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  • JUSTICEThe magazine of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and JuristsSpring-Summer 2015


    Dedicated to Meir Rosenne

    International Human Rights & International Politics

    Lawfare: New Front of Asymmetric Conflicts

    Proportionality & Procedures in International Humanitarian Law

    Pursuing the ICC Crime of Aggression

    Operation Protective Edge: Legal Campaign

    De-legitimization of Israel & Operation Protective Edge

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    JUSTICENo. 56, Spring-Summer 2015

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  • 2 No. 56


    srael experienced a difficult period during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. The Human

    Rights Council appointed the international jurist William Schabas to head a commission examining the conduct of the IDF during that conflict. The commissions mandate was particularly one-sided and constituted an incriminating verdict even before the commission had convened. The government of Israel consequently decided not to cooperate with the commission, and prevented it from visiting Gaza.

    The IAJLJ decided that given its international status, it would try to present the commission with witnesses who were wounded during the conflict. The rationale behind this decision was that to fill the void, it was necessary to clarify to the commission what Israeli citizens experienced during Operation Protective Edge. IAJLJ lawyers interviewed several witnesses from kibbutzim and settlements on the Gaza Strip border. The testimonies were evaluated and in consultation with professionals, it was decided who would be sent to Geneva.

    The appearance of these witnesses, headed by Attorney Gidron-Zemach, before the commission aroused strong reactions in Israel, with encouraging support in light of the desire to present to this commission the experiences of Israeli citizens during the conflict.

    The commissions report was published in June 2015. During its writing, the commissions head, Schabas, resigned after it was discovered that he provided Hamas with legal counsel but did not reveal this information at the time of his appointment.

    Judge Mary McGowan Davis was appointed as the commissions chair following Schabas resignation, and she is to present the report at the next meeting of the Human Rights Council. I intend to be present in order to respond to the reports contents within the framework of the limited time available to us.

    Since the last issue of Justice, elections took place in Israel. The result clearly shows Israel as divided in two. A narrow government was formed, making governance difficult. During the elections, we witnessed many acts of racism, often towards Israels Arab sector. IAJLJ decided to take action on this matter and linked up with a group of Israeli Arab lawyers for the purpose of establishing a joint committee to fight racism. The event was held at the residence of Israels President, who devotes much of his

    activity to bringing people of diverse backgrounds closer together. The event was very moving. Both sides addressed the need for shared work which we hope will advance cooperation with lawyers from the Arab sector.

    President Rivlin spoke from his heart, after deciding to deviate from his prepared speech. He mentioned the tragedy of two nations upon both of which it is decreed to share the same land, and added that until we know how to live in peace among ourselves and with the Arab sector in Israel, we will not be able to realize our dream of peace. I believe this, too, with my whole heart. In June 2015, the IAJLJ is holding a meeting with the representative of the Arab lawyers group, during which we will decide on joint activities.

    The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) phenomenon is part of the decision made by the Palestinian Authority to fight Israel non-violently (a decision which draws a good deal of admiration). Part of this approach involves turning to the International Criminal Court, as well as to various other international organizations. Various groups worldwide are organizing themselves in the framework of this ban. In many instances, the attempt at upholding a ban has failed, as occurred in France where specific legislation exists against BDS. The ban also failed in several instances in the UK.

    Nonetheless, it is very disturbing to see the phenomenon spread to various places in the world and reach groups in university campuses, financial organizations, and cultural organizations, all stepping into the intellectual discourse on civilian society, and more.

    In Israel, and internationally, preparations are expanding towards taking action against this ban, and the IAJLJ will also relate to it.

    The IAJLJ in March 2015 held a side event in the Human Rights Council on human rights in Hamas.