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<ul><li> 1. A PRESENTATION ONDELAY IN FORMULATION OF TOWN PLANNING SCHEMESGuide Dr.J.E.M.Macwan Seminar Coordinator Shri. Chetan R PatelPrepared by: Malvika Jaishal (P12UP004)P.G. URBAN PLANNING CIVIL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT, M.TECH. (PLANNING), SEMESTER-3</li></ul> <p> 2. CONTENTS Introduction Issues Town Planning Acts GTPUDATown Planning Schemes Causes of Delay Experts View Suggestions Summary References 3. INTRODUCTION This presentation is an attempt to give a brief view about Town planning Schemes and will address the loopholes in practices of preparing TP Schemes.It include few suggestion that can be introduce in to speed up the process of preparing TPS. 4. ISSUES In Gujarat State out of 800 TP, 350 TPS are pending before to state government for final approval.In Surat, only out of 128 TP Schemes 60 TPS is in Draft Preliminary State and 28 are in Sanction Preliminary State.The prime issue is the delay in the process of Formulation of Town Planning Schemes and its sanction from State Government. 5. HISTORY OF TOWN PLANNING ACT TPS is well coordinated &amp; powerful tool for PlanningTown Planning Acts: Bombay Town Planning Act, 1915 &amp; 1954 MRTP Act 1966 Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976 6. GUJARAT TOWN PLANNING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT ACT Enacted in 1976GTPUDA mandates the creation of Area Development Authorities.Urban Planning in Gujarat is 2 Step Process. Development Plan Town Planning Schemes 7. TOWN PLANNING SCHEME It based on Land Pooling Techniques and Redistribution.TPS is conceptualize as joint venture between the local Authorities and owner of land.Area- 100-120 HaTime Frame- 50 -60 months 8. TIME FRAME OF FORMATION PROCESSHearing 9. REASON OF SUCCESS Manageable scheme size Self-financing Land owner satisfaction Fair Process Early provision of infrastructure 10. CAUSES OF DELAY LONG-ACTING PERIOD3 stage process 49 months for sanctioning of TPs No force on the State Government to sanction TP in definite time period. 11. LIMITEDDATACadastre Data are not updated at regular basis. It takes more than 6 month to collect data. Need Certification from Revenue Department USING ARCHAIC MAPSArchaic Maps are so old and not updated. Distortion of data to match with Revenue Data, in order to get certified. It does not match with current Scenario of land. 12. MANNER OF REVIEWS OF TPS IS INADEQUATE.Too Much Centralized Process. State government review both procedural and planning procedure. State Govt. is reviewing TPS in two stages, each in Preliminary Stage and at Final Stage. 13. INADEQUATE PLANNING CAPACITY OF GOVT. AUTHORITIES Lack of Technical capacity of local government.Less Staff in Town Planning Department.1 TPO is handling more than 10 TP scheme 14. EXPERTS VIEW 3 Stage of Preparing TP Scheme is UnnecessaryMain delay occurs between preliminary and Final Town Planning Scheme.A thought to Review Process, should remain with local authorities, but it will be hard to maintain the system transparent.Lack of StaffPrivate sector capacities have not significantly developed.Quick implementation will lead to faster growth. 15. SUGGESTIONS Enforcement on State Govt.Limiting the role of the State Government.Streamlining the land records at State levelUtilizing Private Sector Capacities 16. SUMMARY TPS has tremendous potentialQuick Implementation is need of Time.Modification of Town Planning Act and Policy.Enhancing &amp; Utilizing Private Sector Capacities . 17. REFERENCES Department Of Town Planning Of Maharashtra, Maharashtra Town And Regional Planning Act, 1966 Maharashtra.Department Of Town Planning Of Gujarat, Gujarat Town Planning And Urban Development Act, 1976, Last Embedded In 2000.Government Of India Ministry Of Home Affairs National Disaster Management Division (Sept 2004), Town And Country Planning Act-1960.Maharashtra Regional And Town Planning Act, 1966, Urban Development Plans Formulation And Implementation Guide, Ministry Of Urban Affairs &amp; Employment , Government Of India August1996.Shirley Ballaney (2008), The Town Planning Mechanism In Gujarat, India, World Bank Institute. Washington, D.C.Shirley Ballaney (2010),Land Pooling and Reconstitution: A Self-Financing Mechanism for Urban Development. IDFC group Policy Group Quarterly No.7, IndiaSri Ramakrishna Nallathiga Centre Of Good Governance (2010)managing Urban Growth Using The Town Planning Schemes In Andhra Pradesh.The Gujarat Town Planning Act And Urban Development Act 1976, Urban Development Plans Formulation And Implementation Guide August 1996 </p>