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    We have been fortunate to have served so many people throughout the United States, and we feel very privileged that our products and recipes are a part of what they share with their family and friends. Starting with the baby back ribs and pork tenderloin, we have been adding meats, seasonings and sauces to create memorable meals for our clients for the past nineteen years. Our commitment to providing our customers flavorful meats starts with natural, non-enhanced pork and choice aged beef. Each one of our products are individually hand marinated, cut, or smoked, then packaged. Our team is committed to excellence through flavor. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have our award winning products be a part of your dining experience..

    Lynch BBQ Decorah Roasting Pig Division

    2486 171st Ave. Decorah, Iowa 563-382-4420

    Local delivery for

    multiple packages to same address.

    Please contact us for

    availability and rates!

    Lynch BBQ Company

    111 1st Ave SW Waucoma, Iowa 52171

    800-468-3178 563-776-3401

    563-776-4066 fax [email protected]

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    Baby Back Ribs

    Rich pecan smoke compliments these sweet and

    tender baby back ribs. These award

    winning ribs are perfectly seasoned, and can be

    served with your favorite sauces!

    Individually packaged, these fully cooked ribs can

    be reheated on the grill,

    in the oven, or microwave.

    One rack per package.

    Single Size Rack $ 9.25 (1.00 to 1.25lb.)

    Couple Size Rack $13.75 (1.26 to 2.00 lb)

    Family Size Racks $16.25 (2.01 to 2.50 lb.)

    Prime Rib Roast

    This impressive roast is the centerpiece for special

    events. Lynchs succulent prime rib roast is carefully

    aged, seasoned then slowly pecan smoked.

    The result is a caramelized and tender entre

    that your guests will remember.

    Ready to re-heat for a simply elegant meal!

    Call for pricing


    Toll Free: 800-468-3178 563-776-3401

    Raw Prime Rib


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    Smoked BBQ Pork

    Smoked for fourteen hours, this award

    winning dish is great for busy lifestyles.

    Perfectly sauced and seasoned, this shredded

    pork shoulder is a hit for all ages.

    Great to keep around for the

    holidays for a simple meal!

    Two pound package $9.80 (Serves 4 to 8)

    Five pound packages $24.50 (Serves 15 to 22)

    Lynchs Bacon

    One of Lynch BBQs best sellers!

    Bring home the taste of delicious

    thick cut bacon of years past.

    A great gift for everyone!

    $5.00 each one pound package

    Our original Bacon

    Apple Smoked Bacon

    This premium smoked bacon is a great

    gift for all bacon fans!

    Absolutely delicious!

    $5.00 each one pound package

    Lynchs Beef Brisket

    A beef lovers delight! Smoked beef brisket is a

    southern favorite, one taste and you will know why!

    A quick, delicious meal, ready to be re-heated as a

    sandwich or with your favorite side.

    Two pound package $22.50

    Purchase over 5 lbs. $11.25 a lb.

    Whole Brisket Roasts available for a great main entre

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    Lynchs Ring Bologna

    $2.90 per lb.

    Summer Sausage

    $5.30 (24 oz.)

    Lynchs Mild Sausage (uncooked)

    Just one taste will make you realize why this

    sausage is so famous! Great for breakfast,

    appetizers, sandwiches or on the grill.

    Two pound package$5.50 per roll

    Lynchs Spicy Sausage (uncooked)

    This great meat

    is just spicy enough to wake your

    taste buds up.

    Two pound package $5.50 per roll

    Lynch Wieners $5.50 per pack

    We do corporate, custom meat or seasoning gift packages,

    including direct shipping! Call 800-468-3178 for a quote!

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    Lynchs Boneless Marinated Pork Chops

    Individually hand cut, marinated with our special blend of seasonings.

    These great chops are ready to grill, bake, or pan fry.

    Package of two chops (1 pound pack) $4.05

    Iowa Chops 5.25 per pound

    Lynchs Smoked Pork Loin

    This delicious lean cut of pork is fully cooked,

    and ready to be reheated. It can be sliced for

    sandwiches, or a little thicker for a meal.

    Couple Size (1.75 to 2.50 pounds) $9.90

    Family Size (2.51 to 2.75 pounds) $13.50

    Pork Lovers

    1 couple size Baby Back Rib

    1 two pound package Lynchs BBQ


    2 Packages Lynchs Iowa Chops

    1 Package Lynchs Marinated

    Boneless Pork Chops

    1 Package Lynchs Original Bacon

    1 Package Lynchs Apple Bacon

    1 chub Lynchs Mild Sausage

    Beautiful Gift Box $59.50

    Shipping or Cooler Cost (if needed)

    NOT INCLUDED on any packages

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    Good Morning Package

    2 Lynchs Original Bacon

    1 Lynchs Apple Bacon

    1 Lynchs Mild Sausage (uncooked)

    1 Lynchs Spicy Sausage (uncooked)

    Decorated Gift Box $32.50

    Sack $32.00

    Lynch BBQ Snack Attack

    A great on hand package for the holidays!

    Includes :

    1 Lynchs Summer Sausage

    1Lynchs Ring Bologna

    1 package Lynchs Wieners

    Decorated Gift Box $19.95

    Sack $17.25

    BBQers Delight

    1 Couple size Baby Back Rib;

    1 - 2# pound package BBQ Pork

    1 Bottle each of Lynchs Mild

    and Spicy BBQ Sauce.

    Decorated Gift Box $38.75

    Sack $36.75

    Toll Free: 800-468-3178 563-776-3401

    Grillers Meat Box

    2 packages of two marinated

    boneless pork chops,

    1 two pound package of BBQ Pork,

    2 Couple Baby Back Ribs.

    Gift Box $51.50

    Sack $52.75

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    8 563-776-3401 or 800-468-3178

    Award Winning BBQ

    1 couple size Smoked Pork Loin

    2 couple size Lynchs Smoked Baby Back Ribs

    1 two pound package Lynchs Beef Brisket

    1 two pound package Lynchs BBQ Pork

    1 20 ounce Lynchs Mild BBQ Sauce

    1 20 ounce Lynchs Spicy BBQ Sauce

    Gift Box $84.25

    Gift Certificates Are the perfect gift, anytime of year!

    Family Size Meat Box

    1 Family Baby Back Rib,

    1 two pound package of BBQ Pork,

    1 package of Lynchs Mild Sausage,

    1 package of Lynchs Spicy Sausage

    1 Couple Size Smoked

    Boneless Pork Loin

    1 Original Bacon.

    Gift Box $58.95

    Sack $55.45

    The Weekender Meat Box

    1 Two pound package of BBQ Pork,

    1 Lynchs Mild Sausage,

    2 packages Marinated

    boneless pork chops,

    1 Couple Size

    Smoked Boneless Pork Loin.

    Gift Box $38.75

    Sack $35.75

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    Shipping or delivery charges are not

    included on any of the meat or

    seasoning orders.

    Perishable items must be shipped with a

    cooler and ice packs to ensure product

    safety; additional charges will apply for

    a cooler .

    All perishable products are shipped

    Monday though Wednesday by UPS.

    Orders must be received by

    10:30 am CST.

    We are not responsible for an incorrect

    address. (additional charges may apply.)

    We require all perishable packages have

    a daytime phone number .



    We will do our best to accommodate all


    Please contact us with any questions that

    you may have. We appreciate your


    Korbert Ham

    This flavor packed ham is a great choice for any

    holiday meal. Rich with flavor,

    this whole bone-in

    ham gains fans every year.

    Seasonal Only: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter)

    (seasonal price reflections may apply)

    Korbert Boneless Ham

    A ham lovers delight!

    Great for roasting

    or pan frying.

    (Seasonal Only: Thanksgiving,

    Christmas and Easter)

    Located in Northeast Iowa, our

    retail store is open from 8 am to 4 pm

    Monday - Friday Other times by appointment.

    We can make your gift baskets and boxes

    as you wait!

    Payment Policy

    We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Check or

    Cash (in person).

    There is a $30 service fee for returned checks.

    Whole Bone In $2.25 1/2 Bone In $2.40 Boneless Ham $3.35

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    10 Lynchs Award Winning Seasonings... Our Seasonings are famous for their flavor and versatility.

    Lynchs Butt Shaker

    Our Best Seller! This seasoning is our most

    versatile seasoning. A delicate blend of

    paprika, onion and garlic, this all purpose

    seasoning is a great way to add flavor

    without the hassle.

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Pork Chops, Hamburgers, Chicken,

    Hashbrowns, Eggs, Ribs, Pork Loin,


    Lynchs Lemon Pepper

    The ultimate word in lemon

    pepper. Made with lemon oil,

    Lynchs Lemon Pepper packs a

    flavorful punch to every meal.

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Fish, Pork Tenderloin, Chicken

    Breast, Vegetable Pasta Salad,

    Greek Salad, Whole Pork Loin,

    Garden Fresh Vegetables

    All Blends

    Small $1.95

    Medium $4.25

    Large $8.50

    Lynchs Sweet Rib Rub

    The Original Lynch seasoning has

    been a favorite over the years. A

    sweet seasoning, it adds a delicate

    flavor that enhances just enough to

    make the recipe amazing.

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Pork Tenderloin, Grilled Chicken

    Breast, Ribs, BBQ Baked Beans,

    Potato Salad, Pork Loin

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub


    All-Purpose Category Awards

    2007 Second Place

    2006 Second Place

    2004 Third Place

    2002 Fourteenth Place

    2001 Second Place

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub


    All-Purpose Category


    2002 7th Place

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub



    Category Awards

    2005 Fourth Place

    2004 Second Place

    2002 Top 20 Finisher

    2001 Fourteenth Place

    Lynchs Steak Shaker

    Our most awarded seasoning!

    A blend of black pepper, salt and

    garlic helps create depth in all dishes.

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Steaks, Green Bean Casserole, Prime

    Rib, Corn Beef Hash,

    Calico Beans, Baked Potatoes,

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub


    All Purpose

    Category Awards

    2006 First Place

    2005 Third Place

    2001 First Place

    Seasonings and sauces are MSG free and Not made with any gluten containing ingredients.

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    Lynchs Steak & Chop

    Packed with flavor, this course ground

    seasoning features salt, black pepper and

    great herbs to enhance your long cooking

    meats & roasts.

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Prime Rib, Roast Beef, Brisket, Bloody

    Marys, Pork Roasts, Whole Hog

    Lynchs Butter & Garlic

    The newest addition to the line has

    become an instant hit. This flavor

    combination offers the delicious

    flavor of butter without the

    calories and more flavor!

    Recipe Suggestions:

    Garlic Toast, Baby Red Potatoes,

    Kernel Corn, Homemade Croutons,

    Corn Bread Pudding, Popcorn,

    and Vegetables.

    Lynchs Rajun Cajun

    Sweet with a Kick! Our

    Cajun blend is a mild heat that

    is delicately balanced

    to enhance, not overpower your


    Recipe Suggestions:

    Smoked Chicken, Blackened

    Steaks, Chili, Chicken Wings,

    Corn Meal Muffins, Stir Fry Pork

    or Chicken

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub Seasonings:


    Category Awards

    2008 Third Place

    2007 Third Place

    2006 Second Place

    2005 Third Place

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Dry Rub Seasonings:


    Category Awards

    2002 Twelfth Place

    2001 Seventh Place

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    BBQ Dry Rub

    Seasoning: Cajun

    Category Awards

    2008 Third Place

    2007 First Place

    2005 Third Place

    2004 Fourth Place

    All Blends

    Small $1.95

    Medium $4.25 Large $8.50

    Toll Free: 800-468-3178 563-776-3401

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    Lynchs Mild & Spicy BBQ Sauces

    20 ounce Glass Bottles

    Mild BBQ Sauce- $4.35 Spicy BBQ Sauce- $4.35

    Gallon Plastic Bottles

    Mild BBQ Sauce- $23.50 Spicy BBQ Sauce- $23.50

    Boars Berry Blaster Raspberry Jalapeno

    Delicious on waffles, pork loin sandwiches, ham sandwiches,

    and grilled chicken breast.

    $3.50 per bottle

    Recipe Ideas Baste your favorite ham with

    Boars Berry Blaster and apple juice for a kicked up

    holiday feast. Mix with cream cheese, and use as a unique party dip when served

    with crackers.

    National Barbecue


    Taste of Excellence

    Add Ons:


    2013 Sixth Place

    Hot Sauce Category

    2008 Third Place

    2007 Fifth Place

    2006 First Place

    All prices are subject to change without notice pending on current economic conditions.

    Our quality products will remain the same!

    Toll Free: 800-468-3178 563-776-3401

    National Barbecue Association Awards of Excellence Mild BBQ Sauce 2013 2nd Place Spicy BBQ Sauce 2013 5th Place

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    Lynchs Salsa Its delicious.

    Its Mild. Its wildly Popular.

    $4.50 per jar

    National Barbecue Association's

    Taste of Excellence

    Add Ons: Salsa 2008 Second Place

    2007 First Place

    We Custom Design Baskets and Boxes

    Select specific products, colors, or even add other

    personal items to your gift. Our staff will beautifully

    arrange and decorate your basket .

    Our beautiful gift boxes are great for meat packages as

    well as seasonings, which give them a holiday flair.

    There are many gift solutions that we can assist you with,

    so contact us today to let us help you

    have a hassle free holiday!


    All Seven of our Seasonings. A great gift for only


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    Cooks Choice Basket

    One 20 ounce Lynchs Mild & Spicy BBQ


    One small bottle each of Lynchs Steak &

    Chop, Lemon Pepper, Rajun Cajun,

    and Butter Garlic

    One medium bottle each of Lynchs Butt

    Shaker, Steak Shaker, and Sweet Rib Rub


    Custom packaged in your choice of gift boxes or baskets. Our seasoning gift packages are a wonderful gift to deliver to those important people in your life.

    My Blue BBQ Heaven A great family gift!

    1 Lynchs Spicy BBQ Sauce,

    1 Lynchs Mild BBQ Sauce,

    1 Boars Berry Blaster,

    1 medium Steak & Chop

    1 medium Butt Shaker.


    Holly Jolly Gift Box

    Featuring Lynchs

    Mild BBQ Sauce, Salsa,

    a medium Steak Shaker,

    a medium Butt Shaker,

    and a small St. & Chop.


    Shipping or Cooler Cost (if needed)

    Not Included on any packages

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    Lynch BBQ Company is a family run business that has focused on

    customers meal and service requests since 1996. What started as a

    hobby and a fun way to tailgate, has turned into a

    diversified catering operation. We have everything from

    Prime Rib, Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Loin, to BBQ Pork, and Swiss

    Steak .

    Lynch Catering has various meal solutions for our customers. Our

    team starts with top quality meats, fresh produce

    and delicious recipes. Our large menu selection allows our clients to

    create the event they envision for their guests.

    Lynch Catering offers a wide variety of catering services

    and dining options for their guests. From appetizer events, wed-

    dings, backyard barbecues, or open houses, we offer the services, the

    equipment, and the experience to help create a great event.

    Lynch BBQ Company is a reputable company that will offer meal

    solutions for you, whatever your event may be.

    Contact us: or 563-776-3401 800-468-3178

    Lynch BBQYour Choice When Delicious Matters!

    [email protected]

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    Shipping or Cooler cost (if needed)

    Not Included on any packages

    The Roaster Pig Division of Lynch BBQ Company opened for

    business in February of 2003 after the purchase in 2002 of the

    USDA facility in Decorah, IA. In 2005, the decision was made to

    expand the Decorah facility.

    The expansion which was completed in October

    allowed the Company to more than double the production, taking

    the daily slaughter rate up to 800 head.

    As the Company moves forward, they will continue to add

    quality distributors in void areas and will work with their

    distributors to increase their market share in the areas that they


    The Lynch Roaster Facility is U.S.D.A. Certified and offers

    processing of smoked meat products for the barbecue division.

    Kevin Bouska is the plant manager at the Decorah facility.

    Matt Haywood is the meat salesperson.

    Call: 563-382-4420 or Visit:

    Lynch Livestock Company 331 3rd St NW Waucoma, IA 52171

    563-776-3311 [email protected]