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Presentation from SMX Israel - Jan. 26, 2014. Presentation covers how to reverse engineer landing pages to identify and evaluate keyword performance and then to take that information for keyword optimization


  • 1.How Marketers Can Deal With [NOT PROVIDED] Focus On What Matters & Reverse Engineering Your Page Alan Knecht Digital Always Media Partner: Analytics & Social@aknecht

2. About Me Working with the Internet since 1994 Started with Digital Analytics in 1995 Also been a: Web developer Analyst SEO/Social Media Teach Digital Analytics for USF Online Published 1st book in 2010@aknecht 3. About DAM Provides SEO, Social & Analytics Services & Consulting@aknecht 4. The Ultimate KPI/Metric@aknecht 5. Understand the Power of Data Sampling Dont worry about Not Provided Do you have a good sample? 10-20% is a good sample Election polls sample less than 1% & accurate within 4% - 4 out 5 times Reverse Engineering gives a good sample@aknecht 6. Key Metric Conversion rate By Landing Page But which phrase(s) Drive traffic Does the page generate conversations@aknecht 7. Focus on Non-Branded Terms Non branded terms Opportunity to expand brand Find people who dont know about you@aknecht 8. Keywords Are Secondary Dont worry about specific phrases Think Landing Pages for organic instead Which ones are they? Are these the landing pages you want? Do they lead to conversions? What can be done improve traffic to page Work backwards @aknecht 9. Identify Key Landing Examine landing pages in Analytics@aknecht 10. Filter For Only Organic Search Create a Filter or Segment (GA)@aknecht 11. @aknecht 12. @aknecht 13. Create a Word Cloud@aknecht 14. Create a Word CloudCreated using: 15. Extract Dominant WordsCreated using: 16. Build Likely Phrases Keywords: Lasik, savings, cost, financing Likely Phrase Cost of Lasik Financing Lasik Saving on Lasik@aknecht 17. Use GWMT to Find Phrases@aknecht 18. Use GWMT to Find PhrasesOpportunity?: Optimize for word Surgery on page@aknecht 19. Extract Dominant WordsCreated using: 20. Fixing Key Landing Pages Lasik eye surgery cost@aknecht 21. Compare Conversion rate for each page /cost-of-lasik/ = 6.02% /cost-of-lasik/....Canada = 3.49%@aknecht 22. Where are the Opportunities Examine list of matching keyword Sort by Impressions Is there room for SERP improvements What can be done to improve CTR Examine Specific Landing Pages Conclusion: Put SEO &CRO into/cost-of-lasik/ Get more traffic with higher conversion rates@aknecht 23. Repeat Repeat for all landing pages to specific keyword phrases (top 10 pages) Compare: Engagement Rate Conversion Rate Identify best landing page for Keywords @aknecht 24. Optimize Which is it better to optimize? Top landing page for better conversion Top converting page for better traffic@aknecht 25. CASE STUDY@aknecht 26. Focused on Converting Pages Goal improve ranking & CTR Results Slight reduction in organic traffic Increase in conversion & conversion value@aknecht 27. Impact of Optimization@aknecht 28. Take the Time & Dig Segment Regional data by Branded vs non-branded Primary phrases vs secondary phrases Keyword phrases length 2 word vs. 3 word vs. 4 word phrases Export WMT Data to CSV Import into a database for data mining@aknecht 29. Thank You Alan Knecht @aknechtType my name into Google@aknecht