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Everyone knows the key players, so take the time to research the players who will be taken in the late middle rounds to the end of the draft.


  • Daily Fantasy Strategy: Baseball Draft Day Tips

    Here are essential tips you should consider on draftday as part of a successful daily fantasy strategy.They are in no particular order, nor are theypresented in any type of weighted format. They arejust here for you to consider, so use the ones youwant while skipping those you don't.

    Everyone knows the key players, so take thetime to research the players who will be takenin the late middle rounds to the end of thedraft.

    To jack up the price of a player in a draftauction, open with a high bid. Usually,everyone bids at least once on a superstarplayer in an effort to drive up his price.

    Nominate the following players early in the auction: players you do not want,players from positions you are strong in, players on local teams, rookies,overhyped players and players coming off injuries.

    Balance the categories and don't throw one away. Wins and battingaverages are the least predictable of the categories so these are the ones tospend less on and let luck work in your favor.

    Pay attention to last-minute trades and transactions in Major LeagueBaseball and judge how these will affect the playing time and dollar values ofplayers.

    Draft some multi-position players or utility players to give you rosterflexibility. This can be a season-saver when injuries strike.

  • Keep track of the prices players are going for compared with what you haveanticipated, and then jump in and start buying when the players are going forless than expected.

    Do not come into the draft thinking you have to acquire a certain player at allcosts. Moreover, do not obsess over your favorite players.

    In figuring out which pitchers to take, get those that throw strikes. Youcannot defend against a walk. Also, check for statistical trends. Are theywalking fewer, more, or staying consistent yearly? Look at their strikeouts toinnings pitched ratio. The closer that ratio is to being one or above, thebetter. The fewer a pitcher's walks allowed, the better.

    Stay away from long relievers, or relievers who may get put into the startingrotation. These are the sacrificial lambs left on the mound when a team isbehind 11-3 in the third. They will pitch no matter what way until the eighth.

    Track the money your opponents have and the categories and positions theyneed. Know who you are competing with and each owner's salary situation,especially in the end game.

    With all the things you need to keep track of, it may be smart to have apartner or a friend be with you on draft day and share in the draft duties.

    When acquiring hitters, try to get as many everyday starters as possible. Itsnot necessary to be big-name players. A lineup of regulars is better than twoor three superstars and a bunch of utility guys.

    Write down the name of the team that you outbid for a particular player. Thatteam's owner will likely be the most interested party in the event you wish totrade that player later.

    Generally, do not spend double digits on a rookie. That way, if theybomband most doit will not hurt you too much. There are alwaysexceptions to the rule, but you are better off following this advice more oftenthan not.

    If you don't pick the pitchers you want in the early stages of the draft, then getsituational lefties and set-up men to fill your roster. They will post excellentstats, vulture some wins and keep you in the running until you can land thosestarters.

  • Finally, remember that the draft is like a poker game. Almost all the playershave been reading up on info and advice. Many know the other players'strategies through the years, so they may do something totally different thanexpected to ambush you. Be wary, adjust to the trends and expect theunexpected when planning for your daily fantasy strategy.

    Daily Fantasy Strategy: Baseball Draft Day Tips


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