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  1. 1. How to build a content marketing strategy from scratch Dana Gagnon D i r e c t o r o f B r a n d e d C o n t e n t , P l u r a l s i g h t @ChicagoDana
  2. 2. Whats content marketing and why does it matter? How to think about strategy Defining content pillars Generating ideas The lineup
  3. 3. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. -Benjamin Franklin
  4. 4. 78% of CMOs see content marketing as the future of marketing 70% of customers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing Costs 62% less than traditional marketing On average, companies with blogs produce 67% more leads per month Source: http://www.demandmetric.com/content/content-marketing-infographic Why content marketing?
  5. 5. Where do you start? Blog Social Your audience + goals
  6. 6. Start with a strategy. Start asking questions. The audience: Who are our customers/potential customers? What are their challenges/concerns? How do we reach them/where are they online? The content: What stories do we want to tell? What are our key differentiators? Whats our voice and point of view? How can we be helpful, not salesy?
  7. 7. Define goals Lead gen, brand awareness, SEO, engagement, establish credibility? Budget + whos responsible In-house vs. external, publishing costs/tools? What are the risks? The logistics
  8. 8. Finding a strategy that works Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem. Laura Fitton, Founder of OneForty.com (now part of HubSpot)
  9. 9. Define your content pillars
  10. 10. Technical content How-tos, op-ed, new features, demos Goals achieved: Thought leadership, brand awareness/credibility, SEO
  11. 11. Career Advice columns, training/interview tips Goals achieved: Thought leadership, brand awareness /credibility, SEO
  12. 12. Lifestyle Social contests, polls/surveys, photo galleries Goals achieved: Engagement, establishing brand voice
  13. 13. Where do ideas come from? Keywords Q&A sites Listening Seasonal trends/dates
  14. 14. Ideas: Analytics internal/external search
  15. 15. Ideas: Keywords in Google Suggest
  16. 16. Ideas: Google Keyword tool
  17. 17. Ideas: Google Keyword Tool
  18. 18. Ideas: Quora
  19. 19. Ideas: Industry-specific & internal forums
  20. 20. Ideas: Listening Customer service/support site Sales team Social Customer stories
  21. 21. Ideas: Listening
  22. 22. Ideas: Seasonal trends/dates Build a content calendar for: Year-end/mid-year review Content tied to holidays Cycles within your industry
  23. 23. Ideas: Seasonal trends/dates
  24. 24. Ideas: Seasonal trends/dates
  25. 25. Ideas: Read daily!
  26. 26. Now what? Quality content is king!
  27. 27. Dana Gagnon Thank you! Director of Branded Content, Pluralsight @ChicagoDana dana-gagnon@pluralsight.com