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The Decline and Fall of NokiaNot just a

DeclineandFallofNokia.comNokia is a very old company

Kari Kairamo was CEO of Nokia 1977-1988

Just a company?

Just a company?

Jorma Ollila changed

The good times were very

People like to remember good timesDeclineandFallofNokia.comThose were fun days. The sky was the limit.There was not one company in the world with that freedom and responsibility. The Google and Apple of today arent good examples. There was nothing like it.I have so many fond memories. Throughout the years we had great events with such a great team spirit. Nokia always had the best events.

But nothing stays the same

Acedia noun. MEORIGIN Latin accidia from Greek , negligenceSpiritual or mental sloth;

Ways Nokias mobile device business can be