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Join HighPoint Solutions and Informatica in their first of a two-part webinar series discussing how healthcare organizations are utilizing master data management to react quickly to the changing industry landscape. Session 1: Using Master Data Management (MDM) as a Foundation for the Dynamic Payer Organization Date:Thursday, July 19, 2012 Time:10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET Session 2: Why MDM is More than Just an EMPI Date:Wednesday, August 8, 2012 Time:10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET View the full video preview at


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2. External Pressures Affecting HealthcareDecreasing Revenue Legislation ConsumerismReduced ReimbursementsPay for PerformanceUnemployment Healthcare OrganizationRegulation LitigationMedical TechnologiesStaffingIncreasing Cost2 3. The Response Requires BusinessQuality Objectives Revenue AgilityFunctional Reporting and AnalysisCapabilities Process EfficiencyTechnology FlexibilityPatients, Members, Products/Services,Trustworthy, Timel Health Plans, Plany Data Sponsors, Facilities, Employees Relationships Amongst Data Entities3 4. Challenges in Healthcare Data ManagementLine of Business Line of Business Line of Business Data Fragmentation andDuplication Multiple, inconsistent and incomplete versions of the Member, Patient Data Silos LOBs, Applications, Facilities, Geograph ies Unknown Relationships MemberMember Member Inability to uncover No place to store, persist and maintainProd/ServProd/Ser Prod/SerPatientRelationships?PatientPatient Facility Facility Facility 4 5. Master Data Management in HealthcareReporting and AnalysisBusiness Line of Business Line of New Line of BusinessApplications and InitiativesNew ChannelsEDWMember MemberMemberMember Prod/SerMember Prod/Ser Prod/Serv Prod/SerProd/SerPatient Patient PatientPatientPatientFacility FacilityFacility FacilityFacilityReference DataReference Data5 6. Informatica Healthcare Data ManagementOperational AnalyticalEnterpriseApplications Direct to Business Users Business IntelligenceLegacyComplementary to Stand- the Data Warehouse Alone Best Practices Models 6 7. Upcoming Webinars Informatica Healthcare July 19, 2012Using Master Data Management (MDM) as a Foundation for theDynamic Payer Organization with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Register Today: August 8, 2012Why MDM is More than Just an EMPI with Ochsner Health System Register Today: 7 8. 8


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