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  • December 2013 Volume 42

    Dear Subscribers,

    I hope this letter finds everyone healthy, happy, and enjoying the holiday season!

    The big stories this month are: • Vidyo’s internet-friendly H.264 video codec has been integrated into another social

    media application that combines video conferencing with games, watching videos together, and other fun applications.

    • Oblong released a new version of their “InfoPresence” visual collaboration environment and struck a deal with AVI-SPL for distribution.

    • Finally, there is an interesting interview with ClearOne’s Adi Regev on what they are doing with their videoconferencing acquisition and new product line.

    Other News of Interest: The VCDireXions Summit @ ITExpo in Miami on January 28th – 30th – The Visual Collaboration Industry Group (VCI-Group) is hosting a conference during ITExpo in January. VCI-G represents visual collaboration end-users and to that extent they are collecting the industry’s top 100 Interoperability requests to present at the conference. Are you ticked off that LifeSize doesn’t natively connect with Vidyo or your cloud-based videoconferencing app isn’t HIPAA compliant? VCI-Group gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard. Simply drop them your interop request here:

    Telepresence Options Charities: Every year at Christmas we promote a number of charities, many founded by members of the visual collaboration industry, that we believe are doing solid work in helping to relieve suffering, improve health and welfare, and solidify civil liberties. You can find our list of charities from 2012 Here. Please check back next week for our 2013 list. We would especially like to bring attention to our Telepresence Industry Professionals lending team on Kiva. Our team has sponsored 24 loans to deserving entrepreneurs around the world. Once the loan is repaid the funds are then made available to loan to another deserving entrepreneur in a virtuous cycle of economic development. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

    Howard S. Lichtman Publisher - Telepresence Options

  • From our on-going review of the most important stories on visual collaboration technologies and reporting on the visual collaboration industry.

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    Vidyo Flexibility Allows for New Uses (Rounds and ETIAM Partnerships) December 17, 2013 | David S. Maldow, Esq.

    Two recent announcements from Vidyo provide the latest examples of the flexibility of the Vidyo offering suite. According to Vidyo VP, Joan Vandermate, "the VidyoWorks platform can be included in just about any application." This is also part of a larger trend that we have been covering at Telepresence Options. Three to five years ago, the big story in videoconferencing was, "Hey look, VC actually works really well now!" Today the big story is, "Hey, check out all the cool and new VC applications people are using!" Please click through for the details on two new Vidyo partner integrations.

    Continue reading... Catching Up With Tely Labs: Flexing Their Partnership with Blue Jeans Network December 15, 2013 | David S. Maldow, Esq.

    Tely Labs and Blue Jeans Networks recently announced a new (limited time) hardware / software bundle offering. The basic principle is simple, new purchasers and existing owners of the TelyHD Pro will get a Free 60 day Blue Jeans service subscription. With both Tely and Blue Jeans being notable for user friendly videoconferencing, this new bundle offers a lot of synergy, and a lot to like. We spoke with Dave Crilley, VP at Tely Labs, to get the scoop. Let's take a closer look at the elements of this offering. Continue reading...

  • Ubergizmo Offers Sneak Peak at AnyBot's New Q(X) Telepresence Robot December 13, 2013 | Telepresence Options

    Ubergizmo has published the first pictures of AnyBot's new Q(X) telepresence robot which has been built with a Polycom RealPresence videoconferencing engine. The new design is a departure from the company's iconic QB which featured an oversized head, tiny screen, and big eyes on a stick in favor of a significantly larger display and form factor. The bot will be competing with robotic telepresence platforms including Suitable Technologies' Beam and iRobot's Ava. Please see the Telepresence Options Comparison Chart: Robotic Telepresence: Tale of the Tape 2013 for the most comprehensive comparison of all the leading Robotic Telepresence platforms. Bookmark our Robotic Telepresence page for the latest coverage of the industry. Continue reading...

    What Is On Your Interop Wish List? Speak Your Mind Here And Now! December 11, 2013 | David S. Maldow, Esq.

    The information requested below will be used in support of the VC DireXions Summit. The goal of this event to help give a voice to users and customers of visual collaboration technology and services. Through the VC DireXions program, we will directly share these concerns and requests with the VC community (including Vendors and Providers) and create an open dialog to discuss the potential for working together on solutions. Continue reading...

  • Forbes Talks Telepresence with Human Productivity Lab President & TPO Publisher Howard Lichtman December 9, 2013 | Telepresence Options

    Telepresence technology has taken some giant leaps forward in recent years. The difference, said Human Productivity Lab founder and president Howard Lichtman, is the human factor. Continue reading...

    The Mezzanine "Infopresence" Room - New, Improved, and Available from AVI-SPL December 4, 2013 | David S. Maldow, Esq.

    Earlier this year we covered a new, and unique, visual collaboration solution. The Mezzanine by Oblong. Please see our previous article for the full details, but for a vast oversimplification, think of the futuristic displays in the Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report" (which the Oblong scientists happen to have worked on). Continue reading... Could Sweden's Social Robot Furhat be used for Telepresence? December 4, 2013 | Telepresence Options

    Most people are amazed at the fluidity and naturalness of the responsive speech by Sweden's social robot called Furhat. We are impressed at the potential for telepresence where anyone's face can be projected onto the head-shaped transparent display. The head is remotely controllable similar to the head-and-neck telepresence systems like Revolve Robotic