decorate your interior with white flower arrangements

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Decorate Your Interior with White Flower Arrangements


  • 1. Decorate Your Interior withWhite Flower Arrangements

2. These are some simple white flower arrangements that I useregularly in styling my own home and clients' homes. They areespecially effective for a dinner party, are easy to arrange andmake you look like an expert interior design stylist. Try someand have fun! 3. This centrepiece contains one bundle of pussy willows, twobouquets of white tulips and one small storage basket. 4. Tie bunches of cala lilies with rope or twine and in clear vases.Arrange bunches of different white flowers in assorted vasesdown center of table or in front of each plate. 5. Perfect white roses in a square glass vase. 6. A white orchid with bamboo cross stakes. 7. THANK YOU


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