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It's that time of year again! Great reminders for self-care!


  • 1. Dealing with Holiday Stress
  • 2. Identify the origins of holiday stress and holiday blues Identify ways holiday stress is different from other kinds of stress Understand ways to develop and practice sound attitudes Benefits of the EAP
  • 3. Origins of Holiday Stress and the Holiday Blues Holiday stress is real and very common Change and Choices Attitudes
  • 4. Cant recreate the past Cant have perfect holidays Letting go of unrealistic fantasiesApplicationOne thing I feel today as the holidays are approaching is:
  • 5. Give yourself permission Common feelings-loss, sadness due to such things as divorce, deaths, separationsApplicationOne thing I feel today as the holidays are approaching is:
  • 6. Invite others to get together Be proactive, not reactiveApplicationOne friend or group I could get together with is:
  • 7. May be too stressful or time-consuming?!ApplicationOne tradition I may need to give up is:
  • 8. Reduce the amount of time you plan to spend with difficult family members. Dont expect family problems to disappear just because its the holiday season. Balance your own needs with your familys needs Let go of past conflicts, resentments, and learn to forgive.ApplicationOne Positive family member or friend I will spend time with is:
  • 9. Take quiet times to be rejuvenated Eliminate stressful or unnecessary activities and choresApplicationOne activity I can abandon is:
  • 10. Do something special for yourselfApplicationOne thing I will do for myself is:
  • 11. Go to a place where you can find support and encouragement Do for others, with time, or gifts, volunteerApplicationOne activity I will do for _________ is:
  • 12. Eat, drink, and SPEND in moderation Non-alcoholic drinks More exercise Watch those chocolates Events without foodApplicationOne way I will exercise is to _____________ for 10 minutes each day.
  • 13. Beware of excessive commercialismApplicationI will remind myself of the importance of ________________ this year.
  • 14. Attitudes-Why is it that I MUST have?: (fill in the item, event, tradition, or setting)ApplicationIll probably be a lot happier if I change my attitude about:
  • 15. Confidential Prepaid Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week Appointment Offered Within 48 Hours Household Benefit Child care, elder care and legal concerns Call: 1-800-822-4847!