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  • 1. Deconstruction Kate Nash - Foundations

2. Establishing shot of two toothbrushes together suggesting these two people live together. So know eachother well. Shot of house hold items including telephone and shoes setting the scene of the video Like Goodwins theory the shot changes in time withthe beat 3. Scene changes to two people playing game close up of faces toestablish characters (Goodwins theory) Point of view shot from Kates boyfriend. Kate looks into camera asif talking to the audience.- Notion of looking. Goes to shot under table, showing Kate move away from him lyrics linking with visuals my finger tips are holding onto thecracks Another sequence of close ups showing the reactions to each other mostly annoyed 4. Opens fridge to reveal lots of beer bottles linking visuals withlyrics. why dont you have another beer then sarcastic tone. Close up of them playing game representing the relationship,which is competitive and under pressure. Birds eye view shot of them on bed together they are physicallyfar apart linking to lyrics Uses stop motion with socks, to represent relationship I know that Ishould let go but I cant Kate starts eating lemons links visuals with lyrics 5. Socks part from each other like relationship itgives me thrills to wind you up They have an arm wrestle to represent theirchildish relationship Mid shot of Kate singing on stairs goes intoclose up build up the sympathy with audiencetoward chorus looking into camera Kate starts punching mid air visuals with lyrics.Represents Kate fighting a losing battle. 6. Kate lying on sofa birds eye view camera reference to looking and visuals withlyrics Close ups of Kate singing Back to them in bed Kate turns awayfrom him Close up of their fingertips lyrics tovisuals 7. Uses watches to represent them watchesmove close together Close up of Kate singing They make faces out of ketchup in theirdinner linking the lyrics with the visuals Close up singing again Goes back to shot in bed Kate cant sleepI know that I should forget but I cant 8. More close ups Goes back to the establishing shot of toothbrushes this time they are close together When Kates cleaning she turns down the photoof him and her visuals to lyrics. Tooth brushes move away from each other Iknow that I should forget but I cant Socks move away representing therelationship ending 9. Shot of Kate backing her suit case andleaving Message on door as I closes behind her:dont fall for this subliminal message This music video is a mix of aperformance and narrative so thereforea hybrid