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This is the Digital City project presentation, focusing on three areas: workforce development, building on-line interactive multimedia and providing an open Digital City platform - for all to build on top of.


<ul><li>1.Digital City Project<br />Innovating workforce development with social media<br /></li></ul> <p>2. 3 areas of focus<br />Workforce development<br />On-line multimedia content and services<br />Digital City Open platform software infrastructure<br />The chess game.<br />3. Innovating Workforce Development<br />Connecting Cyberspace to Meatspace<br />Interactive Multimedia Content and Services<br />Dashboard software<br />Virtuous circle of volunteerism and training<br />Software Infrastructure<br />Sustainable Business Model<br />4. On-line world connects to Real world<br />Getting people comfortable with computers<br />All jobs in the future will require tech skills<br />Learning by doing<br />If they can:<br />play videogames<br />use an ATM or remote control<br />program their mobile phone<br />5. Social Media as a vehicle<br />Social Networking<br />Blogging<br />Activity Streams<br />Meetups<br />Flash Mobs<br />Groups<br />6. Haves helping the Have Nots<br />Matching knowledge and expertise to those who need it<br />Volunteers operate Live Video Help<br />Master craftsmen work with Interns<br />Urban Farming, Senior Citizens, Health clinics<br />Wide range of job skills<br />7. I used to be famous<br />22 years ago I said I wanted to build Multimedia Encyclopedias<br />8. MacroMind/Macromedia<br />1st multimedia player = 1984<br />1st multimedia authoring system = 1985<br />1st author once, playback on many platforms = 1988<br />9. But we needed to be on-line<br />Between 1990-1994 85% of CD ROMs were created with our tool - Director<br />25,000 titles, only room for 300 in the channel<br />Then the thin straw came along (dial-up Internet)<br />We went backwards (no more video or photos)<br />15 years later were right back to where we were<br />10. Wikipedia is bricks &amp; mortar<br />Text + Photos<br />Community creation<br />Web links<br />2M entries<br />But the old school form of knowledge and education<br />11. Interactive On-Line Multimedia Content and Services<br />Picking up where the Multimedia Revolution left off in 1994<br />Video, simulations, annotated diagrams, animated charts, visualizations<br />Multimedia Encyclopedia is how people will learn and knowledge will be stored<br />Every Foundation, Government and Brand has a topic or issue theyll sponsor<br />12. Multimedia Encyclopedias<br />Animated Charts of battles<br />Videos and exploded annotated diagrams of Green Jobs skills<br />Interactive simulations of Polymers<br />3d Visualizations of any data or info<br />13. Free Dashboard software<br />Social Networking<br />Activity Streams<br />Blogging<br />Media Sharing<br />Live Video Help<br />Points<br />Volunteerism<br />Training<br />Facebook Import<br />14. Virtuous Circle<br />Utilizes live Video Help to intern and train<br />Volunteerism<br />Training<br />Points<br />Live Events<br />Project management and coordination<br />Based at digital bureaus<br />15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. What is a Digital City?<br />In the 90s = access<br />In the 00s = social media<br />In the 10s = software infrastructure<br />32. Software Infrastructure<br />Open Digital City platform<br />Shared servers two-way APIs:<br />Digital City ID<br />Regional timeline of historical events<br />Jobs, Events, Business directory<br />Webcam and location pages<br />For others to build on top of<br />Open Standards Open Stack<br />33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. Software as infrastructure<br />Dashboard is persistent, throughout the region<br />Dashboard adapts itself to the city its in<br />An operating system, that knows its context<br />Features and services available to all<br />Solutions, Compelling Experiences<br />Applications and Services<br />Hardware, Bandwidth, Servers, Access<br />46. A Day in the life of a Digital City<br />47. Webcams and Location pages<br />See top 16 webcams, editorially selected<br />Rotate throughout the day<br />Click on webcam, go to a location page<br />Location pages:<br />Who lives by<br />Photos, videos<br />Other webcams<br />Leave comments,<br />Reviews, Media, Links<br />On shared servers<br />48. Regional Alliance<br />Digital Bureaus are the nodes in a distributed architecture<br />Build on the strength of many:<br />Lorain<br />Akron<br />Youngstown<br />Cleveland<br />Columbus<br />20 employees, 100 trainees per node<br />$75k per month<br />49. Sustainable Business Model<br />501c3 solicits funding from government and foundations<br />Use the money 3:1 ways:<br />Build out the MM Content and Services<br />Train workers in the skills necessary to do that<br />Create and maintain Open Digital City platform<br />50. More than just Creative Jobs<br />Wide of range of jobs interned and trained<br />Sales, Marketing<br />Ops, Live Events<br />Urban Farming<br />Health-Wellness<br />Media Records digitizing<br />Management<br />51. NEO is the Pilot<br />Initial Alpha test in Youngstown<br />Use the Regional Alliance to set of nodes in:<br />Akron<br />Greater University Circle<br />Collinwood<br />Lakewood<br />Also:<br />Lorain<br />Columbus<br />52. Ex-Auto Workers<br />Another angle to focus on<br />Get them comfortable using computers, see what happens<br />Different kind of Alliance DOL<br />Kokomo, IN<br />Warren, OH<br />Flint, MI<br />53. Advisors/Supporters<br />George Nemeth social media maven<br />Jim Cossler YBI portfolio company<br />Lev Gonick CWRU<br />Ed Morrison Purdue Center for Regional Development<br />Mark Hill Strategist/Biz dev<br />Miles Gilburne VC/Angel investor<br />Kent Smith Cuyahoga County Democratic club<br />54. Looking for<br />Funding<br />Partners<br />Legal representation<br />Customers<br /></p>