deli & salads american cheese. cheddar cheese swiss cheese. provolone cheese. salads. potato salad

Download Deli & Salads American Cheese. Cheddar Cheese Swiss Cheese. Provolone Cheese. Salads. Potato Salad

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  • Deli & Salads M e at s a n d C h e e s e s

    Roast Beef Roasted here at the store. Cooked medium rare, to medium. All natural, nothing added

    Roast Turkey All natural, nothing added

    Baked Ham Delicious flavor and texture. All natural, nothing added

    Corned Beef Salt cured and delicious



    American Cheese

    Cheddar Cheese

    Swiss Cheese

    Provolone Cheese

    S a l a d s

    Potato Salad Russet potatoes, mayo and herbs with hard boiled egg chunks

    Tuna Mac Salad White tuna, elbow macaroni with mayo, fresh herbs and spices

    Macaroni Salad Elbow mac with mayo and celery and seasonings

    Chicken Salad White meat chicken, celery, mayo, hard boiled egg

    Egg Salad Country style egg salad made with mayo and seasonings

    Cole Slaw Cabbage, carrot slaw with tangy mayo and seasonings

    Brocolli Salad

    Pasta Salad

    Housemade Hummus Changes daily, ask us

    2 6 6 0 S tat e R o u t e 9 L Q u e e n s b u r y, N e w Y o r k 1 2 8 0 4 • 5 1 8 - 6 5 6 - 9 0 5 7

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