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declining industry


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  • DecliningIndustry



    IntroductionBackgroundKite MakerMake your own chinese kite?TailorAbout TalorElectron Fan RepairShoe RepairHow to make a pair of shoes?



  • IntroductionBackgroundKite MakerMake your own chinese kite?TailorAbout TalorElectron Fan RepairShoe RepairHow to make a pair of shoes?

    ShoeshinerWatch Repair ManGrass Flgure MakerDoll MakerFlour Doll MakerHow to make a flour doll?Mahjong MakerThe art of mahjongSeal Carving



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  • Hong Kong by nature is a city but when the idea of putting in a creative art hub in west kowloon, people began to wonder if Hong Kong can also be a place of art and creativity.But it would not be easy unless people of Hong Kong realize the importance of tradition but most of these tradition are dying.

    Properly the only thing we can still remember of the people working on this...declining industry.



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  • BackgroundFolk art backgrand from an indigenous culture or by peasants or other laboring tradespeople. In contrast to fine art, folk art is primarily utilitarian and decorative rather than purely aesthetic.As a phenomenon that can chronicle a move towards civilization yet rapidly diminish with modernity, industrialization, or outside influence, the nature of folk art is specific to its particular culture. The varied geographical and temporal prevalence and diversity of folk art make it difficult to describe as a whole.


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  • Lets go to start our story...


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  • Kites used to be make of silk and bamboo because kite made of these material can really make it soar high any guide with the wind. It is not the case.


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  • Created from silk and bamboo and lavishly hand painted, traditional Chinese kites bear intricate details and done with skilled craft smanship of kite maker. Kite flying is a great experience whether it is on a cool windy day at the beach or a hot and breezy day in the neighborhood. Child have many other thing to play, is no need to go out side it can stay at home and their parent not be free to bring the child go out side to play, because kite flying it need a big place to play.But kite playing lives different enjoy meant to anyone because you do it outdoors. And because of this, anyone will enjoy the sheer physicality of what outdoor has to offerNow a days, few kite makers use silk and bamboo in doing kites. its being replace by ordinary cheap paper and plastic.though it is still popular especially in some areas, it dosent have the appeal of what it is before.


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  • |Idea of kite| Visit China Pan Kite Factory to get an idea of the many shapes seen in Chinese kites (see Resources below). You can also see how the frame holds the silk for each kite.Select straight dried bamboo sticks to create the frame of your kite. The knots should be as far apart as possible.Choose pieces of silk to make your kite. Untreated silk will not work. You should buy treated silk that can be pulled taut with little give. If you are on a budg-et, you can also use plastic trash bags or butcher paper.

    |The frame| Create the frame for your kite and begin cutting the silk. If you are using paper, you may want to decorate the paper before you frame it to avoid tears and wrinkles.Attach the silk to the frame by looping the fabric over the bamboo and using a zigzag stitch. The fabric should create a sleeve or tunnel around the frame. Make sure you main-tain a uniform tension while sewing to ensure the fabric is stretched properly. Paper or plastic can be glued.

    |Body of dolls|Link the Chinese kite sections using kite or bridle string to connect the bridles together. The bridle is a string that is permanently attached to the frame that has a tow point where the flying or connect-ing string is attached.Decorate the kite using paint or fabric markers. Chinese kites tend to have elaborate designs or lettering, but you can use your imagination.Add more flare to your Chinese kit. Produce sev-eral dragon or centipede rings at once by coiling a 5 cm. piece of bamboo into a pot of the desired diameter. The ends should overlap about 2 cm. Fill the pot with water just below the bamboo. Cover the pot and boil for about 30 minutes. Let the bamboo cool and cut into thin strips. Glue the overlapping ends.

    Make Your Own Chinese Kite?


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  • Now a day, big fashion companies manipulate the industry many tailor are existing in our society. To see my creation of hand to any of my customers, is a big satisfication in my job. at the end , it brings me smile.


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  • |History|Tailors developed from the 12th to 14th centuries in Europe. The first reference of the word tailor was seen in 1297, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Eng-lish tailors were highly regarded by the beginning of the 18th cen-tury, as fashion was a priority of the wealthy.Since these early days, developments and inno-vations such as the sewing ma-chine have reduced the need for hand-made clothing, and tailors. However, they can still be found throughout the world for those who prefer a personal clothing.

    |Function|The tailors job is to cre-ate clothing based on the measurements of the indi-vidual. Tailors are experts in the area of measurement, sewing, cutting and fitting. Today, tailors most com-monly create mens and womens formalwear suits, jackets and skirts. They are also often used for modify-ing pre-made clothing to fit.

    |Types|There are several sub-types of tailors. A custom clothier creates clothing on an individual basis to meet the needs of the customer. A custom dressmaker special-izes in creating custom womens garments, including dresses, suits and bridal wear. Alterationspecialists restyle or refit gar-ments that have been previ-ously completed. A seamstress is a type of tailor who works on a machine, typically completing seams on machine-made gar-ments. A tailor may specialize in one or more of these sub-types.

    About Tailors


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  • Long time ago electronic fan is a very popular machine to cooler down youself. It is because air-conditioner is a luxury thing, people in that period cant afford such a big money, so they use fan .But nowaday ,people getting wish fans become not popular, air-con replace it. Also fan is cheap .Peoples can buy it in a lower price, so nobody would pay a money to fix the fan if its out of order.


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  • He was over 60years old.Everyday he goes to his small shop to repair as much shoes as he can.His reward, small amount and smiles from his customers.


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  • Relying on two hands everyday, he is tinkering on number of old or worn out shoes for the customers, providing services from shoe shining to repair.


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  • |Sketch| Determine the components of the shoe that you want to design. A basic shoe de-sign will have an outsole (the bottom of the shoe) and an upper. For more complex, functional shoes like athletic shoes, other components you need to consider are the midsole and the insert.Sketch the basic look of the shoe design that you are planning. Include all the de-sign details on your sketch, including colors and materi-als to be used.

    |Create|Sketch your shoe design bro-ken down into its components. This will help you figure out how the different components will ac-tually be attached to each other during manufacturing. Create technical drawings of your shoe design components, including all the measurements you can think of. Be as detailed as pos-sible with all the components, as your technical drawings will then lead to the production of computer-aided design draw-ings that will be the blueprints of your shoe design.

    |Body of dolls|Put together all your shoe design details into a tech-nical pack. This should in-clude all the materials that will be used for each part of the shoe, the colors of your design and all your measurements for each shoe component. Your technical pack is what the factory will require before they produce a prototype or pullover based on your shoe design.

    How to makea pair of Shoes?


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  • This job doesnt require skills but dedication and the abil-

    ity to make people happy. Shoe shiners must see to it that

    they can turn a dirty pair of shoes look new once again.

    doing this job perhaps will not give great monetary reward

    but lots of smile.


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  • In repairing watches, He need to be patient. In a busy visible street, The watch repairing man give numerous our and broken watches another life, A rebirth To be useful again.


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  • He said that" Usually a watch is a man's identity and even it is already broken. The owner doesn't want to let go of it. The watch repair man makes sune that this watch, so important to someone, will have its identity again.

    According to him, Buying a new one replace a broken one is not really necessary. It is like having your own house. When it gets bad throug


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