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    Deep Purple Time To Kill Guitar Tab

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  • Time To KillDeep Purple

    Here's a first draft of one of the songs from the new album - rather poppy whichmeans the main riff isn't particularly difficult. Mostly perfect fourths in typical Blackmore fashion. I haven't worked out the solo or the bits over theverse because there's lots going on and I couldn't be bothered

    If anyone works out anymore, please send me the details and I'll incorporate itinto a master version.



    Time To KillDeep Purple(from 'The Battle Rages On')


    Riff 1 (Main)

    (P = palm mute briefly before changing chord)( x = left hand mute and strike strings)

    note: 9-P means play 9th position, hold and then mute 9P mean play 9th position and then mute

    E|------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------| G|-xx-9P-7-P-xx-7P-6-P-xx-6P-4-P-xx-7P-6-P--|D|-xx-9P-7-P-xx-7P-7-P-xx-7P-4-P-xx-7P-7-P--|A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|

    (play riff 1 * 4) + through chorus

    Consider your position position your defenseWhy don't you let me ask you is it coincidenceFeeding speculators on a downhill gravy trainLike vultures ripping out the eyes to reach the dying brain

    Listen to the wind - a silent scream

    (fill 1)

    E|--------------------------------| B|-10~-9~-7~-9~-10~-9~-7~-9~-7~---| G|--------------------------------| D|--------------------------------| A|--------------------------------|

  • E|--------------------------------|

    Tearing at your broken heartLike a forgotten dream

    And there's a time for peace a time for warWondering what we've been put here forA time for giving a time to takeA time for love and a time for hateA time to beg and a time to stealSo you gamble on that spinning wheelOf all these things I've had my fillLord I need some time to kill

    Ten percent of nothing is exactly what you gotYou think you've got the given right to take another shotI'll take away your money all you've got is coloured beadsFind a piece of land where you can sow your seeds

    Listen to the wind - a silent scream

    (fill 1)

    Tearing at your broken heartLike a forgotten dream

    There's a time for passion a time for painA time to learn that we're all the sameA time to remember a time to forgetWondering how we're going to pay our debtsA time for thunder a time for rainWaiting for the seasons to changeOf all these things I've had my fillLord I need some time to kill

    repeat both chorus's

    [organ outro]

    >From (Jason O'Broin)

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