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Today is Wednesday February 27th. 2013.

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Good topic to express actions that we can do all days.


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Today is Wednesday February 27th. 2013.

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• Today is Tuesday March 5th. 2013.• Dialogue to Daily Life.

1.- Do a dialogue using the sample productions of the unit. ( all )2.- Changing the underline words.3.- Adding linking words.4.- Staring the dialogue with meeting expressions.5.- Ending the dialogue with meeting expressions.

Evaluation form:A) Do the dialogue 7B) Read the dialogue 3 Total 10

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Frequency Adverbs:

Never Nunca

Hardly ever Casi nunca

Often a menudo ( a veces )

Sometimes algunas veces

Usually usualmente

Always siempre

Seldom raras veces

3.- I usually get up at 6:00

but I never dust the furniture at 10:00.

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Conjunctions words:

But pero

And y

Or o

Also también

Because porque

Linking words

Rather mas bien

Therefore por lo tanto

Perhaps quizá

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• Today is Monday March 11th. 2013.Dialogue to Daily life.

Jenny: Hello! Good morning! John: Good morning. How are you?Jenny: I´m fine. And you? John: Fine too. Excuseme What time is ti?Jenny: It´s nine twenty. John: Ok. I sometimes iron clothes at 5.Jenny: But Remember. We always play the guitar at 8:00. John: Sorry But. Does he swep the floor on Saturday?Jenny: Yes, he does. John: And Does she wash the dishes on Sunday?Jenny: No, She doesn´t.

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John: Sorry But. What time do you mops the floor on Friday?Jenny: I sometimes mop the floor at 6 in the afternoon. John: Also. What time do you water the plants on Thursday?Jenny: I usually water the plants at 8 in the night. John: Then. How often does he go to the gym?Jenny: Yes. He goes to the gym four times a week. John: What do they sometimes do on Sunday? Jenny: They sometimes play soccer.

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John: Well! But. The tiger eats beaf. It is from Asia.Jenny: Ok. Sorry. What time do you have? John: It´s quarter to ten.Jenny: Remember. We usually wash the windows at ten. Jonh: Oh. God. Ok. Good bye. See you later.Jenny: Ok, bye.

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