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1. Demonstrative Adjectives Adjectives describe nouns, therefore, these demonstrative adjectives are going to describe and answer the question Which or Cul. Give me the red book. Which book? The red book. 2. Demonstrative Adjectives Give me that book. *Notice the that takes the place of red as the adjective describing the noun. Which book? That book. I want this cat. Which cat? This cat. 3. all Close To me Close To you Far You/me This/These That/Those That/Those Over there Far Adjetivos Demostrativos allaqu 4. aqu all all This/These That/Those That/Those Over there Far M. ESTE ESTOS F. ESTA ESTAS M. ESE ESOS F. ESA ESAS AQUEL AQUELLOS AQUELLA AQUELLAS Adjetivos Demostrativos 5. Adjetivos Demostrativos Depending on the noun (noun and adjective agreement) will determine which form of the demonstrative adjective that you use. Por ejemplo: La mochila feminine, so use: esta, esa, aquella El libro masculine, so use: este, ese, aquel 6. Adjetivos Demostrativos This and These both have ts, este, esta / estos, estas That and Those dont. ese, esa / esos, esas 7. Adjetivos Demostrativos Por Ejemplo: I need this backpack. Yo necesito esta mochila. Which backpack? This backpack. Jorge has that book. Jorge tiene ese libro. Which book? That book. 8. Pronombres Demostrativos Demonstratives in the pronoun form take the place of the noun in the sentence. Por ejemplo: The pencil is yours. This is yours. The book is mine. This is mine. The car is his. That is his. 9. Pronombres Demostrativos Demonstrative Pronouns answer the question, Which one? They are used when you take the noun out of the sentence, but replace it with the appropriate noun agreement demonstrative to indicate what you are talking about. YOU STILL USE NOUN/PRONOUN AGREEMENT!!! (like noun/adjective agreement) 10. aqu all all This/These That/Those That/Those Over There Far M. STE STOS F. STA STAS M. SE SOS F. SA SAS AQUL AQULLOS AQULLA AQULLAS Pronombres Demostrativos 11. Pronombres Demostrativos. Por ejemplo: 1. Juan reads the book. Juan reads this. Juan lee el libro. Juan lee ste. 2. I like the pen. I like that. Yo me gusta la pluma. Yo me gusta sa. 3. I see the cows (way over there). I see those. Yo veo las vacas. Yo veo aqullas. 12. Neutral Genders There are neutral forms of the demonstratives that do not change for number or gender. These are used for unknown objects. Esto- this thing Eso- that thing Aquello- that thing over there


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