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DeKalb County Email SecretsBy Viola Davis, November 1, 2015Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter submitted an Open Records Request to DeKalb County, October 2014, for several email accounts from the Purchasing and Contracting Department, particularly the emails from the prior director, Kelvin Walton.We were eventually forced to file a complaint with the state Attorney General (twice) before the Open Records Request was answered. DeKalb County handed over seven discs containing over 20,000 emails.Several emails will reveal the public was intentionally misled. We have found emails described as “smoking guns” that will show elected officials were informed of policies, procedures, deficiencies, corrective actions on the issues of the purchasing cards (p-cards).We have emails that reveal the destruction of government documents, auditors being forced to leave premises, and claims of bid-rigging, etc.Investigators with Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter obtained emails through an Open Records Request that revealed information on serious issues involving the following:1. Repair of Lee May’s Home2. Destruction of government documents and bid-rigging3. District Attorney purchasing card (p-card) audit and deficiencies dated 20104. District Attorney’s assistant, Clarissa Brown, and the forfeiture account5. DeKalb County Sheriff’s office made auditors leave the premises dated 12/30/20116. Liens against DeKalb County and claims of violation of False Claims Act7. Browns Mill Aquatic Center company’s contract and violationsWe will present the emails in seven attachments for the public to review for themselves.Enclosures: Attachments 1-7