deconstruction of a music magazine

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Deconstruction of aMusic Magazine By Eloise Barrett

Masthead- large bold font- eye grabbing and the fact that the main image is over the title shows that the magazine is well known so people know what they are looking for when they buy it from a shop. The red colour theme reminds us of danger and trouble, giving us an insight as to what the magazine is like on the inside.

Gives us an insight into what the feature will be about- drawing target reader in. Main image- largest object on the page symbolising his importance- he isnt that central but it shows you his shadow behind. Body language of the main image is presented as quite serious, hes not messing around, its sort of intimidating.

There is an index page at the side of here and this will allow the reader to find something that they are specifically looking for. The colour scheme is the same on the contents page as the front cover. They use the colours red, white and black and this makes the magazine look more professional.There are sub headings for each of the magazine categories. The text for these is bigger than the other writing so this will instantly draw the readers eye to this which means they will be able to find the stuff they are looking for under each. There are lines and boxes splitting up the different sections of the page, so the readers know that they are on about different things and dont get confused when they go on to talk about something completely different from what theyve just read. They have the name of magazine on the inside as well so the readers still know what they are reading.It states who the magazine is mainly about and what page to find them.

The man in this picture looks like he has been caught off guard but the picture altogether looks quite deep and it is in black and white. The rest of the colours on the page are bright and I think they stand out more than they would do if the picture was in colour as your eyes go from looking at something that could seem sad, to this big, bold coloured words.

The drop capital tells the reader where to start and most/ nearly every double page spread has one of these.This double page spread has the picture fold out(if you cant see it, here it is) but most just have a picture and then writing on the next page or a picture all the way across the top and writing underneath and the text is on the page after and carries on but is only wrote on of the page at the bottom. There are quotes taken from the man on the main picture, so the readers know that he has really said that and the writers of the magazine arent trying to make you buy something that is lying.