a-halfhours — Collier and Robin had justcome from another flying club inShakopee, like they couldn’t get enough.

“None of us can,” Jenningsexplained.

Info: metroflyers.org.

Mike Robin fixes a propeller after a crash inside Richfield’s Central School gym. Such incidents are commonand the Metro Flyers go through numerous spare parts on any give evening. The ceiling and walls of the gymprovide the pilots an extra challenge compared to a wide-open field. (Photo by Andrew Wig – Sun Newspapers)


Call TODAY for detailed information and

to arrange a personal tour • Suite, studio and 1-bedroom options • Residential setting with controlled access • Activities to enhance resident’s day • Three meals and snacks served daily in our family style dining room • Family participation in activities and programs encouraged

A Memory Care Community at Vernon Terrace of EdinaProviding a secure living community catering to those with memory loss

Call Marti at 952-358-61225250 Vernon AvenueEdina, MN 55436 www.vernonterrace.com

Independent Living • Catered Living • Memory Care





Our management team has been in health care for over forty years. When you’re homebound or just need a little extra help around the house, the

staff at Allied Professionals is there for you!

Providing Home Care 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week

952-832-5101 www.alliedprofessionals.com

Our RN’s provide medication set-up and management, wound care, and home safety evaluations

Our LPNs provide wound care, diabetic foot care, catheter care and more

Our Home Health Aides and Personal Assistants provide personal grooming, light housekeeping, meal preparation, assistance to run errands and at appointments

All API professionals are licensed, bonded and insured, and hold Class A Home Care and supplemental staffing licenses. In addition, we run annual criminal back ground, OIG, EPLS, National Sex Offender list.


Page 19: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 19

Heritage of Edinais proud to present its 5-star senior/assisted living community.

TiffanyRembrandt “Serving Seniors Since 1961”


Heritage of Edina, Inc.To make reservations for a tour and complimentary lunch call 952-920-9145

Dear Maria,Just a not of appreciation to you and your staff for taking such good care of Leonard

Granzow during his residency at the Tiffany Building.This is my third relative who has resided at Heritage over the past five plus years, and I can’t

say enough for the care given to each of them. I find it hard to understand the bad pressthat is given to other facilities. I’m sure some of it is warranted, but because I have neverexperienced it at Heritage I find it hard to comprehend.

Your personnel are so accommodating! Mary Sandahl has been very supportive to uswhenever we needed information, checking with his doctors for medications, or justpersonally checking on Leonard. I know that is supposed to happen and is all part of the jobdescription, but when it is actually realized it is special to the individual. Just a short timebefore Leonard’s death, a couple times a week he would still walk himself down to Mary’soffice and sit and chat with her. I know she didn’t really have the time, but she always madetime for him. Whenever Leonard had to go to the doctor she always had him ready to gowhen we asked. Sometimes it was on short notice, but he was always ready just the same.

I would also like to mention a couple of aides, Nick andMustafas, who we have had more contact with than some ofyour other fine people. Again, they are always so caring,cheerful, respectful, and willing to help even on short notice.

Again, our sincere thanks for how you and your staff carefor each resident of your facility. We often recommend you toothers and will continue to do so.


Heritage of Edina isPROUD to honor the life of

Leonard Granzow

The Heritage CreedWe believe:

That our Residents are the reason for our existence.That tender loving care today means better

health and happiness tomorrow.That our guiding principle is REVERENCE FOR LIFE.

That by service to our fellow man we will justify the confidence placed in us.

February 1965Wayne Field




LaMond & Marilyn Kopesky



Page 20: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

20 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Second-graders lunge across the finish line during PiDay festivities at Richfield Dual Language School.

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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 21

ABOVE: A fourth-grader stands her ground as she takes a direct shot of whipped cream to face.BELOW: As she removes the tin that had just been stuck in her face, a fourth grader laughs off her whipped-cream-covered mug.

Third graders admire the symbol for Pi drawn in whipped cream. Studentswere quizzed to conclude festivities. When one was asked to describe Pi, heresourcefully took the can of whipped cream and made the symbol. (Photos byAndrew Wig – Sun Newspapers)

Pi it, you’ll like itStudents at Richfield Dual Language Schoolcelebrated Pi Day March 14. The numerical rep-resentation of the date, 3.14, is Pi, the ratio of acircle’s circumference to its diameter. In cele-brating Pi day, students in the school’sEnrichment Resource Classes program con-vened outside to compete in a 3.14-leggedrace, in which students were linked by a largerubber band with a partial paper cut out of afoot, to represent .14 worth of a foot. The racewinners were awarded by being allowed tosmash whipped cream pies in the faces of thefourth graders.

Page 22: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

22 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

Dolliff, a philanthropist, has made ithis mission to spread Van Houten’s workto other assisted living communities. Sofar a facility in Brainerd also has thecards, and Dolliff said he is targeting afacility in Edina next.

“It’s a great tool. Every place shouldhave them,” said Jodie Kneip, a lifeenrichment manager at Sunrise wholeads the art therapy sessions.

Van Houten is hoping her art canhelp veterans suffering from post-trau-matic stress disorder, too.

An artist is bornThe gregarious Van Houten offers 30

different personal services out of herhome in southeast Richfield. Amongthem, she is a palm reader, a careercoach and a ghost buster. She remem-bers the exact day she added “artist” tothe list: May 5, 2011.

“I woke up one morning,” VanHouten said. “I just started to paint andI had no idea whether I was good or not.”

The native of south Minneapolis saidthat without thinking, she decorated thecanvas with a wild procession of brushstrokes, with intriguing results.

She showed her kaleidoscopic work to

an artist friend. “She said, ‘Sheila,you’ve got talent.’”

The palm reader kept painting, andnoticed a peculiar phenomenon. Whenshe finishes a painting, she walks away,“and when I come back an hour later,”she said, “faces show up.”

They appear by the hundreds in eachwork, Van Houten said. “I’m still findingthem.”

In one painting, even Willie Nelsonshowed up.

To Van Houten, the faces, plus therandom assortment of images — fromanimals to landscapes to humanoid fig-ures and a seeming preponderance ofbirds — that appear are not merely theresult of random brush strokes. Shebelieves something else is happening.

“The only thing I can say is I’m spirit-directed. I’m what’s called a pure chan-nel,” she said. When painting, “I don’tthink of anything. I’ll just go and allowwhatever to come through, comethrough.”

“She kind of goes blank during thesesessions … and something just kind oftells her to swoop up here, or mushhere,” observed Scott Anderson whoworks alongside Van Houten offeringservices as a psychic.

Despite her inclination toward theRuth Ann Malone, foreground, is among the residents of the memory care section of Sunrise Senior Living inMinnetonka who seem to enjoy a positive, reflective effect from Sheila Van Houten’s artwork. In the backgroundanother resident, Mary receives guidance from staff member Linh Tran, while Jodie Kneip leads the session.

Discovery artFROM PAGE 3



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Page 23: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 23

supernatural, Van Houten describesherself as “a very practical person,” andshe wanted her work to do somethingmore than just sit there.

“I thought to myself, how in the worldare we going to make use of all thesepaintings?” she said. “We don’t reallyhave any wall space left.”

She remembers comforting her dyingfather by bringing him pictures of icecrystals supposed to have been chargedwith positive emotions, “and he got verypeaceful and he sort of fell asleep,” sheremembers, “and he died the next morn-ing.”

Van Houten also is motivated by thememory of her mother, whom she lost toAlzheimer’s. “I thought, ‘I think whatI’m supposed to be doing is to put thisart in the hands of Alzheimer’spatients,’ so that’s what I’ve been doing,”she said. “It’s just been a riot to see how

people respond to it.”

Guided visionsAs the ladies in Sunrise’s

Reminiscence Neighborhood sat aroundthe table last week, with the wildly vividprints spread out, staff member JodieKneip asked the ladies to describe thefirst thing they noticed in the pink andyellow arrangement lying before them.

“There’s a man there,” said onewoman, smiling. “He looks like a lot offun.”

Kneip asked what they would call thepainting. “‘Bouquet of Flowers,’” saidone.

“‘My Mother’s Garden,’” anotheroffered, sparking a strain of conversa-tion among the women about theirmothers and gardens.

One resident saw a tree on fire. Kneipasked where at. Yellowstone NationalPark, the woman replied, prompting ashort round of recollections on trips out

west. Kneip brought out another painting.

One of the ladies called it “‘MidnightDream.’” The others agreed: This is avery good name for the strokes of purpleand pink, and black and white.

One saw a snowy hill. So did someothers. Another saw two girls dancing.“How do you think they know eachother?” Kneip asked.

She has learned to give such promptsin the past five months leading whatthey call “art critiques.” She has taughtherself as she goes, because “discoveryart,” fresh from van Houten’s brush,came with no instructions.

Results have improved as Kneip hasrefined her guidance. “The first time, Iwas like, ‘Isn’t this a cool painting?’ Andthey were like, ‘Yeah that’s cool.’” Thatwas about it.

But a light bulb went off during a tripto the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Themuseum hosts tours as therapy for those

with Alzheimer’s and Kneip noticed howthe tour leaders instigate lively discus-sion by asking the right questions. Shehas since borrowed from these methodsof effacement.

The effects of the past several monthsof guided gazing have been clear,Sunrise staff say. “It seems to promote afeeling of bonding,” Kneip said. “Peoplewho … maybe spend time with them-selves in the other room, maybe don’t sitwith other ladies … Certain residentsreally seem to become more attached tothe residents around them after (the artsessions).”

Some kind of ‘magic’Art has been used in Alzheimer’s

therapy for some time, but art createdwith this specific intension seems to bea novel development in the world ofmemory care.




STROM - BILLTonya Strom and Andrew Bill of

Los Angeles plan a late July weddingin the Twin Cities. Parents of the cou-ple are Robert and Elona Strom andGary and Patricia Bill, all ofBloomington. Andy and Tonya are1991 graduates of BloomingtonJefferson High School. Tonya is acommunications graduate of theUniversity of Minnesota and earnedher M.A. in Communication

Management at the University ofSouthern California (USC). She worksat USC’s Norris ComprehensiveCancer Center. Andy majored in per-cussion at the University of NorthTexas. Percussion caption for PacificCrest Drum and Bugle Corps, heteaches in L.A.-area high schools andis a clinician for the Youth Orchestra ofL.A. (L.A. Philharmonic). He is a mem-ber of wild Up, a nationally recog-nized modern music collective.


FRYKLUND - ANDERSENKali Fryklund and Dustin Andersen

would like to announce their engage-ment and upcoming wedding.

Kali is the daughter of Scott andJacque Fryklund of Eden Prairie, and isa graduate of Eden Prairie High Schooland is currently employed by 2 RiversMarketing in Des Moines, IA.

Dustin is the son of Tom and LisaAndersen of Madrid, IA, and graduatedfrom Madrid High School. Dustin is cur-rently employed by Wells FargoMortgage in Des Moines.

The wedding will take place at ChristPresbyterian Church in Edina on April 14,2012.

7 years ago we were triple blessed with 3 beautiful baby girls. Today we are triple blessed with 3 amazing little girls!

Happy 7th Birthday Taylor, Katie & Ashley

Love you so much! Mom & Dad


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Page 24: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

24 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

“I’ve never heard about it. I mean, it’sinteresting,” said Dr. Robert Kane,Director of the University ofMinnesota’s Center on Aging.

While Van Houten’s work appears tobe unique in its aim, the questionremains: How does it work? Dolliff andstaff at Sunrise are hesitant to venturetoward a supernatural explanation suchas Van Houten’s, but there is one termthey feel safe using.

“I’m into energy, so I can relate toSheila (Van Houten),” said EmilyFigueroa, who also guides the gazingsessions at Sunrise. “The energy she

puts in there, I think it transforms intothe individual. … Who she’s going totouch with the energy, only the energywould know.”

Kneip is sometimes left puzzled asresidents see images that escape her.“One time someone was saying, ‘Oh, Isee a man combing his mustache.’ It’sthese strange, specific things they see sovividly that I’m just like, ‘Whoa,’” shereported.

“It could be some sort of magical lan-guage that we can’t see just yet.”

Anecdotal evidence seems to bemounting, but Dolliff would like to someday see formal study. “I really am inter-ested in kind of both the personal expe-

riences and feedback, and eventually, Ithink, more science-based evaluation ofit,” he said.

Kane agrees. While “there is no theo-retical basis for why Alzheimer’spatients would be attracted to (the paint-ings) … it’s provocative; it’s interesting,and it needs more work.”

Kneip theorizes that part of the art’sefficacy is its open-endedness and thecreative, judgment-free environment itfosters in a daily world that has becomesometimes befuddling for the residentsof the Reminiscence Neighborhood.“They know they’re not going to bewrong,” she said. “Anything they say isright and beautiful and valuable, and it

kind of starts to build.”In a world where life goes by one

moment at a time, memory careproviders see proof — that something isworking — in the expressions they see.“If there is a smile, just for that moment,that lights up my day completely,”Figueroa said.

Dolliff called it “that little pocket ofjoy and happiness.”

How it works is up to interpretationand study, but those exposed to VanHouten’s burgeoning form of therapyagree on one conclusion: Something isgoing on here. Whatever it is, Figueroasaid, “it’s happening, here at Sunrise.”


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In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 25


Watershed seekscommittee members

The Nine Mile Creek WatershedDistrict is seeking Citizen’s Advisors fortheir Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

Advisors provide suggestions to the

watershed staff and board of managers.Advisors volunteer for a variety of proj-ects and activities that help the water-shed district carry out its mission offlood protection and enhancing waterquality.

The main focus of the committee is toassist in the development of the water-

shed district’s education and outreachprograms and activities. This volunteerposition has a time commitment ofapproximately 10 hours per year.

Parts of Bloomington, Eden Prairie,Edina, Hopkins, Minnetonka andRichfield are located within the NineMile Creek watershed.

The watershed district is acceptingapplications for the committee untilApril 6.

Info: ninemilecreek.org or 952-358-2276 (Claire Bleser).

ST. RICHARD’SCatholic Church7540 Penn Ave. So. • Richfield, MN 55423612-869-2426 www.strichards.com

Masses: Sat 5pmSun 9 & 11amWed 12:15pmThurs/Fri 8am

Morning Prayer with Communion:Mon & Tues 8am


Sunday Worship8:45 & 11:00 am

Christian Education,all ages - 10:00 amNursery Provided

8600 E. Bush Lake Rd.Bloomington, MN 55438www.peacebloomington.org

Pastor Mark Nelson952-944-6510


8800 Nicollet Avenue SouthBloomington, MN 55420

(952) 888-0215










6716 Gleason RoadEdina, MN 55439(952) 941-3065

www.stalbansedina.orgCome Grow With Us In Christ

Sunday: 8:00 & 10:00 a.m.Wednesday: 6:00 p.m.

Richfield United Richfield United Richfield United Richfield United

Methodist ChurchMethodist ChurchMethodist ChurchMethodist Church 5835 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls


9:00 Sanctuary Worship9:00 Sanctuary Worship9:00 Sanctuary Worship9:00 Sanctuary Worship 10:30 Living Waters10:30 Living Waters10:30 Living Waters10:30 Living Waters

Progressive Christian Worship

Giờ thờ phượng của người việt vào lúc 11:15 sáng mỗi chúa nhật.

Pastors: Elizabeth Macaulay, Max Richter, Phillip Nguyen


Pastors: Elizabeth Macaulayand Phillip Nguyen


We Are A Reconciling CongregationEvents - Calendar - Sermons

Worship & Education – 9:00 & 10:30 amNursery Provided

5730 Grove St., Edina • 952-929-0049(one block west of Tracy)

Opening Hearts and Minds in a Divided World

Mount OlivetLutheran Church

50th Street betweenJames & Knox Ave. So.,

Minneapolis612-926-7651 • www.mtolivet.org

Sunday Mornings9:00, 10:00, 11:00 am

and 12 noonSunday Church School

9:00, 10:00 & 11:00 am

Holy Communion8:30 am & 12:45 pm

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Sunday Worship8:30 & 11:00 am

Education For All ages9:45 am

Nursery ProvidedPastors: Don Eslinger,

Otis P. Boropwww.nhumc.net

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LENTEN BIBLE STUDYWednesdays, February 29 - March 28

“Real Faith for Real Life”Sessions at 4:15 and 7:45PM

Simple Supper Served 5:30 - 6:30PM

Sunday Worship - 9:30 AM Fellowship followingwww.house-of-prayer.com

Pastor: Anne Hokenstad7625 Chicago Ave. S. • Richfield, MN • 612-866-8471


Are you hungry for “meaty” Bible teaching?The close-knit fellowship of a smaller church?

Good friends for your children?Visit our brand new church in Eden Prairie, meeting at

Eden Lake Elementary, south of the EP Mall, off Preserve Blvd.(One mile west of Hwy 169, on Anderson Lakes Pkwy)

Sunday School for all ages 9:15 am-10:15 amWorship Service 10:30 am-11:45 am

Eden Lake Elementary School12000 Anderson Lakes Pkwy

Eden Prairie, MN, 55347Rev. Ryan Kron, 612-751-2096

[email protected] www.emmausrcus.org


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23F R I D A Y


Tax AssistanceWhere: RichfieldCommunity Center, 7000Nicollet Ave. S.When: 8:30-11:30 a.m.Info: 612-861-9385

Grades 6-12 ScholarshipBand ConcertWhere: Richfield HighSchool, 7001 Harriet Ave. S.;Richfield Middle School,7461 Oliver Ave. S.When: 7 p.m.Info: 612-798-6100

24S A T U R D A Y

Spring Craft Fairand Bake SaleWhere: American LegionAuxiliary 435When: 9 a.m. Info: 612-467-4457

Vietnamese-LanguageStory TimeWhere: Augsburg ParkLibrary, 7100 Nicollet Ave.S., RichfieldWhen: 11:00 a.m.Info: 612-543-6200

25S U N D A Y

Liga Mexicana: AdultIndoor SoccerWhere: Richfield HighSchool Main Gym, 7001Harriet Ave. S.When: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.Info: 612-250-9913

Live Animal ShowWhere: Wood Lake NatureCenter, 6710 Lake ShoreDr., RichfieldWhen: 1-1:45 p.m., 2-2:45p.m., 3-3:45 p.m.Info: 612-861-9365

26M O N D A Y

Vocalist Charmin MichellePerformsWhere: Fireside Pizza, 6736Penn Ave. S.When: 7-9 p.m.Info: 612-869-4040

Baby Story TimeWhere: 7001 York Ave. S.,EdinaWhen: 10:15 a.m.Info: 612-543-5914

27T U E S D A Y

Family Story TimeWhere: Penn Lake Library,8800 Penn. Ave. S.When: 5:30-7:30 p.m.Info: 612-543-5800

City Council MeetingWhere: Richfield MunicipalCenter, 6700 Portland Ave. S.When: 7 p.m.Info: 612-861-9700

28W E D N E S D A Y

School PlayWhere: Richfield MiddleSchool, 7461 Oliver Ave. S.When: 7-9 p.m.Info: 612-798-6400

Family Center Kids CountWhere: Central School Gym,7145 Harriet Ave. S.When: 5-7:30 p.m.Info: 612-243-3042

29T H U R S D A Y

Wild Edible BuffetWhere: Wood Lake NatureCenter, 6710 Lake ShoreDr., RichfieldWhen: 1-2:30 p.m.Info: 612-861-9365

Varsity Syncro Swimming:vs. Columbia HeightsWhere: Richfield MiddleSchool, 7461 Oliver Ave. S.When: 6-9 p.m.Info: classicsuburban.org

CALENDARThe Sun-Current Calendar highlights a variety of community events each week. It does not include all communi-ty events, meetings or concerts taking place on any given day. Please visit www.minnlocal.com to post your list-ing to our comprehensive online community calendar. To submit a news brief for consideration, mail it to 33 Second St. N.E., Osseo, MN 55369, fax it to 763-424-7388 or e-mail it to [email protected]. The newspaper will not accept submissions over the phone.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 Sun-Current Central Region Visit us online at minnlocal.com Page 26

City of Richfield(Official Publication)





Section 1: It is found and determined tobe necessary and expedient for the Cityto expend money from the Special Rev-enue Fund for the making of capital im-provements listed in Section 2 hereof, forwhich the City would be authorized toissue general obligation bonds.

Section 2: The capital improvements andamounts of expenditures for such im-provements which are authorized to bepaid from the Special Revenue Fundunder Section 7.12, Subdivision 2 of theCity Charter, are as follows:

Outdoor Pool Renovation Loan Repayment. . . . . . . . . . $ 103,800

Major Park Maintenance Projects . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 100,000

Lincoln Field Internal Loan Repayment. . . . . . . . . . $ 92,600

Community Center Lower Level A/C. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 45,000

Taft Athletic Facility Improvements . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 33,600

Roosevelt Park Play Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 75,000

Section 3: The expenditures herein au-thorized shall be made pursuant to suchcontracts as are authorized from time totime by Council action.

Passed by the City Council of the City ofRichfield this 13th day of March, 2012.

Debbie Goettel, Mayor


Nancy Gibbs, City Clerk

(Mar. 22, 2012) D2-Bill2012-5

Certificate of Assumed Name(Official Publication)



Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333The filing of an assumed name does notprovide a user with exclusive rights tothat name. The filing is required for con-sumer protection in order to enable con-sumers to be able to identify the trueowner of a business.

List the exact assumed name under whichthe business is or will be conducted:Blaszczak Consulting

Principal Place of Business:6015 10th Avenue South, Minneapolis,MN 55417

List the name and complete street ad-dress of all persons conducting businessunder the above Assumed Name, OR ifan entity, provide the legal corporate,LLC, or Limited Partnership name andregistered office address:William C Blaszczak, 6015 10th Av-enue South, Minneapolis, MN 55417

I, the undersigned, certify that I am sign-ing this document as the person whosesignature is required, or as agent of theperson(s) whose signature would be re-quired who has authorized me to sign thisdocument on his/her behalf, or in both ca-pacities. I further certify that I have com-pleted all required fields, and that the in-formation in this document is true andcorrect and in compliance with the ap-plicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. Iunderstand that by signing this documentI am subject to the penalties of perjury asset forth in Section 609.48 as if I hadsigned this document under oath.

FILED: October 8, 2010/s/ William Charles Blaszczak

(Mar. 15 & 22, 2012) D2-BlaszczakCon

Certificate of Assumed Name(Official Publication)



Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333The filing of an assumed name does notprovide a user with exclusive rights tothat name. The filing is required for con-sumer protection in order to enable con-sumers to be able to identify the trueowner of a business.

List the exact assumed name under whichthe business is or will be conducted:Furrogates

Principal Place of Business:6116 LYNDALE AVE S APT 303, MIN-NEAPOLIS, MN 55419

List the name and complete street ad-dress of all persons conducting businessunder the above Assumed Name, OR ifan entity, provide the legal corporate,LLC, or Limited Partnership name andregistered office address:Furrogates LLC, 6116 LYNDALE AVE SAPT 303, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55419

I, the undersigned, certify that I am sign-ing this document as the person whosesignature is required, or as agent of theperson(s) whose signature would be re-quired who has authorized me to sign this

document on his/her behalf, or in both ca-pacities. I further certify that I have com-pleted all required fields, and that the in-formation in this document is true andcorrect and in compliance with the ap-plicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. Iunderstand that by signing this documentI am subject to the penalties of perjury asset forth in Section 609.48 as if I hadsigned this document under oath.

FILED: March 2, 2012/s/ Manda Sisco, Owner

(Mar. 22 & 29, 2012) D2-Furrogates

Certificate of Assumed Name(Official Publication)



Minnesota Statutes Chapter 333The filing of an assumed name does notprovide a user with exclusive rights tothat name. The filing is required for con-sumer protection in order to enable con-sumers to be able to identify the trueowner of a business.

List the exact assumed name under whichthe business is or will be conducted:Crazy bout Ceramics

Principal Place of Business:

4610 Russell Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN55412

List the name and complete street ad-dress of all persons conducting businessunder the above Assumed Name, OR ifan entity, provide the legal corporate,LLC, or Limited Partnership name andregistered office address:Lori Connery, 4610 Russell Ave. N.,Minneapolis, MN 55412

I, the undersigned, certify that I am sign-ing this document as the person whosesignature is required, or as agent of theperson(s) whose signature would be re-quired who has authorized me to sign thisdocument on his/her behalf, or in both ca-pacities. I further certify that I have com-pleted all required fields, and that the in-formation in this document is true andcorrect and in compliance with the ap-plicable chapter of Minnesota Statutes. Iunderstand that by signing this documentI am subject to the penalties of perjury asset forth in Section 609.48 as if I hadsigned this document under oath.

FILED: March 9, 2012/s/ Lori Connery, Owner/Operator

(Mar. 22 & 29, 2012) D2-CrazyboutCer


Page 27: D2-Richfield-3-22-12


Richfield High School spring sports squads havebegun pre-season practices. The Spartan softballsquad is scheduled to open its season at 4:15 p.m.Tuesday, April 3, at Hill-Murray.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 Richfield Visit us online at minnlocal.com Page 23


State title up for grabsMinnesota high school sports

March Madness ends this weekendas the state Class 4A boys basket-ball tournament convenes at TargetCenter.

Defending champion Hopkins isthe top seed. The Royals were sched-uled to play Woodbury in the quar-terfinals March 21. Winner of thatgame advances to the semifinalsagainst either No. 4 seed Osseo orDuluth East at 6 p.m. Thursday,March 22.

In the lower bracket, EdenPrairie met No. 3 seeded Eastviewand No. 2 Lakeville North playedMoorhead in quarterfinal games.Winners of those lower-bracketgames meet in the semifinals at 8p.m. Thursday.

State Class 4A championshipgame is 8 p.m. Saturday, March 24.

All-star basketball seriesMany of the state’s top senior

players will appear in the 30thannual Minnesota High School All-Star Basketball Series a week afterthe state tournament.

Doubleheaders will be Friday,March 30, at Halenbeck Hall on thecampus of St. Cloud StateUniversity and Saturday, March 31,at Leonard Center on the campus ofMacalester College in St. Paul.

Minnetonka’s Latrell Love andSanjay Lumpkin of Benilde-St.Margaret’s will play for the GoldAll-Stars.

Isaiah Gray of BSM will be amember of the Green squad. SiyaniChambers of Hopkins will partici-pate for the Maroon team. ShawnBear of Richfield and IsaiahZierden of BSM will compete forthe Blue squad.

– Compiled by Greg Kleven

Spartans settle for second at state

LEFT: Richfield senior guard Hannah Wise (35) collides with a DeLaSalle defender during the Spartans’ 65-45 loss in the state Class 3A finals March 17 at Target Center.RIGHT: Spartan guard Sierra Ford-Washington drives to the basket pursued by DeLaSalle’s Allina Starr in Richfield’s state 3A championship loss. Ford-Washington wasnamed to the all-tournament team along with teammates Jessica January and Bry Guyton. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer)

Richfield girls make firsttrip to tournament amemorable oneBY GREG KLEVEN - SUN NEWSPAPERS

Richfield made its first appearance ina state girls basketball tournament amemorable one.

The Spartans capped a historic sea-son with a second-place finish in theState Class 3A Tournament March 14-17.Richfield lost 65-45 to DeLaSalle in thetitle game March 17 at Target Center.

Richfield ended its impressive seasonwith a 27-5 record. The Spartans wonClassic Suburban Conference andSection 5 championships before finish-ing second at state.

Richfield earned its first trip to statewith a 72-61 victory over Holy Family

Catholic in the Section 5 title gameMarch 8.

The Spartans were seeded first atstate and made a strong run to the Class3A championship game. Richfielddefeated Red Wing 68-53 in the quarterfi-nals March 14 at Williams Arena.

The Spartans followed with a 45-28semifinal triumph over HutchinsonMarch 15 at Target Center.

But Richfield was unable to dethroneDeLaSalle (28-3) as state champion los-ing by 20 points to the third-seededIslanders.

Spartan players were frustrated inthe title game by missed open shots andDeLaSalle’s aggressive defense that lim-ited Richfield’s leading scorer JessicaJanuary to 12 points, 13 under her sea-son average.

The Islanders also won the battle ofthe boards by achieving a 58-36 rebound-ing advantage.

Bry Guyton led the Spartans in scor-ing with 15 points and Sierra Ford-Washington finished with 10 points.

Richfield had three players selectedto the all-state Class 3A tourney squad.Those honorees were guards Januaryand Ford-Washington and centerGuyton.

Community supportRichfield’s state tourney appearance

unified the community more than ever.The Spartans filled 40 buses with fansfor their state quarterfinal game atWilliams Arena.

And Richfield supporters were in fullforce at Target Center for the final tworounds.

“This was a great experience for boththe players and community,” saidRichfield coach Lee Ann Wise.


Page 28: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

28 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

South Suburban squadfinishes 10-5-1BY GREG KLEVEN – SUN NEWSPAPERS

Richfield High senior Karen Kreidlercapped her adapted floor hockey careerin style scoring eight goals in three statetournament games March 16-17 atBloomington Jefferson High School.

Kreidler helped her South SuburbanFlyers team place fourth at state in thePhysically Impaired (PI) Division.

The Flyers are composed of highschool players from Richfield, Edina,Bloomington and Eden Prairie.

South Suburban defeated Brainerd-Pillager 9-4 in Friday’s quarterfinals.The Flyers lost to eventual state champi-on, the Robins, 8-1 in Saturday’s semifi-nals. The Robins represent Hopkins, theRobbinsdale schools and MoundWestonka.

South Suburban concluded tourna-ment play with an 8-5 loss to Anoka-Hennepin in the third-place game laterthat day.

South Suburban finished with a 10-5-1record. The Flyers were second in theSouth Division with an 8-1-1 record dur-ing the regular season.

“We finished the season strong atstate,” said Flyers coach Dan Slinden.“We worked hard as a team.

“Kreidler scored eight goals in thetournament and is our team’s career

scoring leader with 228 goals. She wasnamed to the all-state tournament teamalong with Kennedy junior DequanWilliams.”

Williams supplied three goals andfour assists in the tournament. He is theteam’s career assists leader in that cate-gory with 80.

The Flyers scored six times in thethird period to pull out a 9-4 victory overBrainerd-Pillager in the quarterfinals.

Kreidler supplied four goals and oneassist. Williams and ninth-grader AlexeiDickinson had two goals and threeassists each.

Senior Nicholas Nieson and ninth-grader Jacob Yancy collected one assistapiece.

Kreidler scored the Flyers’ lone goalduring an 8-1 loss to the Robins in thesemifinals. The Robins went on to defeatDakota United 7-2 in the title game.

South Suburban goalie ChristopherReichel made 24 saves.

The Flyers settled for fourth-placehonors. South Suburban lost 8-5 toAnoka-Hennepin in final-round action.

Kreidler led the Flyers’ offense withthree goals and two assists. Williamsand freshman winger AndrewMortinson scored one goal each. GoalieReichel stopped 13 shots.

“Sophomore Daniel Schmitz did agood job at defense for us this seasonand Reichel played well in goal,” saidcoach Slinden. “I was very happy withthe way our season went.”

Kreidler paces Flyers tofourth place in floor hockey

South Suburban Flyers ninth-grade winger Andrew Mortinson (14) carries the puck past aRobbinsdale/Hopkins/Mound Westonka defender during the state adapted floor hockey tournament March 17at Bloomington Jefferson High School. The Flyers lost 8-1 in this semifinal game and finished fourth at state.(Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer)

Richfield senior forward Mick Dhein was the recipient of the Spartans’ Darby Hendrickson Most Valuable PlayerAward. Dhein was also an all-conference selection and finished his senior season with 29 goals and 42 assistsfor 71 points. (Photo by Brian Nelson – Contributing Photographer)

Senior center Mick Dhein was one ofseveral Richfield boys hockey playerswho received post-season individualhonors.

Dhein was the recipient of theSpartans’ Darby Hendrickson MostValuable Player Award. He also earnedAll-Classic Suburban Conference hon-ors and finished his prep hockey careerwith 170 points according to Richfieldhead coach John Christ.

Dhein scored 29 goals and collected 42assists for 71 points during his seniorseason.

Junior forward Kevin Krohn wasnamed Most Improved Player. The AlPayne Mr. Hustle Award went to senior

defenseman Ryan Erickson.Senior forward Tim Harris was pre-

sented the team’s Hobey Baker Awardfor character and community contribu-tions.

Senior forwards Tyler Martinez andSam Schrick received all-conferencehonorable mention.

Richfield finished the season with a 9-17-1 overall record after losing 14-1 toBeck in the Section 2A quarterfinalsFeb. 24 at Parade Ice Garden.

The Spartans opened the playoffswith a 5-2 victory over ProvidenceAcademy Feb. 22 at Parade.

-Compiled by Greg Kleven

Dhein is named Richfieldhockey team’s MVP

Page 29: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 29

“Richfield is a like a small town in a bigcity and its community will always bethere to support you.

“Our girls were fantastic during thetournament but couldn’t make key shotsagainst DeLaSalle. “Our players workedhard to get to state.”

After a slow start in the title game,Richfield took a 12-10 lead beforeDeLaSalle went on an 11-2 run midwayin the first half. The Spartan had goodscoring opportunities throughout thefirst half but couldn’t get shots to droptrailing 33-22 at halftime.

The Spartans pulled to within sixpoints in the second half (43-37) beforeDeLaSalle steadily increased its lead.

Guard Allina Starr was the Islanders’leading scorer with 24 points. ForwardTyseanna Johnson finished with 16points.

Road to the finalsThe Spartans relied on strong defen-

sive efforts and valuable scoring contri-butions from January and Ford-Washington as they won first- and sec-ond-round state tournament games.

Richfield, seeded No. 1 in the tourney,defeated Red Wing 68-53 in the quarterfi-

nals March 14 at Williams Arena andcame back the following day to dominateHutchinson for a 45-28 semifinal victoryat Target Center.

Richfield’s pesky defense created 25turnovers as the Spartans defeatedHutchinson 45-28 in the semifinals.

January provided 23 points and ninerebounds for the winning Spartans.Ford-Washington came through with 10points. Guyton dominated the boardswith 10 rebounds.

Richfield went on a 14-3 run late inthe first half to build a 26-13 halftimeadvantage.

“Our main goal was to run and havesome fun,” said coach Wise. “Ourdefense also ramped up.”

January directed the Spartan offenseand made things happen defensivelywith her quickness and ball-stealingskills.

“I wanted to make sure my team-mates got into the game,” said January.

Richfield got off to a slow start in thequarterfinals before beating Red Wing68-53. The Wingers led 29-24 at halftime.

However, Richfield came back strongin the second half outscoring Red Wing44-24.

January scored 16 of her 21 points inthe first half. Ford-Washington finishedwith 20 points. Hannah Wise had ninepoints and Hailey Lindblom contributedseven points.

Girls basketballFROM PAGE 27


Youth soccer eventsRichfield Soccer Association (RSA) is

accepting registrations for its boys andgirls competitive and recreational sum-mer soccer programs for players ages 8-18. For registration forms, go towww.richfieldsoccer.org and click eitherthe competitive or recreational links atthe top of the home page.

• RSA will conduct a coaching clinicfrom 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, April 21, atthe STEM school. All RSA recreationaland competitive soccer coaches arerequired to attend. Equipment will bedistributed at the clinic.

• RSA will also celebrate the start ofthe summer soccer season with a jam-boree at Spartan Stadium from 9 a.m. tonoon Saturday, May 12. All teams willtake to the field for mini-games andother activities.

Dwan singles golf leagueRegistrations are being taken for the

Dwan Golf Club singles league inBloomington. The nine-hole league willbe held Sundays starting in May.

The singles league is open to all

metro-area men and women.For more information, contact Cindy

Burton at 612-501-7738 or Bruce Lietzkeat 952-943-8787.

Creekside golf leagueThere are openings in the Creekside

Senior Golf League for new members,either as regulars or substitutes.

The co-ed league meets Mondaymornings at Hyland Greens Golf Coursein Bloomington.

The 16-week season starts in May andlasts through August. This is a 9-holeleague played on a par-3 course. First teetime is 9:30 a.m.

There will be a league organizationalmeeting at 8:30 a.m. Monday, April 19, inMinnesota Valley Room 116 at CreeksideCommunity Center, 9801 Penn Ave. S.

Information: 952-881-6863 (ArvieBunch).

Richfield sports shorts releases shouldbe sent to sports editor Greg Kleven [email protected]. Deadline is 3p.m. Thursdays for publication in the fol-lowing week’s edition.

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I Prefer: ___April 6 ___ April 7

Page 30: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

30 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

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available to host your event.We also invite non-profit

groups to use our meetingroom. Please call 952-854-3044

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Twins Season TicketsSect. 102, row 11, 10 games;2 seats w/access to Metro.Club, $640. 952-224-8940


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One ad per customer per week. Additional zones are $7.00. Three line maximum. Price must be in ad.

TO PLACE YOUR ADAds may be placed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.DEADLINE: Mondays at 3:00 pm*

* Earlier on holiday weeks

BY PHONE: 952-392-6888

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BY MAIL: 10917 Valley View RoadEden Prairie, MN 55344Attn: Classified

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10917 Valley View Road952-392-6888

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318,554 homes

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Additional Lines $10.00Ads will also appear on www.mnSun.com each Wednesday by 9:00 a.m.

*Garage Sale Kits can be picked up at the

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Page 31: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 31

��� ��������

��� ������612-716-1251

��� ���� ���

Q uality R esidential Painting & Drywall

Ceiling & Wall Textures H20 Damage – Plaster Repair


3 Interior Rooms/$250Wallpaper Removal. Drywall

Repair. Cabinet Enameling andStaining. 30 yrs exp. Steve 763-545-0506

*A and K PAINTING*Int./Ext Painting/Staining &

texturing. Free Est. 952-474-6258 Ins/BondMajor Credit Cards Accepted

Ext/Int PaintingReasonable Rates FREE Est.

EARL 952-944-7983


A Local MoverRobinson MovingHousehold & Office Movers

Reasonable RatesICC 52334 35Yrs Exp

Sr. Disc Call 763-566-8955

Moving, Storage & Shipping


33yr Local Resident


Clean UpsLawn MowingMulch


est 1999



TOM'S LAWN SERVICESpring Clean-ups & Aeration

New Customers Free Fert.Call 952-882-9029

Lawn & Garden



Spring Clean-UpWalls � Pavers

Mowing � Fertilizing952-933-6390 Fully Insuredpeterdoranlawn.com

Groundscape Inc.Commercial – ResidentialFull Lawn Care ServicesWkly Mowing, Spring &Fall Clean-ups, Aeration

Fertilizing, Hydroseeding.Landscaping Services

Ret. Walls, Sod, Mulch,Rock, Pavers, Fences, more!Call For Spring SpecialsFree Ests. 763-479-6777

Field of Green LawncareResid & Comm Free Ests Lawn Clean Ups, Wkly Mowing

Roto-tilling & Aeration. Call Now For Neighbor

Discounts! 952-807-1612

Call To Book 2012 Lawn Serv.

Over 27 Years of Service10% Disc. for season contract

Insured / Free Estimates Contracts include:

� Spring Clean Up � Weekly Mowing � Fall Clean Up


Aggressive Outdoor Services Call NOW For

Weekly Mowing& Spring Clean-Ups

Any Other Outdoor Needs.Call 952-278-0126


SORENSEN LAWN CARE16 Years of ExperienceMowing, Spring and FallCleanups� Fertilization�

Aeration / Free Est. 952-884-3200


16yrs Exp Owner/OperatorWeekly Mowing, Fertilizing,

Pruning, Power Rake, AerationLandscaping. Call 952-406-1229www.greenvalleymn.com

Lawn & Garden


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!Lawn & Garden

Maintenance Services�Garden Design or Remodel�Lawn Mowing & Clean-Ups�Lawn & Plant Maintenance�Container/Raised Gardens

Experienced. Creative Designs. Beautiful Results.Van Buren Landscape


$40 Lawn AerationsMulti Neighbor Discount

Mark 651-768-9345

#1 All Area LawnLawn cleanups/wkly mowRoto-tilling. 612-532-1162

Lawn & Garden


#1 in Customer Service &Professional Design


Pavers: Patios/Walks/Drives,Retaining Walls, Boulders,

Flagstone, Concrete, Tree &Shrub Planting, Sprinkler

Systems, Decorative Rock,Sod, Grading, Mulch &

Black Dirt


18+ years exp. Free Ests/Lic’d/Ins’d


Pavers. 30+ Yrs Exp /Owner Operator763-420-3036 952-240-5533

Offering Complete Landscape Services


Landscaping 2350

Aahhh! A Fresh NewLook For SPRING!

Landscape Design, Installation,Hardscapes & Maintenance.

Mowing & Delivery Services.Call NOW To MakeAn Appointment.

Certified Professional, BBBVan Buren Landscape

Call 952-292-7453vanburenlandscape.com

31+Yrs Exp in LandscapingDesigning & Planting

� Retaining Walls� Concrete: Drives & Patios� Paver Patios & Drives� Drainage Solutions� Irrigation� Lighting

Landscape 2000 Inc.Free Ests/Ins 952-446-9707

Landscaping 2350

763-477-2612 ( 30 YRS) www.lewisinsulation.comOld Home Specialists –Walls/Attics/Venting/Spray Foam

Insulation &Weatherproofing


THE CLEAN TEAM Making homes shine since

1994. Honest, Reliable,Detailed. Rena: 763-545-8035

�HOME SPARKLERS�Reliable�Fussy�Reasonable20+ yrs, Ref/Ins 612-869-3661

*10% off 1st Cleaning*BEST CLEANING

WE CLEAN YOU GLEAMProf House & Office Cleaner

High Quality, Comm/ResRef/Ins/Bond. Call Lola

612-644-8432 or 763-416-4611www.bestcleaningservices.com

Housecleaning 2310

Lawn & Garden


R & JConstruction

• Decks • Basements• Kitchen/Bath Remod• Roofing & Siding• All Types of Tile

Free Quotes & IdeasCall Ray 952-484-3337

Handyperson 2290

Landscaping 2350

Reasonably Priced!Carpentry, Paint & RemodelExp'd/Lic/Ins 612-590-1887

Professional, Reliable.Electrical, Carpentry,

Plumbing, Gen Repairs,Painting, Flooring,

In/Outside Remodeling, Handymanreliability@

gmail.com or 612-327-0100


Refacing, new cabs/counters25+ Yrs Exp. Owner/OperMbr:BBB 763-586-0701kitchenrenaissance.com

HANDYMANCarpentry, Remodeling, Repair

& Painting Services.I love to do it all! 612-220-1565


Tile � Drywall � TrimCabinets � Doors � Windows

Baths � FlooringRandy 612-281-8930

Call Frank – Free EstsI Can Do It All!!

Call 612-227-0197

All HOME REPAIRBrick, Concrete, Glass Block,Tile & Misc. Home Remedy.

30yrs. Exp “No Job Too Small”swisstoneconstruction

services.com Steve 612-532-3978 Ins'd

952-994-4303 George Elite Repair & Tile

Regrout, Tile, Painting, Etc.We Do it All • Lowest Rates

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed952-451-3792

R.A.M. CONSTRUCTIONAny & All Home Repairs

�Concrete �Dumpster Service�Carpentry �Baths & Tile�Fencing �Windows �Gutters�Water/Fire Damage �DoorsLic•Bond•Ins Visa Accepted

0 Stress! 110% Satisfaction!Schultz'e Contracting Inc

Lower Level RemodelsWall/Ceiling Repair/Texture

Tile, Carpentry, Carpet, Paint.#BC538329 MDH Lead Supervisor

Dale 952-941-8896 office 612-554-2112 cell

“Soon To Be Your Favorite Contractor!”


Handyperson 2290

$Save$ Remodeling, Baths,Kitchen Reface, Basements,Decks. 612-570-1256 Ins'd

Handyperson 2290

aacehaulingservices.comRubbish Removal/Clean-Up

Containers for Rent 5-18cu/yds Since 1979 952-894-7470

6-10-15 Yard DumpstersBobcat Work & Black Dirt Don't Want It - We Haul It!

Call Scott 952-890-9461

#1 All Area HaulingLg/Sm I haul all rubbish

Move, Sr. Disc 612-532-1162

Hauling 2280


Repair /Replace /ReasonableLifetime Warranty on All

Spring Changes www.expertdoor.com651-457-7776

Garage Door



35 Yrs Exp. Wood,Upholstery& Recliner.10Yr guar. on re-gluing

Free Est. Pick up &Delivery

Mitchell 952-935-3349

Furniture Repair


Landscaping 2350

SANDING – REFINISHINGRoy's Sanding Service

Since 1951 CALL 952-888-9070

Escobar Hardwood Floors& Ceramic Tile Work, llcWe offer professional services

for your wood floors!Installs/Repair Sand/RefinishFree Ests Ins'd Mbr: BBB Professional w/10 yrs exp.


Above All Hardwood Floors Installation•Sanding•Finishing

“We Now Install Carpet, Tile & Vinyl.”

Call 952-440-WOOD (9663)

Flooring & Tile


A Fresh Look, Inc.Interior/Exterior Painting by the Pros

Bonded & InsuredFree Est. • Senior Discounts

Lic. #BC626700Credit Cards Accepted



612.839.2239 • 612.866.0949WWW.RIGHTWAYMN.COM

20 years exp. Degreed Shop TeacherExterior/Interior Painting

Powerwashing • Decks • FencesWindow Glazing & Repairs

2 Year Labor / 10 Year Paint Warranty

Mike’s Lawn & LandscapeEXPERT LAWN CARE


Weekly Lawn Care • Spring & Fall CleanupsSatisfaction Guaranteed

Cell (612) 865-3430 • Bus. (763) [email protected]


Mowing • Fertilizing Spring & Fall Cleanup

Landscaping Snowplowing

Voted #1 LawnCare Company by




www.fertilawnmn.comBloomington, MN • 952-884-7331

Jim Cooper, Jr. Landscaping Inc.






Quality Work Since 1983

YOUR HOMETOWN LANDSCAPERPatios, Walks, Retaining Walls

Shrubbery Removal & ReplacementShrubs, Trees, Perennials Planted

Deco. Rock, Edging, Brush/Buckthorn ClearingMulch Installation (Many Varieties)

Complete Landscape Renovation & DesignVisit our website:


Member: MNLA • Licensed/Insured • FREE Estimates




612-272-3619 612-387-4849



HARDSCAPES Retaining walls, Fire pits,

Paved patios, Water features,Paved walkways & driveways

SOFTSCAPES Mulch, Rock, Edging, Sod,

Plantings & Irrigation Services

FREE ESTIMATESWe will beat any written

estimate by 10-20%

20+ Years In Tiling Free Estimates/Low Prices

Excellent ReferencesCall 952-451-1037

#1 in Hardwood Refinishing�SANDMAN IS BEST!�sandmanjohansson.com low$$A+ Angie's List 952-474-4355

Flooring & Tile


Built-Rite Fence CompanyChain Link, Color Vinyl,All Styles of Wood, Iron

30+ Yrs of Proven ReliabilityCall For Free Est 952-934-4899

Fencing 2210

TEAM ELECTRICwww.teamelectricmn.com Lic/ins/bonded Res/ComAll Jobs...All Sizes Free Est952-758-7585 10% Off w/ad

Lew Electric: Resid & Comm.Service, Service Upgrades,

Remodels. Old or New Constr.Free Ests. Bonded/Insured Lic#CA05011 612-801-5364

JNH Electric 612-743-7922Bonded�Insured Free Ests

Resid, Comm & Service. Old/New Const, RemodelsServ Upgrades. Lic#CA06197

763-537-4731 Schoo ElectricSmall Jobs – Service ChangesPrompt Service & Free Ests.Licensed – Bonded – Insured

612-501-1093WHY PAY MORE?

Call Signature ElectricService Upgrades, Misc

Wiring, Remodeling & More!Owner/Oper Lic/Bonded/Ins

0 Risk! Lic/Bond/Ins.Best Bids, Quality &

Service for Over 20 Years!Family Owned & Operated

SchlemmerElectric.com612-296-6000 Sr. Disc



Cement, Masonry,Waterproofing


Excel Drywall, LLCFor All Your Drywall

Needs. Free Est. No JobToo Small 30 yrs exp. Ins.



Alliance Drywall30 yrs exp. Ins. Edina. Checkmy lower prices. Rock, text.,tape & skim-coat. Free est.Dan 651-235-7997



*Professionals Who Design*And Build Quality 19+ years (BBB) Visit us for [email protected] Lic #BC073200 952-472-5670

Decks 3 & 4 Season PorchesPool/Hot Tub SurroundsJon Dimich Deck Creations

612-418-3677 Lic 20490464


Deck or House PaintingFree Estimates. Reasonable

rates. Ins. 952-454-8445

ALL-WAYS DECKS Decks, Porches - Free Est.

SPRING IS HERE! Enjoy the outdoors!

allwaysdecksinc.com Jeff 651-636-6051 Mike 763-

786-5475 Lic # 20003805


Cement, Masonry,Waterproofing


SWEEP • INSP. • REPAIRFull Time • Professional Ser.

Certified/ Registered / Insured29 Yrs Exp. Mike 952-933-8005


Chimney &FP Cleaning




Free Estimates

Tuckpointing/Brick RprFree Est. Insured

Tim Arlt.... 952-937-6961

CONCRETE & MASONARYSteps, Walks, Drives,

Patios Chimney Repair. No job to Sm. Lic/Bond/Ins

John 952-882-0775

Cement, Masonry,Waterproofing


3 Generations of Concrete Expertise• Garage Slabs • Driveways • Walks • Blockwork • Footings • Steps • Patios • Overlays

• Wall Repairs • Pavers • Stamped • Colored • Exposed • Decorative • Corefills • Aprons

952-854-0630 • 612-824-8135www.gjgardnercrete.com



Zick’s Concrete Solutions, L.L.C.

Specializing In Residential Concrete#1 in Well Pit Steps

Patios • Sidewalks • DrivewaysExposed Aggregate • Bobcat Work

Free Estimates • References • Fully Ins. • Bonded

Todd Zick(42yr Blmgtn Resident)


I know yourproblems...

We’re neighbors!

18+ YearsExp

B L O O M I N G T O N R E A D E R ’ S C H O I C E A W A R D W I N N E R !

Page 32: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

32 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community



LKVILLE RENT2OWN Bad Credit ok. 4Br/3Ba$1850/mo. 612.216.6248

HousesFor Rent


South Mpls: New opportu-nity to rent a 1BR apart-ment in an established55+ building. Convenientlocation. Call 612-721-5077




Shakopee - FT NannyMature, loving Nanny with

Infant experience for TwinsBeg. 5/15/12 $550 wkLCHS 651-209-1111


Child CareWanted


Family Care4000

Peeka & Boo, 2 sweet &beautiful, bro & sis, orangetabby cats, together only toa special loving home. Alltests/shots/spay/neut. $75for both. Jerry 952-888-9524



Personal Gun Collectionfor Sale. High quality! Callfor pricing. 612-408-0222

SportingGoods & Misc


Don't Be Left AgroundCome Boat the Mississippiwww.watergatemarina.netSlips available for all sizes

Plenty of water!Call JP at 651-695-3783

Boat Services,Storage & Slips



Moving Sale: Furn, Antiq,HH, Fri 3/23 (12-5), Sat3/24 (8-4) 6800 Oliver Ave S


Estate 3/24 (8-4); 3/25 (10-4) Furn, tools, china, HH,misc. 9219 Chicago Ave So.


Garage Salesthis week3500

Piano player: mahog. Upright. $849




Buying Old Trains & ToysSTEVE'S TRAIN CITY


� � WANTED � �Hifi/stereo equip., HAM,& misc. old electronics.

Andy 651-329-0515



Boutiques/Craft Shows & Gifts




Pine Log Handmade TwinLoft Bed $500or OBO 763-559-9344.

BR Set: Qn. size, lightwood, bkcase hdbrd, tripledrssr, 2 nite stands. Mintcond! $400. 952-831-2998


HAM LAKE1141 133rd Lane NE

Sat., March 24 (8:30-4:30)#'s Saturday at 8am

Sun., March 25 (8:30-3:30)Model car collection, die castitems, Coca-Cola & vintagememorabilia, high quality

furniture & furnishingswww.willmatthill.com

EDINA - 5210 Villa WayAntiqs, furn, collectibles,50” HD TV, DR sets, more!3/22 (1-7); 3/23-25 (9-7)

EDEN PRAIRIE11003 Bell Oaks EstatesFri., March 23 (8:30-5:30)

#'s Friday at 8amSat., March 24 (8:30-4:30)Beautiful fine art! HH fur-

nishings, quality furniture,patio furniture, sporting

goods, & much more! www.willmatthill.com



'91 World Champion MNTwins – Bobbleheads, fullset (26). New – in originalpkg., $599. Call 952-927-0788

Collectibles& Art


Boutiques/Craft Shows & Gifts


Grandview Park Cemetery,Hopkins, MN. 2 side by sideplots, $950 ea. 602-861-8082

Glen Haven: 2 plots, 2vaults w/companion head-stone. Value $8,990. Asking$4,300/BO. 218-828-3608

For Sale: 4 Lots GlenhavenGood Samaritan Garden$7,000 for all. 320-243-3165




Window Cleaning Professionally Done. Most

Houses $89. 952-454-8445







Affordable Custom UpholsUpholstery – Slipcovers

Visa/MC Jan 612-824-7376

Upholstery &Slipcovers





Lic'd / Ins'd / 20 Yrs Exp.952-922-7543 / 763-535-7512

Parkway Tree ServiceQuality Work At

Affordable Prices! Trimming/Removal & StumpRemoval. Lic/Ins. Free Ests

Leo 612-210-0381/952-933-1458



A Good Job!! 15 yrs exp.Thomas Tree Service Immaculate Clean-up! Tree Removal/Trimming

Lot Clearing & Stump RemovalFree Estimates 952-440-6104

� CHIP & CLIP �BUCKTHORN SPECIALISTTree Trimming & RemovalsChip & Haul Any Brush Or

Tree Material. Best Rates.Chipper Always Available


952-883-0671 Tree RemovalBBB Accredited

Silver Fox Services

612-275-2574AJ's Tree Service

Trimming & RemovalFree Estimates & Insured

Will BeatAnybody's Price!




Fully Licensed & Insured“We take pride in our work”





Affordable rents based on income for qualified adults 62 years of age and better Controlled access entry Elevator Laundry facility on site Community room with kitchen Great location, close to bus line, medical and shopping Computer lab


More Information: 952-831-3372 www.commonbond.org

THINK SPRING&&Arts Crafts ShowSouthtown Mall

March 30, 31 & April 1 Fri 10-9 • Sat 10-6 • Sun 11-4Penn Ave. & 494, Bloomington

Heart Promotions651-438-3815

Roofs, Siding,& Gutters


15% Spring DiscountForget The Rest Call The Best!!

www.vincestree.comFull Tree &

Landscape Services.Serving The Entire Metro

Area. 763-954-1063BBB Accredited Business



(952) 881-2122 • (612) 599-6385DAN WIMMER

Quality Work and Low Rates

Tree Removal, Tree TrimmingHigh Risk Climbing, Stump Grinding

and Storm Clean Up

Free EstsLic’d & Ins’d

Ideal Tree ServiceIdeal Tree Service


20% SpringDiscount

Great Service Affordable Prices

Senior Discounts


Tear-offs & New ConstructionSiding & Gutters

Over 17 yrs exp. Free est.Rodney Oldenburg


Lic #20156835 • Insured

Why WaitRoofing LLC

Offering the Best ExtendedManufacturers Warranty

We Take Care of Insurance Claims

Roofs, Siding,& Gutters




Two Teacher ConstructionRe-roofing-Tearoffs.

Large crew done in a day!Immaculate clean-ups

Ins Lic # BC 073200 Ref's 952-472-5670 BBB

Roofing * Siding Gutters * Soffit/FasciaTOPSIDE, INC. 612-869-1177 Licensed * Bonded * Insured32 Yrs Exp. A+ Rating BBB

Re-Roofing & Roof Repairs – Snow & IceRemoval - 30 Yrs Exp Insured - Lic#20126880

John Haley #1 Roofer,LLC. Call 952-925-6156

A Family Operated Bus.

Re-roofs Tear-offs BBB Free Est. MC/Visa No Subcontractors Used.Lic/Ins. 952-891-8586

Roofs, Siding,& Gutters


Roofing • Siding • WindowsLic # 20431519BC

952-934-7600 Since 1978




Storm Damage RestorationRoofing ■ siding ■ windows

Established 1984

(763) 550-0043(952) 476-7601(651) 221-2600

3500 Vicksburg Lane Suite 400-351Plymouth, MN 55447 Lic # 6793

General Contractors


Commercial and residential pressure washingDecks strip & seal, roof washing, house washing,

concrete cleaning and staining. Full exterior washing.

Our job is to make you look good!763-225-6200



SAVE MONEY - Competentmaster plumber needs work.Lic#M3869 Jason 952-891-2490

Master Plumber. Semiretired. Bath remodeler,tile, piping, misc. Lic.#058689PM 651-983-6300Credit cards accepted.

An Honest Plumber Ins/Bond Lic. #57327-MR

Dan 952-465-2926

A RENEW PLUMBING•Drain Cleaning •Repairs

•Remodeling •Lic# 060881-PMBond/Ins 952-884-9495

*A One Man Company*30 yrs exp. Call Steve

612-788-5558 Lic#4040

763-792-2999Geno's Sewer & Drain

Special $89/with ad!


� � � � � � � � � �

PRO PAPER HANGING Removal, Paint/PlasterAny & All Home Repairs Work Guar/Refs/Ins/Free Ests35yrs Exp. 952-377-4612� � � � � � � � � �


St. Christoper DecoratingOld World Craftsmanship/24 Yrs

Int Painting/faux/Rlph LaurenExpert Cabinet Refinishing

Wallpaper Installation 952-451-7151 Ins/Bonded

DAVE'S Painting Int/Ext 3 Rooms $175. Paper rem

Enamel Refs avail. 952-201-1577


Int/Ext • Free Est • 23 YrsWill meet or beat any

price! Lic/Ins Visa/MCBBB 952-469-6800

Bell Professional Painting23 yrs serving SW Ext PtgBest Prices 952-949-0444

Allen's Perfect PaintingCeiling & Drywall Repair

BBB Member. Call anytime.Lic/Ins. Free Est. 612-388-2884

A German Craftsman Paint, Plaster, papering 30yrs quality work, Ref's Seasonal Rates. Reliable roosterpainting.com Est. Int/Ext 952-484-4867


POOF!Sell your stuff in


and watch it



Turn your unneeded items in to

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $Sell your items in Sun Classifieds


For your updated localnews visit us at


Sell It, Buy It, Search For It

In Sun Classifiedswww.MinnLocal.com

Page 33: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 33

Earn up to $150 per day Under-cover Shoppers Needed toJudge Retail & Dining Estab-lishments Experience Not Re-quired Call Now 1-888-891-4244

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DONATE YOUR CAR to CAN-CER FUND of AMERICA tohelp SUPPORT CANCER PA-TIENTS. Tax Deductible. NextDay Towing. Receive VacationVoucher. Call 7 Days 1-800-835-9372

DISH Network. Starting at$19.99/month PLUS 30 Premi-um Movie Channels FREE for 3Months! SAVE! & Ask AboutSAME DAY Installation! CALL- 877-992-1237

Dish Network $19.99/mo! FreeHBO+Showtime+Cinemax+Starz+Blockbuster! Free HD/DVR!Next Day Install! Ask About In-ternet/TV/Phone Bundles! 800-732-0574

DIRECTV $29.99/mo $0 StartCosts! Free HBO CINEMAXSHOWTIME STARZ! FREEHD/DVR! Free Installation!We're "Local" Installers! 800-758-1657

Diabetes/Cholesterol/WeightLoss Bergamonte, a NaturalProduct for Cholesterol, BloodSugar and weight. Physicianrecommended, backed by Hu-man Clinical Studies withamazing results. Call today andsave 15% off your first bottle!888-470-5390

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CREDIT CARD DEBT? LEGAL-LY HAVE IT REMOVED! Mini-mum $7,000 in debt to qualify.Utilize Consumer ProtectionAttorneys. Call now! 1-888-237-0388

CASH FOR CARS: AllCars/Trucks Wanted. Runningor Not! Top Dollar Paid. WeCome To You! Any Make/Mod-el. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800-864-5960

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Canada Drug Center is yourchoice for safe and affordablemedications. Our licensedCanadian mail order pharmacywill provide you with savingsof up to 90 percent on all yourmedication needs. Call Today888-459-9961 for $25.00 off yourfirst prescription and free ship-ping.

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CA$H PAID- up to $25/Box forunexpired, sealed DIABETICTEST STRIPS. Hablamos Es-panol. 1-800-371-1136

Available Now!!! 2-4 Bedroomhomes Take Over PaymentsNo Money Down/No CreditCheck Call 1-888-269-9192

Classified Misc./Network Ads


AUTOMATED HOME BASEDBIZ No selling, explaining orconvincing EVER. 24/7 Rec.message 800-263-2556

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ATTEND COLLEGE DEGREEONLINE from Home. *Medi-cal, *Business, *Criminal Jus-tice. Job placement assistance.Computer available. FinancialAid if qualified. SCHEV certi-fied. Call 800-488-0386 www.-CenturaOnline.com

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AT&T U-Verse for just$29.99/mo! SAVE when youbundle Internet+Phone+TVand get up to $300 BACK! (se-lect plans). Limited Time CallNOW! 877-276-3538

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AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Trainfor hands on Aviation Mainte-nance Career. FAA approvedprogram. Financial aid if quali-fied- Housing available. CALLAviation Institute of Mainte-nance (877) 818-0783

AIRLINES ARE HIRING -Train for hands on AviationMaintenance Career. FAA ap-proved program. Financial aidif qualified - Housing availableCall AIM (888) 686-1704

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A-1 DONATE YOUR CAR!Breast Cancer Research foun-dation! Most highly ratedbreast cancer charity in Amer-ica! Tax Deductible/Fast FreePick Up. 800-771-9551 www.car-donationsforbreastcancer.org

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$5,000 Signing Bonus! FracSand Owner Operators. MoreTexas work than trucks! Musthave tractor, blower & pneu-matic trailer 817-926-3535

$$OLD GUITARS WANTED$$Gibson,Fender,Martin,Gretsch. 1920's to 1980's. Top Dollarpaid. Toll Free: 1-866-433-8277

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01 GMC Yukon XLT 1500AT, 4WD, Red w/grey lthr,heated seats, 230K, verywell maint., 1 owner, cleaninside/out, no rust, 3rdseat, rear heat/ac. $3800

Mike 612 987 1044

Vans, SUVs, & Trucks


Motorcycles Wanted! Cash for used & Damaged


Motorcycle,Moped, Motor



CASH! For Your JunkedWrecks or Unwanted

Vehicles. Free Tow-Aways612-805-2692

Runners & Non Runners 612-810-7606



Cars/Truck JACK'S AUTO

612-919-2707 OR 763-533-7122

Junkers &Repairable Wanted


$225+ for most Vehicles�Free Towing� 952-818-2585

Junkers &Repairable Wanted


Cheap Car InsuranceCall John - 952-842-1163

Auto Information& Insurance



Local StipendVolunteer Position

The Senior Companion Pro-gram is looking for womenage 55+ willing to be a friend-ly visitor to those who areisolated and homebound.Need to commit minimum 15hours per week, be comfort-able driving and working in-dependently. Reimbursementfor time, meals, and travel.Contact Kate Neuhaus




Social Services

Thomas Allen Inc.: Program Counselor

(Richfield) Hours: E/O Sat & Sun10am-9pm.Experience pre-ferred, Lifting required(up to 75 lbs), Total careshome. Driver's license,clean record required. To

Apply: [email protected] or 651-789-1230 x332For more openings and

information go to:www.thomasalleninc.com


PT Retail SalesLove clothes?

Retail experience?If you have a few extra

hours/weekCall Nancy 952-746-4440

Galleria location

Part Time Outside Sales

Seeking experienced salesprofessional representinga small service provider tocommercial office build-ings. Fifteen to twentyhours per week. Pleasesend a short work historyand any salary require-ments to: Sales, P.O. Box44701, Eden Prairie, MN55344

Mystery ShoppersEarn up to $100/day. Un-dercover shoppers neededto judge retail & dinningestablishments. No expreq. Call 855-219-4443

Medical AssistantBusy peds clinic in Westmetro needs FT MA w/2yrs+ peds exp. Strongcaring work ethic. X-Raycert preferred. Fax resumeto Tara @ 952-473-7908

Inventory Takers Needed!

Starting Pay: $9/hr. Regu-lar p/t work. Paid Travel/per diem. Paid Training.Group health plan after 90days. Apply Online: www.RGIS.com/careers

keyword 51

Help Wanted/Part Time


Personal driver WestBloomington. 1-3 hrs/wk.Cash paid. 612-554-4892

Confirm delivery of adver-tising circular to yourhome. https://www.secretshopper.com/tcvto sign up. Pays $10.

Help Wanted/Part Time


Sales Reps* BURNSVILLE &


Looking for a CAREER,NOT just a pay check?All experience levels encouraged to apply!Competitive base +

commission Benefits:

Paid Training, benefitspackage and fuel reim-bursement.

Required to pass: Drug screen, backgroundand motor vehicle recordchecks. Apply at:

jobs.TruGreen.comBurnsville 952-895-3400

Minnetonka 952-933-7360AA/EOE/M/F/V/D

Join Our TeamCrew Leads/Crew Members Needed

Prescription Landscape islooking for energetic andmotivated persons to joinour production teams. Wehave openings at both lo-cations, Crystal and St.Paul. Job duties includeoperating mowing equip-ment, physical labor; up toand including bending,kneeling and lifting up to45 lbs, and other duties asassigned. Seasonal andyear-round positionsavailable. Year-round po-sitions include snow andice management; plowing,shoveling, etc. Experiencehelpful but not required,on the job training avail-able. Some positions re-quire a valid and cleandriver's license. Pre-em-ployment drug/alcoholtesting required. Compen-sation: $10.00-$18.00 pend-ing experience. For moreinformation visit our website at: www.rxlandscape.comor email [email protected] or phone

Sue at 651-379-4713

Open House from9am to 11am onWednesday for FoodManufacturing. All skilllevels & warehouse/Fork-lift. Call for more info


Exec/Admin Ass'tWealth mgmt firm in Nor-mandale Lake complexseeks person with 5+ yrsexp. Excellent inter-per-sonal and communicationskills. Strong knowledgeof MS Office. Accurate, de-tail-oriented, mature andtrustworthy multi-tasker.25-35 hours per week.Available immediately.Fax cover letter and resume to 952-921-8667

Help Wanted/Full Time


CSR/Account Rep

Responsibilities:� Providing Informa-

tion for PotentialMembers.

� Update Current Mem-bers Account Infor-mation

� Assist in Setup &Troubleshooting ofNew Member Equip-ment

� General Sales & Mar-keting Support Ef-forts

Qualifications:� College degree is a

strong plus. (HighSchool Diploma /GED required)

� Excellent verbal andwritten communica-tion skills required.

� Flexible Schedule(nights, weekendsand holidays are amust).

� Ability to multi task� 1+ year experience in

a customer serviceenvironment is astrong plus.

Knowledge of computersand Microsoft software re-quired (Word/Excel)

We offer a starting salaryof $14 - $17 per hour.(PT/FT) Interested Candi-dates should forward re-sumes to :[email protected]

Contractor DriversIndependent Contractorwith own Dock, Cube orSprinter.

Dynamex, an industryleader in the messengerand dedicated logistics de-livery business has Con-tractor Driver opportuni-ties available.

Sign on Bonus and FuelSurcharge provided. Buildyour own company and beyour own boss.

To find out more pleasecall Donna 651-746-5945

Biz-2-Biz InterviewingHome Based

Business mktg experience.No home calling. 15+hrs/wk avail from your home.

M-F days. $13-$18/hr. Call 952-252-6000


A New CareerWe're looking for motivatedindividuals to join Min-nesota's #1 real estate team.We'll provide the trainingand resources. You bringthe desire for personal andfinancial growth. Togetherwe'll build your real estatecareer. Call Irene Levy at 952-949-4759 or email:

[email protected]

Help Wanted/Full Time


EXPERIENCEDTOW DRIVERS!FT/PT. 612-919-4071 ALT. # 952-949-2900




BIOLYPH needs Produc-tion Assistants whoare conscientious, mature,responsible perfectionistswith strong verbal En-glish communicationskills to help produce di-agnostic tests during theday shift. All training pro-vided. Benefits includepd. holidays and vacation,health & dental ins., & 401(k). Our work environ-ment is professional,clean, comfortable, smoke-free, quiet and friendly.You will generally bescheduled between 32-40hrs. per wk.

Call 952.936.0990 for ajob description & direc-tions. Apply in person

Mon-Fri, 9:00-4:00 at 1317 - 5th St. So., Hopkins

Help Wanted/Full Time




Social Services

Thomas Allen Inc.: Registered Nurse: South

St. Paul, Burnsville,Bloomington

Registered Nurse 5-6hrs/wk can be split intotwo positions. Must beRN, Driver's Lic, Insur,clean record, own vehicle.Prefer 3 years experiencewith developmental Dis-abled or seniors. Contact:Sandy Q, Fax resume


Home Health AidesNeeded!

Earn $10.00-$12.00/hr.helping Seniors in theirhomes. Seeking HHA's foreve, o/n, wknd shifts. Flu-ent English + car required.

Apply online at: www.homeinstead.com/167



PCA PCA needed in centralBloomington, Monday,Tuesday, and Wednes-day 9am-5pm and possi-ble weekend hours. CallMolly at 952-814-7400



Advertising DisclaimerBecause we are unable tocheck all ads that areplaced in our media, weencourage you to be safeand be careful before giv-ing out any importantinformation such as creditcard numbers or socialsecurity numbers, whenresponding to any ad.

BusinessOpps & Info



EDINA CONDO 4 RENT2 BR, 2 BA, 1800sf

Sec Bldg No Pets/Smoke$1500/mo. Appt Only

Av Now 858-663-0939

Apartments &Condos For Rent




All real estate advertisingin this newspaper is sub-ject to the Fair HousingAct which makes it illegalto advertise “any prefer-ence limitation or dis-crimination based on race,color, religion, sex handi-cap, familial status, or na-tional origin, or an inten-tion, to make any suchpreference, limitation ordiscrimination.” Familialstatus includes childrenunder the age of 18 livingwith parents or legal cus-todians; pregnant women;and people securing cus-tody of children under 18.

This newspaper will notknowingly accept any ad-vertising for real estatewhich is in violation ofthe law. Our readers arehereby informed that alldwellings advertised inthis newspaper are avail-able on an equal opportu-nity basis. To complain ofdiscrimination call HUDtoll-free telephone numberfor the hearing impairedis 1-800-927-9275.



Call TODAYto arrange a

personal tour

For adults 55+ • Independent Living • Great Value114 Reform St, Norwood-Young America



Spring DealsTWO MONTHS FREE Rent and a Free underground garage parking space

for 12 months on a 12 Month Lease. Offer good through March 2012, for new residents only.

Page 34: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

34 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community

A U T O • E M P L O Y M E N T • R E A L E S T A T E • B U S I N E S S S E R V I C E S


$44.00• 3 lines, 4 weeks, choose 2 zones• Additional lines: $7.00• Merchandise $151.00 or more• Includes mnsun.com website


$40• 3 lines, 2 weeks, All zones• Additional lines: $10.00• FREE Garage Sale Kit available at

one of our three offices - Or we can mail it to you for an additional $4.50

• Rain Insurance $2.00• Includes mnsun.com website


$44• 3 lines, 4 weeks, choose 2 zones• Additional lines: $7.00• Includes mnsun.com website

*Includes www.wikimetro.com website


$50 Merchandise only• 3 lines, Runs for 13 weeks, choose 2 zones• Additional lines: $7.00• For 1 item priced under $2500, price must bein ad, must call every fourth week to renew, private party ads only• Includes mnsun.com website• Maximum of 13 weeks

FREE CLASSIFIEDSOne Item for Sale, $100 or Less • Mail or FAXin only Tuesday - ThursdayFriday, Monday, and Call-ins: $7.00 per ad,1 week, 1 zoneOne ad per customer per week. Additionalzones are $7.00. Three line maximum. Pricemust be in ad.

CONTACT USClassified Phone 952-392-6888Classified Fax 952-941-5431Classified Billing 952-392-6890Legal Notices 952-392-6801

TO PLACE YOUR ADAds may be placed Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

DEADLINE: Mondays at 3:00 pm**Earlier on Holiday Weeks

BY PHONE: 952-392-6888BY FAX: 952-941-5431BY MAIL: 10917 Valley View Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344Attn: Classified

IN PERSON: Visit the Eden Prairie Classified Office

HOW TO PAYWe gladly accept VISA, American Express,Mastercard, personal checks, and cash.


SERVICES & POLICIESSun Newspapers reserves the right to edit, refuse,reject or cancel any ad at any time. Errors must bereported on the first day of the publication, and SunNewspapers will be responsible for no more than thecost of the space occupied by the error and only thefirst insertion. We shall not be liable for any loss orexpense that results from the publication or omissionof an advertisement.



• Use the grid below to write your ad.• Please print completely and legibly to

ensure the ad is published correctly.

• Punctuate and space the ad copy properly.• Include area code with phone number.• 3 line minimum

Choose from the following 5 zones:

■■ Sun•SailorChanhassen, Excelsior, Hopkins, Long Lake, Minnetonka, Orono, Plymouth, Shorewood, St. Louis Park, Wayzata

■■ Sun•FocusArden Hills, Blaine, Columbia Heights, St. Anthony, Falcon Heights, Fridley, Mounds View, New Brighton, Roseville, Spring Lake Park

■■ Sun•Current SouthApple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Lakeville, Rosemount, Savage

■■ Sun•Current CentralBloomington, Eden Prairie, Edina, Richfield

■■ Sun•PostBrooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Robbinsdale

Please fill out completely.Incomplete forms may not run.

Amount enclosed: $________________________

Classification _____________________________

Date of Publication ________________________

Credit Card Info:

■■ VISA ■■ MasterCard ■■ American Express

Card # ____________________________________

Exp. Date __________________CID #__________

Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________


City ______________________ Zip ____________

Phone: (H) ________________________________

(W) ______________________________________


Mail order form to: Sun•Classifieds, 10917 Valley View Road • Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Or fax order form to: 952-941-5431

Deadline: Mondays at 3:00 pm - Earlier deadline on Holiday Weeks


Note: Newsprint does not fax legibly, you must fax a photocopy of the completed order form below.Please use this order form when placing your Classified ads.

Please call 952-392-6888 for business rates.

884235 Private Party Form • September 2011

In the community, With the community, For the community

YEARBOOKS "Up to $15 paidfor high school yearbooks 1900-1988. [email protected] 972-768-1338."

WORK ON JET ENGINES -Train for hands on AviationCareer. FAA approved pro-gram. Financial aid if qualified- Job placement assistance.Call AIM (866) 453-6204

WORK ON JET ENGINES -Train for hands on AviationMaintenance Career. FAA ap-proved program. Financial aidif qualified - Job placement as-sistance. Call AIM (866) 854-6156.

Wants to purchase mineralsand other oil and gas interests.Send details to P.O. Box 13557Denver, Co. 80201

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WANTED YOUR DIABETESTEST STRIPS. Unexpired .Webuy Any Kind/Brand. Pay upto $25.00 per box. ShippingPaid. Hablamos espanol. Call 1-800-267-9895 www.SellDiabetic-strips.com

WANTED JAPANESE MO-TORCYCLE KAWASAKI 1967-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ1000, ZIR,KZ1000MKII, W1-650, H1-500,H2-750, S1-250, S2-350, S3-400Suzuki GS400, GT380, CB750CASH PAID. FREE NATION-AL PICKUP. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726 [email protected]


WANTED DIABETES TESTSTRIPS Any kind/brand. Unex-pired up to $25.00. ShippingPaid Hablamos espanol 1-800-267-9895 www.selldiabeticstrip-s.com

Unemployed Parents receiveIncome Tax Return, $1500 forone child, $3000 for two, and$4000 for three. Call Now 1-800-583-8840 www.x-presstaxes.com

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TOP CASH FOR CARS, AnyCar/Truck, Running or Not.Call for INSTANT offer: 1-800-454-6951

TAKE VIAGRA? SAVE $500!100mg,/Cialis 20mg. 40+4FREE, PILLS. Only $99.00 Dis-creet. 1-888-797-9024

TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? Get40 100mg/20mg Pills, for only-$99! +4-Bonus Pills FREE! #1Male Enhancement. 1-888-796-8870

TAKE VIAGRA/CIALIS? Get40 100mg/20mg Pills, for only-$99! +4-Bonus Pills FREE! #1Male Enhancement. 1-888-796-8870

Stop Renting Lease option tobuy Rent to own No moneydown No credit check 1-877-395-0321

STEEL BUILDINGS: 4 only25x36, 30x48, 40x52, 45x82. Sell-ing For Balance Owed! Free De-livery! 1-800-462-7930x180

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILI-TY BENEFITS. WIN or PayNothing! Start Your Applica-tion In Under 60 Seconds. CallToday! Contact DisabilityGroup, Inc. Licensed Attor-neys & BBB Accredited. Call877-865-0180

Classified Misc./Network Ads


Small Business Credit Guaran-teed! $7,000 Credit Line to Fundor Grow Your Business. CallToday for Approval 800-639-1507 Call between 9-6 Eastern

Reader Advisory: The Na-tional Trade Association webelong to has purchased theabove classifieds. Determin-ing the value of their serviceor product is advised by thispublication. In order to avoidmisunderstandings, some ad-vertisers do not offer employ-ment but rather supply thereaders with manuals, direc-tories and other materials de-signed to help their clientsestablish mail order sellingand other businesses athome. Under NO circum-stance should you send anymoney in advance or give theclient your checking, licenseID, or credit card numbers.Also beware of ads that claimto guarantee loans regardlessof credit and note that if acredit repair company doesbusiness only over the phoneit is illegal to request anymoney before delivering itsservice. All funds are basedin US dollars. Toll free num-bers may or may not reachCanada

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SAVE on Cable TV-Internet-Digital Phone. Packages startat $89.99/mo (for 12 months.)Options from ALL major ser-vice providers. Call Acceller to-day to learn more! CALL 1-877-736-7087

Reach over 20 million homesnationwide with one easy buy!Only $2,395 per week for a 25word classified! For more in-formation go to www.naninet-work.com

PREGNANT? CONSIDERINGADOPTION? You choose fromfamilies nationwide. LIVINGEXPENSES PAID. Abby's OneTrue Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6292, 24/7 Void/Illinois

PREGNANT? CONSIDERINGADOPTION? Talk with caringadoption expert. You choosefrom families nationwide. LIV-ING EXPENSES PAID. Call24/7 Abby's One True GiftAdoptions 866-413-6296

MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Earnup to $150 daily. Get paid toshop pt/ft. Call now 1-888-750-0193.

Mystery Shoppers NeededEarn up to $150 per day Under-cover Shoppers Needed toJudge Retail & Dining Estab-lishments Experience Not Re-quired Call Now 888-380-3513

Classified Misc./Network Ads


MOVIE EXTRAS. Earn up to$300 daily. No experience re-quired. All looks and ages. 1-800-981-4925

MOVIE EXTRA. Earn up to$300 per day. No experience re-quired. All looks and ages. Call1-800-605-8692


MANTIS Deluxe Tiller. NEW!FastStart engine. Ships FREE.One-Year Money-Back Guaran-tee when you buy DIRECT.Call for the DVD and FREEGood Soil book! 866-969-1041

Make Up To $2,000.00+ PerWeek! New Credit Card ReadyDrink-Snack Vending Ma-chines. Minimum $3K to $30K+Investment Required. Loca-tions Available. BBB Accredit-ed Business. (800) 962-9189

Low Testosterone? FREE 30Day Supply of Progene! All Nat-ural Supplement for More Pow-er & Performance! Pay onlyS&P Call Now! 800-908-2214

Classified Misc./Network Ads



Help Wanted!!!Earn extra in-come mailing our brochuresfrom home! FREE Supplies!Helping Home-Workers since2001! Genuine Opportunity! Noexperience required. Start Im-mediately!www.theworkhub.net

Help Wanted!!!Earn extra in-come mailing our brochuresfrom home! FREE Supplies!Helping Home-Workers since2001! Genuine Opportunity! Noexperience required. Start Im-mediately!www.theworkhub.net

Help Wanted!!! Earn extra in-come mailing our brochuresfrom home! FREE Supplies!Helping Home-Workers since2001! Genuine Opportunity! Noexperience required. Start Im-mediately! www.theworkhub.net

Get the BEST DEAL &SAVE onTRIPLE PLAYS, Cable, Inter-net +Phone! High Speed Inter-net under $20/mo. CALL NOW!800-375-1270

Classified Misc./Network Ads


Get the BEST DEAL & SAVEon TRIPLE PLAYS, Cable, In-ternet + Phone! High Speed In-ternet under $20/mo. CALLNOW! 800-418-1404

Get the BEST DEAL & SAVEon TRIPLE PLAYS, Cable, In-ternet + Phone! High Speed In-ternet under $20/mo. CALLNOW! 800-291-4159

GEORGIA LAND Beautiful 1acre – 20 acres. Amazingweather, Augusta Area. Fi-nancing w/Low down, from$149/month. Owner 706-364-4200

Finish High School at home ina few weeks. First Coast Acade-my, 1-800-658-1180 x130.www.fcahighschool.org

EnjoyBetterTV DISH NetworkAuthorized Retailer Offers,FREE HD for Life, Packagesfrom $19.99/mo. Includes lo-cals, 3 HD receivers free. Re-strictions Apply. Call NOW!!(877) 594-2251

EARN COLLEGE DEGREEONLINE *Medical, *Business,*Criminal Justice. Job place-ment assistance. Computeravailable. Financial Aid ifqualified. SCHEV certified.Call 800-510-0784 www.Centu-raOnline.com

Classified Misc./Network Ads


Page 35: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

In the Community, With the Community, For the Community www.minnlocal.com – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – Richfield Sun-Current 35



2005 CHEVY IMPALA #122463A

$8 , 998



$6 , 998



$9 , 998


#8H024A $11 , 998


4X4 2K039A $7 , 498



$10 , 998


1-800-875-5908 OPEN 24/7 at

www.freewayford.net Sat. Service Open At 7:30am FREEWAY FORD

2006 VW JETTA #2K038

$10 , 998



$10 , 998 2007 FORD FIVE

HUNDRED #123071A

$9 , 998


$11 , 998



$6 , 998



$11 , 998



$9 , 998



$11 , 998



$9 , 998


#121001A $10 , 998

1998 CHEVY 1500 EXT CAB 4X4

#12H024A $6 , 998

*Includes all factory rebates to dealer. Must currently lease a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicle to qual ify. Ford F-150, Taurus and Ford Focus include FMCC Bonus Cash. Must finance with FMCC. O.A. C. †† Low APR in lieu of factory rebates. Must finance with FMCC. O.A.C. **Must trade in ‘ 95 or new veh icle. No Purchase Necessary. All Offers end 3/31/12





A +



$9 , 998


Senior Meghan Smith ranks in the top 10% of her class and has been selected to receive a Senior Achievement Award for Curricular Excellence. She is a 3 year member of Kennedy’s Sinfonia Orchestra as an accomplished violinist. Meghan also is a 3 year member of the Science Olympiad team, winning two awards in competition.

Senior Brenna Gibbs was named an Advanced Placement Scholar with Honor by the College Board, and has been selected to receive a Senior Achievement Award for Leadership. Brenna is a 4 year member of Jefferson’s Student Council, a member of the Debate team and a 3 year member of the Wind Ensemble.

Page 36: D2-Richfield-3-22-12

36 Richfield Sun-Current – Thursday, March 22, 2012 – www.minnlocal.com In the Community, With the Community, For the Community



















15% Discounton Interior

Paintingin March



INTERIOR & EXTERIOR“High quality and surprisingly affordable”

Schedule your free estimate by calling

(612) 825-7316or online @ www.afreshlookinc.com


Receive 15%

Discount on Ext.

Estimates for

Work Donein April.