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  • The ASQ Newsletter for the Design & Construction Division August 2011

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    Vision: To be the World’s recognized champion and leading authority on all issues related to quality in realizing and maintaining the built environment by the design and construction community and its customers.

    Mission: The Design and

    Construction Division shall advance individual performance excellence worldwide by providing opportunities to members for learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange









  • The ASQ Newsletter for the Design & Construction Division August 2011

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    Younger Members and Sustainability My best ideas come from someone else and for this one I need to thank our Treasurer, Anita McReynolds-Lidbury. If the Design and Construction Division does not bring in younger members I’m not sure how sustainable the division will be. Not only will younger members be our next leaders but they can bring in new fresh ideas that are the wave of the future. So how do we bring younger members into a society (and a design and construction industry) that favor age and experience? For starters, let’s look at how we got here. As Ricky Morgan, Past-President of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, said this is an accidental profession. We all came from someplace else and somehow ended up here. “If the Design and Construction Division does not bring in younger members I’m not sure how sustainable the division will be.” Let’s put on our forensic hats and do some career accident investigation. For me, it was joining a construction materials test lab at the tender age of thirty that eventually got me here. Where was that detour for you? I for one am going to reach out to the local test lab community and let them know about the ASQ DCD and invite them to join the society if not participate in the division. Maybe, you can do the same in your field. I think we all want the opportunity to give back to the profession. Imagine what a difference that outreach could make for you, them and the DCD. Sincerely,

    Chuck Charles J Kanapicki, PE, CMQ/OE, CQA Chair, ASQ Design and Construction Division ckanapicki@abfjv.com

  • The ASQ Newsletter for the Design & Construction Division August 2011

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    MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR With this issue we continue to focus on a different region, this time the Western US, spotlighting some of our members and featuring their articles. Next time it will be Canada’s turn, so sharpen up those pencils, smile for the camera and let us know what you’re doing.

    Chuck Charles J Kanapicki, PE, CMQ/OE, CQA ckanapicki@abfjv.com

  • The ASQ Newsletter for the Design & Construction Division August 2011

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    Name: Dean Applegreen (www.A3-Assurance.com) Residence: Ramona, CA Education: Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, 2009; FabTrol Systems, Inc., 2008; The World Steel Bridge Symposium, 2007; ASQ, 2006; Villanova University, 2006; Atema Inc., 2004-2007; Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, 2004; Hellier Technical Training and Consulting, 2004; Q/C Resource, 2001

    Introduction to Quality: Our first brush with a true quality management system was with AISC's certification to the old check list (3 years and zero corrective actions), and the most memorable was coming to understand and implement AISC's new building standard under the guidance of Terry Logan (QMC lead auditor). Current Job: SQM on Patriot Missile Defense Program Previous Experience: Manufacturing Engineer ASQ Activities: Past Committee Chair Recent Honor: Continual Improvement Award (Stealth Destroyer Zumwalt Class) Family: Married (cat and dog) Favorite Ways to Relax: Fishing, shooting and friends Quality Quote: “We prove the value of a quality management system.” Name: James T. Brown, AIA, LEED AP Residence: Scottsdale, AZ Education: Bachelor of Architecture, University of Texas, Austin Introduction to Quality: US DOE “Consequence of Failure” Training and Bell Laboratories “Total Quality Management” Training Current Job: Southwest Quality Director, HDR Architecture (Phoenix) Previous Experience: Director of Quality, Ambia Architects (Seattle) ASQ Activities: Member Recent Honors: National Quality Webcast for Zurich Insurance; HDR Senior Professional Associate, “Pathfinder Award of Excellence” for External Client Service; “Pathfinder Award of Excellence” for Process Improvement; and “Crystal Award of Excellence” for (QC of) Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Abu Dhabi Family: Married to a fabulous Cuban-American Favorite Ways to Relax: Reading, travel, entertaining, fly fishing Quality Quote: “If it ain’t broke, it’s because you were smart enough to fix it.”

    Name: M. Denise Clements Residence: Richland, WA Education: BSME from University of Arizona, 1990 Introduction to Quality: Denise has been a long time proponent of quality as she began her engineering career on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation performing engineering and operations activities in accordance with the ASME NQA-1 quality assurance program in 1990. Since then she has worked and/or been responsible for developing and implementing NQA-1 and ISO 9001 quality programs in the engineering, fabrication, and architecture practice lines. Current Job: Director of Quality, North America AECOM Previous Experience: Denise started in mechanical engineering as a process

    engineer at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation for three years and then as a design engineer and project manager in the Westinghouse nuclear packaging and transportation group. From there became part-

  • The ASQ Newsletter for the Design & Construction Division August 2011

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    owner in a commercial engineering and fabrication facility and became their Quality Manager, sometimes fabrication shop manager, for five years. In 2000, Denise joined AECOM starting as their DOE practice Nuclear Quality Assurance Manager and has since implemented not only an NQA-1 quality program in multiple offices, but implemented and certified 30 architecture and engineering offices to ISO 9001:2008 and is currently getting over 200 North America offices integrated to one overall ISO 9001:2008 certification. ASQ Activities: ASQ CMQ/OE; Presented at ASQ Audit Conference, DCD track, in Orlando, Florida, October 2010 Recent Honor: Recently promoted from a practice area quality director within AECOM to the Director of Quality over all practice areas in North America Family: Denise has been married for 18 years to Eric and has two children Nicole – 15, and Cody – 12. Favorite Ways to Relax: Denise’s favorite way to relax is spending time watching her children in sports, pageants, and children’s theater. In addition, she is an avid walker. Quality Quote: “Baby steps” – when bringing architects and engineers into a compliant or certified quality program – take baby steps and bring them along with you!

    Name: Kevin Disney Residence: Tracy, CA Education: BS in Engineering Introduction to Quality: 1978 - Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co. Current Job: QA Oversight Manager for the BART Oakland International Airport Connector Previous Experience: 32 years in construction QA/QC (power, refineries, transportation, etc.) ASQ Activities: Very limited due to racing commitments Recent Honor: Being offered my current position

    Family: Married, daughter (30) and son (24), granddaughter (5) Favorite Ways to Relax: Stockcar racing and travel Quality Quote: “Do it right the first time.” Name: Dennis Sowards Residence: Mesa, AZ Education: BSE – Arizona State University; MBA - Arizona State University Introduction to Quality: Started leading Quality Circles in 1980’s Current Job: Consultant on lean construction, strategic planning and customer loyalty Previous Experience: Manager of Communications & Continuous Improvement, KINETICS (Try to fit that on a business card!) ASQ Activities: Presented at 2008 ASQ World Conference; ASQ Certified Quality Auditor – not current Recent Honor: Had three articles published in three different construction trade magazines all in June 2011. I write articles that get published four to five times a year but never have had three published in the same month. Family: Wife, five super children, three grandchildren and twin granddaughters on the way in September Favorite Ways to Relax: Fly fishing, family history research Quality Quote: “Survival (of a company)