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Dakota Valley Elementary

November 2014

10th-14th Conferences & Book Fair

10th-14th CCSD Veterans Week

11th Veterans Day Parade 2:45 pm

14th NO SCHOOL/Conferences

18th Accountability Mtg. 5:30-6:30 pm

18th PTCO Parent University


19th Picture Re-take day 10 am 1 pm

20th PASS Mtg. 5:30-7 pm

25th Turkey Trot

26th-28th NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break

Upcoming Events: Principal News

Dear Dakota Valley Families,

As you know, communication between teachers and

parents is a key ingredient for student success. Parent

teacher conferences will take place the week of November

10. If you havent seen a sign-up from your teacher yet, it

should be on its way soon! This is an opportunity for parents

and teachers to collaborate as partners in education. Below

are some strategies, identified by the National Education

Association, which may be helpful in planning for the


Before the Conference

Make a list of the things you want to find out from the


Let your child know youre going to talk to the teacher,

and ask if theres anything she/he would like you to


Share with the teacher any experience that may

affect your childs work.

3950 S. Kirk Way

Aurora, CO 80013


Attendance: 720-886-3095

Please make sure to call the

Attendance Office if your student will

be out of school for any reason.


During the Conference

Since time for the conference on these days may be limited, please arrive on time and be aware of

the time when the conference ends. If you feel you need more time, schedule another meeting.

Listen carefully and objectively to the teachers comments about your childs strengths and areas of


If necessary, develop an action plan with the teacher to help your child.

After the Conference

Share what was discussed with your child (leaving out anything she/he may not be mature enough to


Be positive about any changes or new plans.

Start right away with any actions youve decided to take at home.

Let your child know that you and the teacher are working together because you both care about how

he/she does in school.

We look forward to working with you during these planned conferences and throughout the year. Together

we can ensure success!

Happy conferencing!

Cheryl Fullmer Juliet Steward

Principal Assistant Principal

News from the Nurse

Flu season is just around the corner in Colorado! There is no way to predict in advance how severe flu activity will be so

prevention is the best strategy to stay healthy. The single best way to avoid getting influenza is to get vaccinated each year.

Annual influenza vaccination is recommended for all persons aged 6 months and older, who do not have a contraindication to

the vaccine. Most health insurance companies (including Medicaid) cover the cost of getting a flu vaccine so families with health

insurance can go to your in-network health care provider to receive a vaccine at no cost. Many pharmacies will bill your

insurance and not charge a fee for flu vaccine (check with your local pharmacy). If you are uninsured, or your insurance wont

cover vaccines, or you have Medicaid or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), you can call Tri-County Health Department at 303-451-

0123 to be vaccinated in one of their clinics. You can also visit http://flushot.healthmap.org/ to find flu shot clinics near you.

La temporada de gripa est por llegar en Colorado!No hay manera de predecir qu tan grave ser la gripa por lo que la

prevencin es la mejor estrategia para mantenerse saludable.La mejor manera de evitar contraer la gripa es vacunarse cada

ao.Se recomienda la vacunacin anual contra la gripa para todas las personas de 6 meses de edad y mayores, que no tienen

una contraindicacin a la vacuna.La mayora de las compaas de seguros mdicos (incluyendo Medicaid) cubren el costo de la

vacuna contra la gripa. Las familias con seguro mdico pueden ir a su proveedor de atencin mdica que est en la lista de su

seguro para recibir la vacuna sin costo alguno.Muchas farmacias enviarn la factura a su seguro y no cobran una cuota por la

vacuna contra la gripa. (Consulte con su farmacia.)Si no tiene seguro, o si su seguro no cubre las vacunas, o si tiene Medicaid o

Child Health Plan Plus (CHP +), llame al Departamento de Salud Tri-County al303-451-0123 para ser vacunado en una de sus

clnicas.Tambin puede visitarhttp://flushot.healthmap.org/ para encontrar clnicas de vacunacin contra la gripa cerca de


Jody Laughlin, RN


Jan. 12th, 2015

Feb. 9th, 2015

March 9th, 2015

April 13th, 2015

All meetings begin at 9:15 a.m. but are preceded by 30 minutes of

refreshments and networking which starts at 8:45a.m.

Meetings held at SARC - 14188 E. Briarwood Ave.,

Centennial, CO


Dogs on School Grounds:

Over recent weeks, I have heard from some of you about dogs

on school property before and after school. I have also noticed

a few on campus myself. While I am an avid pet lover I do want

to take this time to remind you that pets, especially dogs, are

not welcome on school property. I assure you that we do not

mandate this to make your morning walk with Fido less

convenient or because a few of us have stepped in presents

left on the field. We ask this in order to ensure the safety and

well-being of our students.

Allergies, phobias and immature pet manners make dogs

hazardous to our students. You never know when a dog may

get spooked by the crowds, break away from their leash or

snap at a child. So, it is for those reasons that we ask you to

leave your furry friends at home. Service animals however, are

always welcome.

P.I. N. meets the

1st Tuesday of

each month.

Next meeting is

November 4th at

SARC from 9:15

to 11:15 am.


PTCO Parent


Topic: Leader

in Me

November 18th

6:30-7:30 pm

Book Fair

Nov. 10th 13th

Coyote Tracks is underway!

Please join us on the following dates.

Everyone is welcome.

Coyote Tracks 8:15-8:45 am Nov. 7, Nov 13, &

Nov. 21

5th Grade Leaders in Wellness meet the same

days 7:45-8:45 am.

Challenge School is a K8 magnet program in

CCSD designed to meet the needs of

academically advanced and highly motivated

students. Challenge will be accepting

applications for the 2015-2016 school year, from

residents of Cherry Creek School District only,

between November 3, 2014 and January 27,

2015. Applications and information are

available on the schools website at


The deadline to submit a complete application

is 4 pm, January 27, 2015.

Tours (for adults only) are available on select

days at 9 a.m. Check the calendar on the

website, determine the date that works for you,

and sign up by calling Challenge at 720-747-

2100. Thank You,


Student Council News!

Synergize with us for our 3rd Annual Penny Harvest!

Who: Dakota Valley Community

What: Mad Scientist Penny Harvest

When: November 3 December 6

Why: Our goal this year is to reach 45 bags! If we meet our goal we will have a

Mad Scientist celebration at the end of the year with all sorts of fun

experiments and some CRAZY scientists!

**The second week of the Harvest will be Silver Wars!**

Save that silver and those dollar bills for that week! All teachers will have a

special container in their room, students are encouraged to give their silver and

dollar bills to the teacher that they would like to see do something CRAZY! At the end of the week the teacher

with the most money (silver and dollar bills) will have to do something RIDICULOUS for the whole school!

Keep an eye out for our Dollar Days hand out as well! Thank you and start saving!

Dollar Days for Mad Scientist Penny Harvest

Please join us in dollar days to help support our Penny Harvest! Be sure to pay attention to what each day is and how much it costs! Help us meet our goal by participating!

November 6, Thursday

$1 - Crazy Hair (nothing too crazy!)

November 20, Thursday

$1 -Hat Day (wear a hat)

November 25, Tuesday

$2 - Stuffed Animal/ PJ day (wear PJs and bring a SMALL stuffed animal)

December 4, Thursday

$1 - Crazy Clothes (nothing too crazy!)

Saluting America

Honoring Service Past and Present

Veterans Celebration

Dakota Valley Elementary School would like to honor your service to our