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  • 7/27/2019 David Williams for Congress


    David Williams

    A CongressionalCandidate we should


    Over 80% of Americans are unhappy

    with our dysfunctional Congress.

    Its time we did something about it.

  • 7/27/2019 David Williams for Congress


    avid !illiams is running for

    election in the "thCongressional

    istrict in Illinois# a seat currently

    held by $iberal emocrat an


    (y electing avid in )0*+ we can

    help stop our countries headlong

    plunge into financial disaster and

    moral decay. avid will help us

    regain the path that made our

    country great.

    avid is a libertarian leaning#

    Conservative ,epublican which

    means that he supports traditionalAmerican values and believes in

    e-uality of opportunity# not e-uality

    of results.

    avid can be counted on to support

    small business and individualentrenprenours responsible for

    economic growth and ob creation.

    avid is a /.&. avy veteran who

    served his country bravely and has

    e1perienced the folly of our current

  • 7/27/2019 David Williams for Congress


    military efforts. avid will not

    support the insane involvement of

    our government in overseas

    adventures such as those in Ira-

    and Afghanistan that cost American

    lives and drain the American

    treasury while providing little or no

    benefit to the American people.

    2o find out more about avid I

    recommend you go to his webpage

    at3 www.dewforcongress.com

    4ou can also 'eep up with avids

    fre-uent postings on 5aceboo' by

    following him at3 avid 6arl!illiams III for /.&. Congress

    And of course you can follow him on

    2witter at3 76!forCongress.

    On onday# October )*st I

    interviewed avid on my blog radio

    show. It was a great interview and a

    rebroadcast is now available for you

    to listen yourself. ont miss this

    great opportunity. 2he Internet

    address for the rebroadcast is3

  • 7/27/2019 David Williams for Congress






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