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    The Timeline of DOOM!!!!Use at own peril. May induce odd tendencies to look things up.

    And you dont want that!

    Compiled by David Heth and Mike Scofield

    1877 Tales of Terror ToT Cyborgs CyBire and Brimstone B !oad "arriors !"The Book of the Dead BoD The #ast Cr$saders T#C%hostdancers %D Brainb$rners BBBoomto&ns BT "asted "est ""!ascal'(armit'Critters !(C Hell on )arth Ho)** Martial +rts M+ Children of the +tom Cot+** Th$amat$rgical Diff$sion TD The ,$nkman Cometh ,MC** +$gmentation +$g Monsters' M$ties' Misfits MMM

    #ost +ngels #+ -ron .asis -.Back )ast/ So$th BeS Spirit "arriors S0** (oodooists !B(Back )ast/ *orth Be*So$th of the Border SoB !ascal'(armit'Critters -- has no

    players section' so no dates arelisted from that book2

    !iver of Blood !oBDeadlands D##a& Dogs #D Doomto&n or B$st has no dates

    listed2Smith and !obards S3!City of %loom Co% .fficial !$ling4)5Mail .!)6$ick and the Dead 63DH$cksters and Hees HH%reat Mae T%M

    Pre ""s19::;

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  • 8/11/2019 Deadlands Timeline (1)


    and [email protected]: colonists2 ood is short so "hite ret$rns to )nglandfor food2 BeS pg2 @@17EI Constr$ction on -ndependence Hall is completed2 Be* pg2 9:17E9 +ccording to legend' Ms2 #eeds of B$rlington' *e& ,ersey'

    gives birth to a baby boy b$t he transforms into a monster&ith the head of a horse' feet of a pig and the body of asnake2 Be* pg2 IE

    17I:s -ndigo ind$stry develops in So$th Carolina2 BeS pg2 I917I: +n old friend of )dmond Hoyles &rote from !$ssia that he

    needed HoyleAs help to overthro& )rnst Biren &ho &as no&

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    !$ssiaAs %rand Chamberlain2 HH pg2 7

    1817 Baton !o$ge' #o$isiana is incorporated2 !oB pg2 E7181< Caha&aba is made the capital of +labama2 BeS pg2 9>181< +ndre& ,ackson negotiates a settlement &ith the -ndians of

    Tennessee and fo$nds the to&n of Memphis2 !oB pg2 @E181< +llan 0inkerton born in Scotland2 #D pg2

    [email protected] Meico has over @I presidents2 Santa +nna serves aspresident 11 times in this E15year period2 0op$lar g$y2 SoB pg21I,$dge !oy Bean is born in Fent$cky2 #D pg2 @I

    [email protected]> Caha&aba ' +labama is lost $nder the &aters of the al&ays5flooding +labama !iver2 Montgomery is made the ne& capitalof +labama2 BeS pg2 9>

    [email protected]> Catherine "ashington' %eorge "ashingtons grandniece'marries 0rince +chille M$rat' *apoleons nephe&' hoping tosomeday be 6$een of Sicily2 *o& she lives in Belv$e Mansionin Tallahassee and talks to her cats2 BeS pg2 >9,oseph Smith $nearths the golden plates from a hill nearManchester' *e& ork Co% pg2 7

    [email protected] %old is fo$nd in the fields aro$nd Dahlonega' %eorgia2 Thelocal Cherokees are sent to reservations in .klahoma and ane& gold r$sh begins2 BeS pg2 98

    [email protected] ,$dge -saac 0arker is born in .hio2 #D pg2 @[email protected]< Meican 0resident %$errero abolishes slavery2 SoB pg2 1918E:s *e& ork Citys main prison facility is b$ilt near ive 0oints2

    The place is called the Tomb2 Be* pg2 E818E:s ear of the ne& religion' voodoo' ca$ses the city of *e&

    .rleans to ban its practice in p$blic for$ms' even CongoSJ$are2 !oB pg2 >I

    18E:s #ate Baron Simon #aCroi is born in Haiti2 !oB pg2 9:18E: +fter E years of translating the golden plates' the first Book

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    of Mormon is p$blished2 Co% pg2 818E: Tom Horn is born in &hat &ill become the state of Misso$ri2

    #D pg2 1 Santa +nna ret$rns to Meico and holds an elaborate statef$neral for his amp$tated leg2 He then declares hisretirement2 SoB pg2 19

    18E> The +lta California revol$tion is attempted2 #os +ngeles andSan Diego side &ith the ederalis and after a fe& yearsMeico still r$les the land2 T%M pg2 8

    18E7 +ndre& ,ackson tricks the Seminole chief' .sceola' o$t ofhiding &ith a flag of tr$ce' capt$res him and some of hisfollo&ers2 They are sent to a reservation in .klahoma2 BeS pg2>7

    18E7 Mormon Bank of Firtland does so poorly it is forced to close2Co% pg2 8

    18E7 + mint for the ?S+ is b$ilt in *e& .rleans2 !oB pg2 9918E7 $t$re co$nty Sheriff ,ohn Behan is born in Teas2 #D pg2 @@18E7 "illiam Brocka&ay' GThe Fing of Co$nterfeiters' starts his

    life as an apprentice printer2 #D pg2 E918E8 .ct @7 %ov2 ,ohn Boggs iss$es orders to militia that Mormons

    are to be driven from the state as enemies2 Co% pg2 7'18E2 Co% pg2 1:18I:5I> +ro$nd I::: foreigners travel to *a$voo in the net > years2

    Co% pg2 +llan 0inkerton' carries o$t his o&n investigation of a

    co$nterfeiting ring' alerts the la& and has them arrested2 TheTreas$ry department hires him and appoints him Dep$tySheriff of Fane co$nty' -llinois2 #D pg2 7:: +mericanos arrive and settle illegally on land in +ltaCalifornia2 They ref$se to become Meican and Catholic toget the land legally2 T%M pg2 8+n -ndependent Teas is anneed by 0resident 0olk and onceagain Meico invades2 This ends &ith the +merican capt$re ofMeico city2 63D pg2 97

    18I> The Meican;+merican "ar begins2 The ?S sneaks Santa+nna back into Meico so he can negotiate a peace treaty on?S terms2 Santa +nna agrees b$t breaks his promise soonafter arriving2 He raises a @::':::5man army and is Gelectedpresident2 The ?nited States act$ally acts s$rprised2 SoB pg21>

    18I> "illiam 0inkerton' +llan 0inkertons first son is born2 #D [email protected]:

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    18I> Montgomery becomes the capital of +labama2 BeS pg2 9I18I7 )arly Mormons finish evac$ating *a$voo and flee &est2 Co%

    pg2 1:18I7 ,$ly @I The Mormons first arrive at the %reat Salt #ake2 Co%

    pg2 1:18I7 Salt #ake City fo$nded by Brigham o$ng and the Mormons2Co% pg2 1:

    18I7 The Medical College of #o$isiana becomes the ?niversity of#o$isiana2 !oB pg2 >@

    18I7 The people of Monterrey' Meico finally finish theircathedral2 SoB pg2 E7,esse ,ames is born2 #D pg2 E7irst Mormon ,$dgement Day2 *ah' things are going too &ell

    Co% pg2 818I8 Santa +nna loses the battle of (eraCr$ to the rench and isdeposed and eiled2 63D pg2 97

    18I8 Mormons sec$re eno$gh timber to start homes in Salt #akeb$t are near5starved by lack of reso$rces2 Co% pg2 1:

    18I8 The Treaty of %$adal$pe Hidalgo ends the Meican5+merican"ar' giving the ?nited States most of its present Meico5Confederate territories2 Santa +nna leaves MeicoPagain2SoB pg2 1>

    18I8 Constr$ction begins on the "ashington Memorial2 Be* pg2 >818I8 !obert 0inkerton' second son of +llan 0inkerton is born2 #D

    pg2 1

    189E +fter a long series of revolts' Meico invites Santa +nna backto restore peace2 Santa +nna p$ts himself into po&er andgives himself the title of His Most Serene Highness2 He then

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    sells +riona to the ?nited States for Q1: million2 SoB pg2 172189E ,$ly to .ctober +lmost 0lace d+rmes' a sJ$are in *e& .rleans' is renamed ,acksonSJ$are after the hero of the Battle of *e& .rleans in 18192!oB pg2 9>

    189> GDeacon ,im Miller is born in +rkansas2 #D pg2 E81897 Sept 11 The Mo$ntain Meado&s Massacre occ$rs2 Co% pg2 1E1897 + Glost band of Cheyenne called the S$htei are spotted

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    across a river b$t soon vanish2 %D pg2 1E

    1897 0res2 B$chanan sends @9:: soldiers to ?tah to reinstate theappointed %overnor2 B$t little happens d$e to mismanagementof s$pplies2 Co% pg2 [email protected]

    1897 The +iken party' a band of settlers passing thro$gh Deseret'are r$mored to have been killed by .202 !ock&ell' Co% pg2 1: creates the climate of conflict and theCivil "ar is la$nchedN 63D pg2 I1

    18>: +lmost 17:'::: people live in *e& .rleans2 !oB pg2 I>18>: The "ar of !eform in Meico finally ends &ith a reformist

    victory b$t the co$ntry is in r$ins2 SoB pg2 1718>: December 17 Delegates in Charleston' So$th Carolina adopt

    the .rdinance of Secession2 So$th Carolina is the first stateto secede2 BeS pg2 I9

    18>1518>E !aven visits several tribes' recr$iting follo&ers2 D#1 pg 17818>1 The Secret Service is created as a part of the Treas$ry

    Department2 MiBD pg2 1918>1 Meico decides to halt payment on its debts2 Britain' rance'

    and Spain decide to invade Meico2 They J$ickly occ$py(eracr$2 Spain and Britain get bored and go home2 SoB pg2 17,an$ary Fansas admitted to ?nion as free state2 63D pg2 91

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    #TC ,ohn Baylor claims +riona for the Confederacy' becomes1stterritorial governor2 Territory of Colorado is created2 .!):>4:@[email protected]:::

    18>1 (irginia secedes from the ?nion2 Be* pg2' >1

    18>1 The ?S mint in *e& .rleans is taken over for $se by theConfederacy2 !oB pg2 9918>1 +pril [email protected] ort S$mter is bombarded by So$th Carolina militia2

    These are the first shots of the Civil "ar2 BeS pg2 I918>1 +pril 1E ort S$mter falls to the militia attack started the

    day before2 BeS pg2 I9Cochise is falsely acc$sed of kidnapping and cattle r$stlingand is almost capt$red $nder a false flag of peace2 Heescapes2 63D pg2 >8

    18>1 The Baron Simon #aCroi arrives in *e& .rleans from Haiti2!oB pg2 I4:@[email protected]:::

    18>@ eb 1I/ ,efferson Davis declares +riona a Confederateterritory2 #tC ,ohn Baylor is granted the Territorial%overnorship2 .!) :>4:@[email protected]:::

    18>@ March/ Baylor orders the etermination of the +pache' andthe sale of their children in order to reco$p the financialcosts of the op