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A presentation created by Patti Balsillie Consulting on the Development of the DCCC 2013 Strategic Plan


  • 1. Refreshing. October 30, 2013 Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon

2. THANK YOU 3. Outcomes Klondike Business Community values DCCC. Gold Show is crown jewel of DCCC assets. Members expect news, events, networking, etc. Be at the table. LOCAL BUY and DAWSON DOLLARSYET Feel disconnected Dont know whats going on Renewals at 40% retention Why do we keep Strategic Planning? Think DCCC is important but waning Note apathy by members to reinvest and to help LEAD 4. Specifically Stop the cycle Stabilize the organization with consistent HR, an engaged full complement at the Board table and effective yet basic operational policies Have a SMART Strategic plan that addresses strengths and weaknesses Keep doing what is working, evaluate and adjust whats important but needs improvement, lose whats not valuable 5. How did we get there? 6. Agenda IntroductionsChamber Proposal The Approach SCAN/SWOT Key Themes Your TurnNext Steps Questions 7. Introductions 23 years in Yukon originally of NS 6 years running WCC 6 years running TIA Yukon 2006 National Valedictorian CAE 5 years Management Consulting Strategy, Management, Feasibility, Research, Training for NGOs, Tourism, Cultural and Resource industries, community relations 2013 EQAT with the Canadian Tourism Commission Aspire to slow down 8. Chamber Proposal Recommended by YCC in Spring 2013 Met Board members in April Asked to assess and propose help for low Board numbers, apathy of members, no staff, important and historically significant business org for the Klondike and Chair running on empty Proposal submitted to YG Ec Dev and DCCC Board Approved early July Got started a few times but staff turn-over impacted momentum Working with Diego Martin and local community navigator, contractor and colleague Vera Holmes 9. Approach Need to learn from members whats going on through interviews and online surveys Need to look at the past activity to today including most recent strategic plan of 07, implementation plan of 08, state of Bylaws, operational and governance policies, financials, Board composition, etc. Need to understand if Klondike Region values a Chamber of Commerce and to define that value Need to reach out to other community and industry associations to gauge their role and perceptions of values, challenges and opportunities 10. Starting point DCCC 100 yrs + Founded during Gold Rush only Trade Org representing interests of Gold Rush era entrepreneurs and likely some law enforcement orgs An important facilitator for business Today very different operating environment Environment, Tourism, Culture, Arts, Mining, Agriculture, Transporta tion, Technology, Governments all new landscape Evolution of facilitator for business BIG CHANGES 11. SCAN Yukon has many Trade or Business Organizations (DCCC, KVA, KDO, YCC, TIAY, KPMA, DCOF, YCM, YITI S, YWIM, etc.) Economy in Yukon is projected for marginal growth. Natural Gas exploration and search for energy continues in the Yukon and with LNG. KR business overall slowing down KR community spirit high yet volunteers suffer burn-out Youth voice in business has small representation 12. SCANcontd Mining has been strong for past 3-5 and slows down for 2014 Tourism is up 10% in Yukon but indicators range greatly by community DC now has HAL connected by Air SOVA, KIAC and Yukon College add great quality of life to community DC rich with innovators, manufacturers, exporters, artists, entrepreneurs and more DC is only community with a Destination Marketing Org for Tourism Labour and Housing are consistent challenges to DC as they are to YT 13. SWOT Strengths 2nd largest Chamber in Territory, historically significant to Yukon and Region, members loved the lunches with speakers, has history of great networking, great Gold Show event, good information sharing, Dawson Dollars program, now have time motivated Office Manager Weaknesses high turn-over and apathy from membership to join Board or renew membership, perception in biz community that 90% of start-ups fail, dont know what Chamber does and thinks Chamber runs independent of membership accountability, membership is shrinking and operating funding is vulnerable, Board has had no structure, little role clarity that may have fed confusion or relationship stress between Board, staff and/ or members 14. SWOT contd Opportunities stablize, bring back the energy that DCCC once boasted, get a full Board complement again, reinvent the Dawson Dollars program, have great GR Strategy, build great partnerships in business and community organization network, lead promotion of DC as amazing place to live, work and do business Threats perception is reality - members need to feel engaged and reality is that this Board-driven organization is running on low fumes, other NGOs have great traction and are leading economic and business development stories 15. THEMES preliminary buckets A. Government Relations DCCC needs to have relationships and contacts with key players in Government at all levels making DCCC top of mind and a voice for its members staff retention and recruitment, DC voice at YG and Fed levels, zoning bylaws, costs of doing business, etc. B. Gold Show a major Chamber asset has had some great experiences to learn from reach out to community, find out whats great and whats not and build event as consistent and stable revenue generator C. Promote Doing Business in DC Dawson Dollars, promote local, help bolster local wealth staying locallyD. Organization Stability and Development Bylaws from Jan. 2012, Job Description of Board and Staff, clarity of how to implement Strat Plan, roles and PKIs, basic Operational and Governance policies 16. Sleeves Up Time 5 minutes Four themes one per color Your priorities not in four themes make a new Theme and title the page Pick your top two Print clearlyAnswer the following questions: 1. Why is it important impact to business, Chamber or community 2. What does success look like 3. What needs to improve 4. Volunteer interest? 17. The CATCH 18. Next Steps Elect a full Board complement they can determine officers Board will work with PBMC to review AGM input and other data Board will finalize plan with Office Manager and PBMC Announce it out to the Membership before Christmas Get to work! 19. Thank you for helping your Chamber of Commerce!Patti Balsillie, CAE, EQAT Management Consulting E pattib@northwestel.net C - (867)334-2522 W - pattibalsillie.com