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A selection of some of my design work, including my resume.



    Master of Pen & Mouse

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  • ContentsAbout Me : 3

    Resume of David Butcher ~ Designer : 4

    Personal Statement : 5

    PLLANT Co-oproduct : 6

    LockIt-Safe : 10

    Handy Gadgets : 14

    Squared Rose : 18

    Miscellaneous : 20

    About MeEver since the age of 8 I have wanted to design various things; back then it was tanks. I was constantly drawing pictures of heavily armoured vehicles with large amounts of fire-power and naming each one. As I got older I gained a love for designing and using my imagination. I discovered how vast the world of designing actually is and found that I was interested in all of it and began coming up with ideas for buildings and recreating everyday objects to make them more practical, cheaper or easier to use. I enjoyed developing new ideas even if they werent plausible. I started to believe that architecture would be the right direction for my career and in the final exams of GCSE art I based my work on buildings and structures and chose the subterranean category. With my passion for buildings I based my idea on living underground rather than over ground. I created a house based on living inside a cave with smooth flowing shapes with pillars, ovens and beds moulded into the wall and floor leaving no sharp edges or straight lines, inspired by the architect Zaha Hadid. But I soon came to realise that designing and creating a smaller scale model wasnt what architecture is all about and this led me to design.

    I decided to take a two year Engineering Diploma, rather than art or design based A-levels as I wanted to learn about the materials, production methods and math that goes into the actual manufacture and usage of products as I felt this would give me a strong foundation to build my design career from. Using this knowledge gives me a far more in-depth view into the reality of my designs its all very well having a beautiful design concept but its quite different to design for actual production and use.

    At present I am coming to the end of my three year BA (Hons) Product Design degree at Lincoln University, UK and have enjoyed embracing the course and the design opportunities I have been presented with. Three designs I was involved with were exhibited at the Dutch Design Week, two designs a colleague and I presented have been accepted for further development and several of my own designs are also being progressed for further development.

    At present I am working on my final year projects; the re-design of a Haze machine for Martin Manufacturing and designing a selection of 3D printed products for a proposed company created by myself and several other university colleagues Handy Gadgets as well as my dissertation Does the Design and Use of Safety Equipment within Extreme Sports Create a False Sense of Security.

    I am looking forward to representing the University of Lincoln at the New Designers Exhibition in June/July 2015 and exhibiting some of my designs. I just have to select the one(s) to take.

    Now comes the nail-biting but exciting time as I commence the search for a fulfilling, full-time position within the design industry with a view to securing the next rung on the ladder to my career, ready for when I complete my degree.

    I am young, forward-thinking and raring to go with an appetite for life, exploration and flair, love new ideas, emerging materials and the wonders of science and nature. I am seeking a position within a supporting company and an individual mentor who can lead me in the right direction and help me avoid the pitfalls of the industry without missing all the excitement the design industry can offer to those willing to live with their eyes and minds wide open.


  • Resume of David Butcher ~ Designer

    104 Bunkers HillLincoln, LN2 4QRUnited Kingdommail@davidbutcher.info

    +44 7480 112591





    2012 - 2015: University of Lincoln BA (Hons) Product DesignSensory Design, Visual Language, Cultures & Design Contexts

    Final year dissertation based on the query Helmet use in snowsports: The psychological effect and their effectiveness in relation to price: Should helmets be worn?

    2010 - 2012: Lincoln Christ Hospital SchoolLevel 3 BTec Diploma in Engeering

    6 Merit, Merit, Distinction2006 - 2010: Cherry Willingham Community SchoolGCSEs

    6 Maths 6 English Language 6 English Literature 6 Science

    6 Additional Science 6 French 6 Art & Design 6 Graphic Design

    Education Work Experience2010 - : Warehouse Assistant at TescoHaving worked on the shop floor for many years I have now moved to the warehouse where I organise the loading/unloading of delivieres and arrange the storage of goods whilst they await relocation onto the shop floor.

    Tesco carry out regular in-house staff training and appraisals where I con-tinue to glean useful information and hone my skills

    2009 - 2010 - : Delivery Person at Target Newspaper2006 - 2009 - : Delivery Person at Wragby News

    _ Punctuality _ Reliability

    _ Self-Management _ Inter-personal skills

    HobbiesAdrenaline Junkie

    it started with skateboarding, quad bikes and tractors, then to cars, motorbikes and mountain boarding. I even had the opportunity to drive 5 supercars. Recently my interest has turned to snowboarding.

    PhotographyI enjoy taking and manipulating photographs whilst out and about on my travels.

    Achievements2011 - 2012 Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award2010 - 2011 Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award2009 - 2010 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award


  • Skills


    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Indesign


    Rhino 3D




    Microsoft Office



    Presentation Ability





    Leadership Ability


    English - Native

    French - Fluent but rusty

    Personal StatementI am a Design Student keen to find a permanent position with a forward thinking company with a focus on design. My aim is to find a position within a design team where I can be fully involved from brief through to production of a final product. Working with pen and paper works as well for me as working with modern technology and software and I do enjoy using both. I am capable working as an individual whilst also fitting in well as a team player and am confident presenting in-house or for clients.


  • PLLANT : Co-oproduct


    The brief was to create a product using the concept of upcycling and three of my groups design ideas were presented in Eindhovens Dutch Design Week exhibition. They were also featured on the Co-Oproduct website and gained quite a lot of interest.

    A proud moment within the first few weeks of starting at university.


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  • Dutch Design Week 2012

    A lamp created using a tin can and spokes from a bicycle wheel.


  • Client: PLLANT ~ Co-oproduct

    Object: Upcycling

    Design: David Butcher

    Jonathon Hutchinson

    George Wright

    Ben Perry

    Jonathan Gill

    Project Info:

    The first week at university we were given a chance to have our work exhibited at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Netherlands via Co-oproduct on the theme of up-cycling.

    We were put into groups of 2 first year students, 2 second years and 1 third year student. The theme was up-cycling.

    Once we had gathered a fair amount of materials we looked at what we had and just started to imagine some of the crazy things we could build. This tactic worked in our favour, using our imagination to just throw bits of metal together to create all kinds of items rather than come up with an idea and then start looking for materials to use to create it

    A pair of shoes made entirely from Tesco carrier bags by using a T-shirt press to create malleable sheets of plastic.

    A pair of novelty fruit bowls using the mud guard from a bicycle.


  • LockIt-Safe


  • Overview:

    A company called Lockit-Safe that specialise in manufacturing bicycle storage, shelters, canopies and walkways came forward to our university product design group with a request to work in partnership with them to help design a new range of bike racks used to lock and store bicycles in environments such as towns, colleges or schools.


  • Client: Lock-it Safe

    Object: Secure Bike Storage

    Design: David Butcher Jonathan Hutchinson James Othick

    Project Info:

    Working with two fellow first years, Jonathan Hutchinson and James Othick, to begin with we only had to come up with concept ideas to put forward, regardless of money and feasibility, this allowed us to work on loads of crazy concepts. The client then went through them all and selected certain ideas he thought had potential. This left James, Jon and I with 6 initial ideas to work with and develop. Here are those that didnt get chosen by the client.

    Single Bike: Above

    A product designed to encase the front wheel, preventing theft of both the otherwise easily accessible front wheel and bicycle alike.

    Single Bike: Left

    A pod designed to fully enclose the bicycle, preventing any damage and theft, allowing additional storage space for a helmet.

    Single Bike: Right

    Incorporating the ability to rest while providing a location to secure your bicycle.


  • Multi Bike: Right

    Bike shelter used to store up to three