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    SPuAtlc 0' BY^HARRrXGRE^r^

    DECORAH, IOWA, JAN. 10, 1912.

    Curtain .Rises at 8:20.Those who contemplate attending

    the play, “The Country Boy’’ nextMonday night, and who does not,should remember that the curtainwill rise promptly at 8:20. Be inyour seats before that time so asnot to disturb everyone else.

    Next Lecture Course Numl»er.The next number of the lecture

    course will be William A. Colledge,on Wednesday, Jan. 24th. Dr. Col-'ledge has been a wqrld-wide travel-er, with a varied and ripe experi-ence, is a finished scholar, authorand educator, and his lecture prom-

    isee to be a masterpiece.

    The Decorah Choral Union.Prof. Sperati wishes us to an-

    nounce that there will be no re-hearsal of the choral union on nextMonday, on account of unionrevival meetings. The next meetingof the union will be at Marsh’s hall

    on Monday, Jan. 22d.

    Elks Ball a Success.The annual dance of Decorah

    Lodge, No. 443, B. P. O. Elks atSteyer’s hall Thursday night was asuccess in spite of the cold weather.There was a good crowd present,the music was fine, and everybodythoroughly enjoyed it.

    Yearly Festival.The Symra society held its annual

    festival for the members and theirfamilies at the Norske Selskab roomson Friday night. An elaborate sup-per was served, delightful musicrendered by Prof. Sperati and hisfamily orchestra, and several Inter-esting speeches made. All who par-ticipated had a fine time.

    Former Spring Valley Man MurderedMayor Daubney hands us a copy

    of the Centralia, Washington Even-ing News-Examiner, containing anaccount of the murder of Mr. Lawr-

    ence Bar, president of the Farmers’and Merchants’ bank of that place,by an unknown young man who ep-tered the bank and attempted tobold up Mr. Bar and the porter. In

    the struggle which followed Mr. Barwas shot in the heart, and in twoother places, death following, f He

    was formerly a resident of SpringValley, Minn., and will probably be

    remembered by some of our readers.

    The Bonds of Matrimony.This Wednesday morning at ten

    o’clock, at the residence of thebride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. HenryHerwig, occurred the marriage oftheir daughter, Miss Mabel Edna, toMr. Louis Stoskopf, Rev. W. M.Lemen efficlating. Both the brideand groom have a host of friendshere who join us in hearty congratu-lations and good wishes. The groomis the proprietor of the Modern Bak-ery, a gentleman who is popular witheverybody, and his chosen bride isa young lady of many graces andcharming qualities which make herthe friend of everyone. They willbe at home to their friends afterFeb. Ist.

    Death of Miss Karen Hoifoss.Miss Karen Hoffoss, the youngest

    daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hof-foss, died early Saturday morning,after more than a year’s severe ill-ness, from tuberculosis. She wasborn in Decprah, Aug. 14, 1876, hertwin brother dying six years ago.

    She was always poorly, but of a kind-ly disposition, and uncomplaininglybore her trials until the end. Sheleaves to mourn her death her par-ents and three sisters, Mrs. O. W.Holm, Mrs. Prof. C. A. Sperati andMiss Ida. The funeral services wereheld yesterday from the UnitedLutheran church, Rev. O. E. Schmidtofficiating. The bereaved familyhave the sincere sympathy of all intheir affliction.

    Preserving the Old Flag.In the second floor lobby of the

    court house there Is a fine new redcedar case, with bevel plate glassfront and sides, which contains theold flag presented to Co. D, Thirdlowa Infantry by the people of De-corah when it went to the war, andwas carried by them throughout thewar. Since then it was in chargeof the family of the late Captain E.I. Weiser, and after his death Mrs.Weiser turned it over to the G. A.R., who took the matter up with theboard of supervisors, and as a re-

    sult this case has been made. Itis intended also to contain otherrelics of the early history of Wlnne-

    . shlek county, and will make a safedepository In which to place any-

    thing ot the kind that anyone may

    desire to give to the public.

    And many a young man loves agirl for the qualities she possesseswhich he wouldn’t tolerate In his

    own sister for a minute.

    A HOT r IRE.

    Reuin Poultry House Burns. Needof Adequate Fire Alarm and Sug-

    gestion For Providing One.

    About one o’clock Monday morn-ing- the poultry house of Fred Reum& Co. on the flat in the rear ofWater street, was discovered on fire,and before the fire companies could

    get there it was practically destroy-ed. Fortunately they were able toprotect the adjacent buildings. Itw-as a very intense, hot fire, and thefiremen fought hard to control it.The house was well stocked with liveand dressed poultry, some thirty liveturkeys and also two fine dogs beingsuffocated. The loss is about $1,200,with insurance of SSOO. The causeof the fire is unknown, Mr. Reumfinding everything all right when hewent there at 11:30 o’clock to closeup for the night.

    Mr. Reum says that he is stilldoing business in the poultry lfhe asusual, and the fire will not interruptthe business in any way.

    Again the inefficient, in fact thedisgraceful fire alarm system invogue in Decorah is brought intonotice. When tne men who discov-ered this fire went to the city hallthe rope leading to the dinky littlebell m the tower was frozen in sothat they could not budge it, and

    one brave fellow climbed up thetower in the cold, bitter night andwith a hammer pounded out thealarm. But a few of the firemenresponded, as only a few heard thealarm. Others were roused by tele-phone.

    Is it possible that Decorah musthave a fire loss running way up intothe thousands before a decent alarmis furnished? We believe this is amatter in which public interestshould be aroused. We have sug-

    gested two different methods of pro-viding an adequate fire alarm tomembers of the city council, eitherof which we believe to be practic-able. One is that a special telephonewire be stretched through the mainstreets of the city, with branches tothe rooms of firemen, with electricbells at their bedside, and telephonesin the rooms of the officers of thevarious companies, these bells to berung ahd the ward alarms soundedthroughout the entire city by thesimple touch of one button in thecentral office. Every fireman couldbe instantly awakened, and perhapsa hundred thousand dollars savedto the city in a short time. Thisought not to be expensive, and webelieve the details could easily beworked out if the city council wouldlook into it.

    Mrs. E. R. Stull Dead.Mrs. E. R. Stull passed away on

    Friday evening at eight o’clock, ather home in this city, from Bright’sdisease and dropsy’, after being aninvalid for two or three years. Hermaiden name was Elizabeth Beall,and she was born in Fayette county,Pa., April 23, 1850, being marriedo,n July 6, 1878 to Elijah R. Stull,to which union one son, Wm. M. wasborn. Jhe family came to Decorahtwo years ago, and the acquaintancesshe made here regarded her as a sin-cere Christian woman of many ad-mirable qualities, a good friend andneighbor. She Is survived by herhusband, son, two sisters, one broth-er, five half sisters and one halfbrother. Brief funeral services wereheld from the home at eight o’clockSunday morning and the remainstaken to Roseville, Allamakee coun-ty, where services were held at theBaptist church and interment tookplace.

    Mr. Berg is Cashier.The annual meeting of the De-

    corah State Bank was held last week,and on account of hia continued illhealth, cashier A. L. Haakenson,who has served the bank faithfully

    and efficiently, felt It his duty toresign, whereupon the directorselected the assistant cashier, Mr. E.E. Berg, to the position of cashier.

    Mr. Berg has proven a capable andcompetent banker and has mademany friends in this place who willbe glad to know of his advancement.Mr. R. A. Engbretson was re-electedpresident and Mr. G. E. Soland vicepresident. The directors are R. A.Engbretson, G. E. Soland, T. O.

    Storla, Dr. T. Stabo, Prof. L. S.Reque, Borger Hanson, E. E. Berg.

    Silver Creek Creamery Co.

    The postponed meeting of thestockholders of the Silver Creek

    Creamery Co. will be held at thel. O. O. F. hall in Burr Oak onTuesday, Jan. 23d, at one o’clock p.

    m. A full attendance is desired.2-2 J. A. Thompson, Sec.

    Dance January :llst at Marsh'sThe 1912 dancing season will open

    at Marsh’s hall on the evening ofWednesday, Jan. 31. Full particu-lars of the event will be announced

    lu a few days.

    The artificial blond’s method ofkeeping her hair light is a dark sec-ret.



    Interest, Growing in Meetings andAttendance Good Despite

    Cold Weather.

    The union meetings being held atMarsh’s hall “got the swing of things’’last Sunday, despite the awfulweather with which they have' hadto contend for a week. All the meet-ings were well attended and the in-terest deep. Smith and Colburn,while they make every moment inthe meetings alive and full of in-terest, are absolutely devoid of sen-sationalism and clap-trap methods.The music is made a great feature ofeach meeting. Both gentlemen singand have been members of promin-ent male quartettes. Prof. Colburnis a hymn writer of note. Theirduets are always enjoyed. As aprominent foot ball player puts it,“Their team work is well nigh per-fect.” At the various Sunday ser-vices they were splendidly assistedby the large chorus and by Messrs.Willett and Groves and Mesdames

    Adams and Perry.One of the special musical feat-

    ures of this evening will be a cornetand vocal duet rendered by Messrs.Groves and Smith: “More Like theMaster.” Mr. Smith will speak upon

    “Lessons from a Fool.”The Christian people of the city

    are urged to attend the afternoonmeetings of tomorrow and Friday,held at 3:00 p. m. at the’Methodistchurch. Mr. Smith says’ no othermeetings will be of so great import-ance.


    Items of Interest From the DecorahHigh School, Reported by Our

    Special Correspondent.

    The two churches, Methodist andCongregational, will unite In theirmorning service at the Methodistchurch next Sunday, and be address-ed by Evangelist Smith and Prof.Colburn will lead In song. At 3:00p. m. a second mass meeting formen will be held at the hall and Mr.Smith will tell the story of “Win”McClure, the rescue of a railroadengineer. No services will be heldSaturday.

    The Semi-Annual Meeting.The semi-annual meeting of the

    Norske Selskab was held on Thurs-day night, when the following offi-cers were elected:President—Chr. Brandt. .Vice Pres:—N. C. Qualley.Secretary—G. Jorgenson. ' 1 'Vice See. —N. N„ Quandahl.Treasurer—O. C. Johnson*; ,

    Even the 1-high flyer alwaysabove suspicion. i*d

    The Basket Ball Games.On last Friday occurred the dou-

    ble header basket ball games, HighSchool vs. Alunmae and High Schoolvs. Alumni. Both games were inter-esting to watch. Due probably tothe fact that the Alumnae were en-tirely out of practice, they were“swamped” to the tune of 34 to 1.The work of the high school for-wards was brilliant at times. Theline-up and score follows:Alumnae High SchoolR. Helwig, f Brandt, fNaeseth, f Thompson, fR. Engbretson, c Holm, cM. Engbretson, c Haakenson, cF. Helwig, g Wold, gE. Jewell, g N. Jewell, g

    Field Goals: Brandt, 8; Thomp-son, 7. Free throws: Brandt, 3;Thompeon, P; Naeseth, 1.

    The boys’ game was a more evenlymatohed contest as the score, 56 to32, plainly indicates. The game wasmarred by numerous fouls, whichare explained by the fact that someof the Alumni have been playing col-legiate basket ball. The playing wasswift, however, and several prettybaskets were netted. The team workof the high school, especially duringthe last quarter, was excellent. Theline-up and score:Alumni High School

    order as follows: Lillian Winter,Norman Bradish and Myron Downie.These three will be sent to Cresco onFriday of this week, to debate thesame question with the Cresco highschool.

    Annual Church Meetings.The annual meeting of the United

    Lutheran church, Rev. O. E. Schmidtpastor, was held last Thursday, andof the First Norw. Lutheran church,Rev. I. B. Torrison pastor, on Mon-day, when official church businesswas transacted. A week ago theannual meeting of the Congregation-al church was held/ the reports show-ing that the church was free fromdebt, the money for the final pay-ments upon the parsonage havingbeen raised.

    Haakenson, f McClaskey, fShima, f Downie, fSlack, c Cox, cWold, g Groff, gHansen, g Conover, g

    Field goals: Haakenson, 8;Shima, 4; Wold, 1; Downie, 4; Mc-Claskey, XI; Cox, 4; Conover, 3;Groff, 1. Free throws: Haakenson,2; Shima, 3; Wold, 1; Downie, 10.

    The Debate Contest.On Monday evening a debate was

    held in the high school assemblyroom. The«program was opened witha duet by Agnes Thompson and RuthIngvoldstad and a solo by NellieJewell. The question for debate was,“Resolved that the movement oforganized labor for the closed shopshould receive the support of public©pinion.” The speakers for the af-firmative were Norman Bradish,Rudolf Evans and Lawrence Acres.The negative was defended byJamie Groff, Lillian Winter and My-ron Downie. Mr. Harry Green, whopresented a loving cup to the win-ning society, gave a short talk, afterWhich he announced the decision ofthe judges in favor of the negative.The highest marking were given In

    Many a man is able to buy anautomobile because he doesn’t.

    r ’ >

    Installation of Garfield Circle.




    TOILET AND MEDICINAL PREPARATIONSUenqualled in Beauty of Package, in Quality of Ingredients,or in Results to be Obtained by Their Use

    Endorsed and Recommended by Over Five Hundredof the Leading Physicians, Pharmacists and

    Newspapers of the Middle West.

    American Drug & Press AssociationEXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVES:

    E. J. PARMAN, Decorah HAZLETON DRUG CO., Calmar H. H. BLANCHAINE & CO., Osaian

    H. G. WARD, Burr Oak J. M. THOMA, PostviJle ARTHUR PRATT, Waukon

    FRED SCHNEIDER, West Union R. P. BERRY & CO„ Clermont

    Mrs. Mary J. Couse, department

    inspector and past president of Gar-field Circle, L. of G. A. R., will in-stall the following officers at theYeoman hall Wednesday evening:President—Elenora J. Coffeen.Sr. Vice —Ellen Wohlford.Jr. Vice—Anna Wingaard.Treasurer —Josie Cutting.Secretary—Christine Meyrick.Chaplain—Mary J. Couse.Conductor —Rose Larson.Guard—Nellie Thompson.Ass t. Guard —Emily Stortz.Organist and First Delegate—El-

    mina Houg.Second Delegate—-Orlena Francisco;Third Delegate—Olive A. Wicks.Fourth Delegate—Christine Meyrick*First Alternate —Rose Larson.Second Alternate —Emily Stortz.Third Alternate —Clara Beruatz.Fourth Alternate —Nellie Thompson,

    And occasionally a woman’s wis-dom is only skin deep.

    Germs Spread InSkinEczema, Psoriasis and other skin We have had experience with many

    troubles are caused by myriads of remedies for skin trouble but havegerms at work in the skin. Unless never seen such remarkable cures asthese germs are promptly destroyed those from D. D. D. Prescription. In-they rapidly multiply, gnawing their stant relief from the very first appli-way deep into the sensitive tissue, cation.This is what causes that awful itch. We are so confident that D. D. D.and what seemed a mere rash will reach your case that it will costjn»y grow worse and develop into a you nothing if the very first full sizeloathsome and torturing skin disease bottle fails to make good every claim,with its years of misery. If you have skin trouble of any

    Don t take any chances! Destroy the kind, we certainly advise you to dropgerms at the beginning of the trouble in ahd Investigate the merits of D. D.with that soothing and cleansing wash, D. anyway. We know that D. D. D.the D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema.

    A 26c bottle will prove this to you. will help you.E. J. PARMAN, DECORAH, IOWA.

    Business Counsel.The accessibility of its officers is one of the features of

    this bank's business which can scarcely be too strongly emp-hasized.

    Our Aim is to Serve. • \We are constantly informed as to the values of real es-

    tate and securities—their desirability as investments. We areready at all times to share with you our knowledge of theseand kindred subjects.

    Our counsel may enable you to avoid financial pitfalls andto secure absolute safety of principal and a proper annual in-terest return.

    I Citizens SavingsBank.

    Decorah - lowa.

    -’vm- if-: - -y-w* ¦¦ • -If|