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Adventure module for Deadlands RPG


  • Rats in a Maze:An Adventure for Deadlands D20

    ByRob Lusk (with David Ross)

  • Deadlands D20

    Written & Designed by: John Private Dick Goff, John R. Hopler, and Shane Lacy HensleyAdditional Material by: Hal Mangold, Mario Lee Bansen IIIEditing & Layout: Shane Lacy HensleyCover Art: Pete VentersInterior Art: Steve Bryant, Mike Chen, Paul Daly, David Deitrich, Kim DeMulder, Geoff Hassing, Ashe

    Marler, Allan Nunis, Richard Pollard, Jeff Rebner, Jay Rozen, Ron Spencer, Loston WallaceCover Design: Chris LibeyPlaytesting and Advice: Patrick Phalen, Jason Needham (Baron Samedi), Eric Avedissian, and especially

    the Funky Bunch, Mark Metzner, Eric Lee, Trevor Lee, Bryan Maloney, Scott NetheryLogo: Ron SpencerSpecial Thanks to: Graveyard Greg, Mario Lee Bansen III, Tim Brown, Greg Gorden, Matt and Marty and

    Helen Forbeck & Ann Kolinsky, Christy Hopler, Jay and Amy Kyle, Chris Libey, Hal Mangold, ChrisPeterson and the guys at Fantasy Flight Games, Richard Pollard, Zeke Sparkes, Matt Tice, MaureenYates, John Zinser, Mary Zinser, and the memory of John Zinser senior.

    Deadlands created by Shane Lacy Hensley.

    Dedicated to: The new Ronan. My little cowboy.

    Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.P.O. Box 10908

    Blacksburg, VA 240620908

    W W W . P E G I N C . C O M

    Deadlands, the Weird West, Dime Novel, the Great RailWars, the Deadlands logo, and the Pinnacle logo, and all

    characters and contents herein are trademarks ofPinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.

    2001 Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

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  • Table o ContentsLife Beyond Lost Angels...5

    Appendix: NPC Statistics...10

    Premade Heroes...12

    Brennans Orders...13Character Sheet...14

  • Life Beyond LostAngels

    The Story So FarThis adventure catches up with the

    posse in mid-mission, so theres not awhole lot of backstory to worry about.One of the heroes, Carter Brennan, is afreelance operative for the Agency. He hasassembled the posse to assist him withhis mission: transporting an obnoxiouslypompous US diplomat named Arius Pooleto a secret Union naval base in the GreatMaze.

    The heroes have gotten Poole and hissecret cargo to Lost Angels, but thediplomats continuous attempts toimpress the cowpokes with his ownimportance have many of them wonderingif a jury would convict them if theysimply shot him and dumped his body inthe ocean.

    As the adventure begins, the grouphas just arrived in Lost Angels and is onits way to the docks. There, the Mazerunner Ophelia should be waiting totransport the heroes to the secret


    Howdy, friend.What youve got here is an introductory

    adventure for the new Deadlands D20game. Its a wild romp through thecanyons of the Great maze in Californiaintended to get new players into the gamequickly. Weve provided a selection of pre-generated characters at the end of theadventure so new players can just hopright into the action.

    All you need to play is a copy ofDeadlands D20, a selection of dice (d4through d20), and some poker chips orother colored tokens. You should also befamiliar with the rules in the PlayersHandbook from Wizards of the Coast.

    As was mentioned, the adventure takesplace in the Great Maze. This is a sectionof California that fell into the ocean duringthe Great Quake of 68. You can find a goodoverview of this area in the Deadlands D20

    book. If you want to continue the funafter finishing this adventure you canfind more details about the Maze and

    the sinister Reverend Grimme and hisfanatical cult of people-knoshingcannibals in the Great Maze boxed setand the Lost Angels sourcebook.

  • 6 Marshal

    Sittin on the Dock of the BayThe adventure begins on the docks of

    the city of Lost Angels. Read thefollowing to the players to set the scene:

    The time is around 10 a.m. on afall

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