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1. DECONSTRUCTION OF TITLES, KISS KISS BANG BANG 2. 0:03In this shot there is a stereotypical down townnew york street that has the producing companiestraveling through it. 0:04This shot is animated like the rest of the openingsequence, because of this there is no dialog. 3. 0:09 As the big stars of the film are announced the shots start to build a story. Robert Downey Jr is announced first due to him being the biggest and the main star in the film.0:14The animation is pretty simple as it mainly blockcolours with a few simple line drawings. 4. 0:240:260:290:34 As the film title is introduced the theme colour of0:38 the sequence and the titles changes to a red and whit theme. The rest of the main cast is then introduced but with smaller text as they play less important parts . 5. 0:48 The sequence then moves on to a party scene that introduces such names as the costume director and the book the film is based on0:54The animation style is the same throughout thetitles. 6. 1:051:101:14 As the titles comes to an end the behind the scene crew are introduced and the sequence is rounding up to introduce to introduce the director. 7. 1:191:201:25 As the writers of the film are introduced the theme of the animation changes to match. The animation gets rid of the illustration and brings in much more text. 8. 1:29 1:341:38 1:41As the titles finish the theme comes back to thedark red and black theme that brings the titlenicely to an end, where the director is introducedin a simple fashion to show his importance in themaking of the film.