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    Deadlands random encounters for the RPG Wilderness 1...A crashed wagon with a large steamer trunk containing 1 zombie of LaCroi craft !..." #en $%orse &hie'e(s)* leading " horses with assorted brands on their +anks. ,...- Dust Cow/oke(s) riding o0 into the sunset. "...A burnt out cara'an of ! dead settlers scal/t b inuns.

    -...! sun bleached skeletons half buried ust o0 the /ath.2...A wanderin3 4craz4 runs u/ to ou5 sla/s ou on the back elling 4&AG64 then runs o0. 7...A lone coote or wolf. 8...8 Cannibal Cultists who want to eat the Posse (9um6)... :...A Pon ;/ress Rider thunders /ast heading west. 1cattered across the terrain are 'arious wea/ons and dead bodies... 1!..., Cultist(s) under co'er with black magic. 1,...A drunk5 robbed and smelling terrible5 ling in the road. 1"...A single bleached skeleton with an ?e/ensi'e [email protected] inhadited b , gremlin(s)... 1-...A Doctor5 dust and wear from co'ering his rounds to a hermit o0 in the hills5 slowl rides /ast the Posse in the o//osite direction. 12...! robber 'ictim(s) tied u/ and ling on the side of the road. 17..., Pinkerton(s) armed to the teeth on a mission... 18...A woman5 dressed in a tattered white gown5 +eeing from wedding. Wh is she on the lamb= Does she need hel/= 1:...ne &onic >alesman with 1 t/e(s) of tonics or /ills direct from >BR !oiled Do'e(s) headed for greener /astures. ,!...%uckster with 1 random he to teach. ,,...A lone gunslinger5 two Engers missing from his right hand5 slowl trudges b mumbling about a dark tower... ,"...! #iner(s) leading 1 donke(s) laden with a mrid of tools and /acks /asses5 laughing ofull5 heading west. ,-...1 >addleburr(s) attach themsel'es to a Posse member or hisIher horse.

    ,2...>torteller with a random stor about a creature in the marshals handbook5 RJC5 or RJC. ,7...2 nion Ca'alr >couts heading south looking for their regement. ,8..., Fandit(s) armed with ri+es attem/t to ambush the Posse. ,:..." Local and hostile ndians heading south. "

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    "!...Dead cara'an scal/t b inuns. ",...Dead carcass of regional large wide animal. ""...A &ra'eling #erchant5 his wares /acked soundl on his mule5 rides north. "-..., Ranchers leading a cattle dri'e of 1tagecoach with N177.mith and Robards >tagecoach with 1 /ackage(s) trundles east. 27..." Jam/ire(s)H strel rise from the shadows and stealthil a//roaches the Posse... 28..., Fandit(s) armed with /istols in the middle of robbing , a'erage folk. 2:...ne ?%[email protected] with " &onic(s) from the >BR Catalogue that are half as e0ecti'e and twice as malfunctional. 7cout(s) headed east on foot. 7!...ne wounded /latoon of 2 Confederate >cout(s) headed north on foot and horse. 7,...1 dead bodies ust o0 the /ath... 7"...A lone mule wanders the tundra. &his animal was ob'iousl owned and trained b someone5 but who= 7-..." Gang #embers with ri+es and a /istol backu/ with 1 Gang Leader. 72...A &eas Ranger with ! /osse members heading north. 77...A fast >hootist with a chi/ on his shoulder5 read and willing to Eght at an /ercie'ed slight... 78...7 Local5 and subtl hostile5 ndians tra'eling on horse...

    7:...2 Dead nuns. 8 $a Oackalo/e*... becomes interested in the Posse and begins following them. 81...A drifter5 his clothes threadbare5 his battered hats /ulled down o'er his ees5 /asses b. /on noticing the Posse5 he uickl change directions AWA9 from them... 8!...A %ellEre Preacher with a +ock of 2 following him. 8,...Rich &inhorn &ra'eler $worth N8!"-.

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    82...2 makeshift gra'es with unmarked5 weathered5 crosses. 87...An abbonded Wells Margo >tagecoach with N118.

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    11!...Lo'e3s &ra'eling GoodsH Professor Qa'ior Lo'e and his wagon full of eliirs are tra'eling to the net town5 but he3ll gladl sell his wares to the Posse if the are willing. &he eliirs could be legit5 snake oil5 or /erha/s lethal and that3s how he makes his mone. 11,...>nake oilH / ahead is a wagon5 dri'en b a single salesman. nside are large amounts of cure all. Like e'er other non card /laing huckster out there5 this one is

    assured to work. After a few attem/ts at selling5 he tries to see if the Posse will lethim oin u/ with them to the net town. 11"...&he Posse comes u/on a hol hermit $Christian Flessed* who will o0er to heal an wounded in the Posse. %e will also break bread with them if the are cam/ing soon and s/end the e'ening telling stories. 11-...&he Posse stumbles u/on an ancient burial mound5 this could /redate an known race and ma contain ancient relics5 old bones or something man was not meant to know. 112...&he train derails. #abe it3s a hold u/ or ust something sinister. 117...&oda is a sunn da5 not to hot and nothing reall ha//ens... 118...9ou can3t go home againH / ahead seems to be a small home5 most likel a watering hole. Closer eamination re'eals the building to be abandoned5 and in terrible sha/e 11:...&he Posse Ends a half charred wagon and some bleached bones5 if the search it through the End N1!.

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    normal stinging creatures5 but hundreds of them at once can /resent a dangerous challenge. 1,1...&he Posse meets someone who is on the wa to dis/ose of a bod. %e might come from a nearb town where he killed someone and is looking for a uiet /lace to bur the bod or get rid of it in other was. &he bod might be concealed on a wagon. r mabe he ust started to dig a hole when the Posse meets him.

    1,!...A random Posse member falls /re to some sort of tra/ and , hunter(s) /o/(s)out. &he are tring to tra/ a 'icious wolf raiding the area. &here is a N":.

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    scatter. 12uirrels chasing each other run across the /ath and u/ a tree. 12,...Partial ecli/se of the sun. An omen5 a /ortent5 or ust a coincidence= 12"...A /unctured canteen lies5 discarded in the /ath.

    12-...With a muXed crash a tree falls in the distance causing a cloud of suawkingbirds to Ell the air. 122...&he cr of a lone hawk echoes in the air... 127...nusual /atches of 'er lush growth /eriodicall dot the horizon. 128...n the wa'ering heat a refreshing /ool re+ects the suns ras. Fut as the Posse a//roaches it e'a/orates. 12:...A /atch of bushes Elled with blackberries sits ust o0 the /ath. 17

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    !2!...A /luck sidekick looking for a new 4friend4. !2,...&he outlaw tring to esca/e his /astH &he Posse is a//roached b a man5 ob'iousl down on his luck5 looking for 4honest work4. !2"...>itting5 unwatched5 in an em/t rocking chair on the boardwalk is a ma/ of a hidden miner3s fortune.. !2-...A wagontrain of earnest settlers heading west.

    !22...As the Posse settles for the night a church congregations singing 4We3ll shallgather at the ri'er4 wanders b heading for... the Ri'er6 !27...A man walks b wearing3 a hat with an ndian3s arrow sticking out of it. !28...&he Posse wanders the countrside and s/ies a white hat on a stick come into sight o'er a rock. As the stare in wonder a barrage of gunshots s/lit the air as the stu/id 4black hats4 uses u/ all their shots on the hat $the alwas fall for that one*. !2:...A gunshot echoes5 a hat +ies into the air5 another shot5 the hat s/ins5 another shot5 and another5 the hat stas a+oat. &wo more shots sound as the hat seems to dance. As the hat slowl descends the Posse notices something odd. &%;R; AR;  %L;>  &%; %A&666 !7

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    !:2...An ndian war /art going to a hanging. !:7...An itinerant /reacher looking for work. !:8...A lawer /ros/ecting. !::...A lone lawman trans/orting gold. ,hould the e'er manage to reason with him5 the ma End out that he3s delusional from thirst and /ossibl su0ering from latent mental defects $he hears 'oices5 hallucinates*. %ow he managed to sur'i'e this long on his own is a mster. #abe there reall is some minor s/irit $4Pheenos4* toing with the old gu5 using magic to kee/ him ali'e. ,!,...A tar /it has o/ened u/ in the midst of some 'aluable /asture land and /rized shee/ and cattle are getting sucked into the tar when the go down to drink the

    water from the surface. ow a 'ariet of nast /redators and carrion eating creatures has mo'ed into the neighborhood to take ad'antage of the situation. &he Posse encounters the area accidentall or when the are asked b the towns/eo/le to look for a missing she/herd. nce the get there5 the are attacked b a series of /redators. With each attack the risk being dri'en into the tar themsel'es. f the sur'i'e5 do the ust fence the tar /it o05 or do the tr to Egure out where it came from= ,!"...&he Posse sees a monolith car'ed with the words of se'eral ancient languages. on are able to inter/ret them. After the Posse has a chance to eamine the

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    monolith5 e'erone gets a 'er odd feeling. othing damaging5 nothing strong enough to analze. About 1