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December issue of official monthly magzine of Rotary Club of Nagpur


  • Reach Within to Embrace Humanity



    DECEMBER 2011


    Slum Soccer

    Project Roshni

    Sr. Citizens Picnic

  • 2AT DRAGON PALACESENIOR CITIZENS PICNICth were given gifts for their active participation. Manju Shahani helped in entertaining them. On 11 Nov, 30 elderly ladies of Adivaasi

    Nagar and Indora Slums were taken by bus Chairpersons for senior citizen committee They attended the evening prayer with great to Dragon Palace, Kamptee. On the way, Anita Jain and Vaishali Rajurkar took a lot of devotion. Then we served them Dinner and they were served samosas and dhoklas by effort to bring success to this camp. Rtn Tea. After Dinner, President Tauby played a Sheela Mundhada. At Dragon palace, they

    Hiralal Mulani sponsored the whole project. A few games with them. They thoroughly played passing the parcel and took pleasure special thanks to him for contributing to this enjoyed those games. Nilima Malani, in singing Marathi and Hindi songs; some

    even danced to Bollywood tunes. The ladies Vaishali Rajurkar, Kanak Bhargava and wonderful cause. Anita Jain

    Kanak Bhargava Manju Shahani Nilima Malani Anita Jain Vaishali Rajurkar

    From dances to a few laughs

  • 3Tauby's Take.... Straight from the heart....

    CREDITSProcessing Eskays ScannerDesigning Gurushree GraphicsPrintingShabbir ShakirPaperCourtesy BILT

    DirectorKhushnoor ChughChairpersonNimish SutariaAdvisor Madhavi NaiduEditorShabbir Shakir

    Dear Rotarians,Our club bulletin and web site are a source of motivation for members, to better your involvement when you see the kind of services being done during the month in print. Credits

    given to achievers should be a further inspiration for the others who are yet to be fully involved in our clubs activities. We are doing well, but as in all matters we need to seek constant and never-ending improvement.Attendance in meetings though not sacrosanct should certainly be taken seriously. Change and improvement should be in how you as a member perceive your role in this club. Change in timings at this point of time is certainly not under consideration, changes in the meeting format will be set in so as to appeal to a larger section of members. Rotary is all about interaction, fellowship, and commitment and stretching yourself just a little bit to find the time, find the interest in being truly involved. Do not take your membership in this glorious club for granted. To be serious about your membership you have to respect the Rotary movement. If you are not serious but just play to be with the winning side others will perceive this intrinsic quiddity of you almost by instinct.At this point of time practices for the charter night celebrations are going on at full steam. Almost 60 + members, spouses and children are involved. The practices span over three weeks and this is another opportunity to have a lot of fun and more importantly to get to know each other better. All the daily practices will culminate to a perfect show. But that's not the point; the real reward is that each participant is integrated more with the Rotary spirit. There are many of you who have not experienced this joy, I urge you to come forward and participate in our future events.Projects for the month continued unabated. The Slum Soccer and the Mobile Computer Bus projects were hugely successful, well executed and a much enjoyed event. The committee specially the ladies were truly involved and struck an emotional bond with the slum children. RYLA camp provided valuable training for the youth. Senior citizens from the slums were taken for a picnic at Dragon Palace temple. These were amongst the many projects executed to near perfection by the respective committees. Service is measured not by the amount of money you have spent or the efforts put in by you. It should be measured by the satisfaction you have gained, relief provided and burden eased. I trust you are enjoying your Rotary experience as much as I have been,Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Yours in Rotary,

    Tauby Bhagwagar

    Keep in touch......We invite expert comments, suggestions,

    criticism and commendations. This will help us know the pulse of readers and improve the

    publication. Please write in to

    I may not know all 320 members, but at least, I have the opportunity of knowing 320. This was the answer one of our members gave when asked as to how many he knew in the Club.

    We are a 321 member Club, the second largest in the subcontinent and still growing. Are we moving in the right direction? Or are we in an endless number game? These are questions which have no answers. Or maybe many answers, and all of them different. But one thing is for sure, our Club is what it is today because of its members. Quality as well as numbers.

    Quality is subjective. You can do very little to measure a prospective member on that scale. But more often than not, the quality of members is as good as the organization (club) that they are a part of. Akin to the fact that the same person will litter on the streets of Mumbai, but not on the streets of Singapore. And it is here that our Club has all the right credentials discipline, culture, protocol, work ethics etc. So every member, old or new finds himself aligning to the Club's ways.

    The numbers give us working hands, thinking and planning minds, financial muscle, viability (when it comes to many functions and events), contacts, reach and vibrancy. Because you are good, you attract more. Addition of members makes you better. And the idea IS to keep getting better.

    In pursuit of getting to be the best!!!!!

    Shabbir Shakir

    A vocational Visit to the Dinshaw's factory saw children (I)screaming with joy!!!!Mr Mohod of Mahindra & Mahindra handing over a cheque of Rs 7 lacs to Pres Tauby for Hemalkasa Surgical CampProject Roshni A novel way of bringing light into people's lives

    COVER up....

    Ab Tak Chappan.the number game!!!!!!

  • 4MAIL BASTION- Letters To The Editor




    Dear Shabbir, me, it seems that clubs in their enthusiasm charge Rs 200 per person. But there are and because of RI policy of growth I am delighted to receive the Golden Orange. rarely 20 persons. To me this needs (Recruitment) and DG's encouragement, the Nagpur and Akola were both chartered in correction. If all members were to attend the citations and what not, keep adding members. 1945. We came in same district in 1990. Your

    club will be in deficit. But fail to impress on members the club has many activities to be a role model for importance of attendance. Merely payment of There are hardly any funds for projects. They other clubs.fees is the criteria!!But I was amazed and equally perturbed to ask for voluntary contributions if there is any

    read about the sad story of attendance at Lately, we in Akola, have another problem. worth while project. It is time we think about Rotary Club meetings. I can't follow when WE want dinner meetings. WE want it in growth vis a vis members!!!!!Anita Chitaley says that attendance is no Hotels. We get the premises. But the hotel

    more mandatory! I am not aware of this. But to wants a minimum guarantee of 20 diners and PDG Dr Nana Chaudhary

    Vocat ional Tra in ing, Blood excellently compiled and edited by your editor Donation Camps, report of District Rtn Shabbir Shakir for which my compliments Interact Meet, Interact Club to him for an excellent job !Project, report of Water Wastage Congratulating once again for your excellent Dear Rtn Taubyji,

    project, reports of Movie Show, Rubella bulletin & looking forward to receiving similar It was indeed a great pleasure to receive Vaccinations, Community Welfare, District issues (including missing No.1) per return & your colourful Club bulletin THE GOLDEN Interact Meet with glimpses, profile of Rtn with my best wishes for your successful ORANGE (No. 5) of November 2011 thro' Khushnoor & PP Rtn Sanjiv Chugh, list & rewarding year (11-12) to fulfill RI Theme mail for which I am indeed grateful to you. report of Matching Grants, article 'Rotary Run' REACH WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY I found your above bulletin very interesting by PP Rtn Vijay Naidu, & 'Nagpur Know' by & with warm personal regards to you & and informative with your inspirational Rtn Naushad Bhagwagar, 'Freedomain' by Mr.Naushadji & Rotary greetings to all your message, excellent editorial, reports about Aunt Sangeetha, 'The Music Room' by Rtn members from myself and Indumati, we computer education program, A tribute to your Nimish Sutaria, Bobby's Bubbles, 'Stillness ' remain,Honorary member Rtn Jagjit Singh, Ladies by Deepali Kale, 'Jagjit Singh The Man by (JAGMOHAN KATAKIA) , Cc to : Rtn meeting with glimpses, IYE students PP Shiraz Gimi, Rotary Rattle by Rtn Manju Shabbir Shakir, Editor Congratulations for presentation, Vocational Excellence Awards, Shahani etc with beautiful photographs your excellent bulletin !.

    secretary, they decided to slightly change members actually look forward to participate. With the way the club is growing, we have no the outline of the evening. They incorporated Charter Nitedearth of talent!a small skit, with in house participation and of December, 1944 our Club is Shiraz recollects how funds would be completing 67 glorious years of everyone loved it. Hence a new idea took insufficient and the president had to make service to Rotary. Hence 13th root, from then on there was no looking back!choices as to where the money could best be of Dec. holds a very significant place in our It was not till PP Aspi Bapuna's term that the utilized. Now with increased membership and R