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  1. 1. Filming at Alishas house By Alisha Kaur
  2. 2. Props that I provided Mirrors: 2.50 EvolutionVelcro rollers: 2.00 - PrimarkNight gown - mine
  3. 3. I also provided the music box, makeup and put fairy lights around the bed to give it a girly Marina inspired setting. I thought that we could use the box in our video as I thought it fit in well with the mood of the song. Most of the bedroom setting was improvised.
  4. 4. Finally The filming went well and we finished within a few hours. The hardest part of filming this scene was trying to find angles which didnt show cars through the window in the background. It took quite a while putting the rollers into Einas hair and we used various bobby pints to secure them. As we didnt have a media studio light, the lighting wasnt to our expectations which meant we had to re-film again later on.