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  • 1. Denture Repairs

2. Repairs to a Denture are Common-place. For all Kinds of reasons Primarily for accidental breakage Breakage may occur when denture no-longer fits, in which case repair should be seen as temporary whilst new denture is arranged. 3. ` 4. Repairs need to be undertaken by qualified personnel 5. To Repair 6. Check Denture fits back on Model. For Dentures without a Model ensure broken pieces fit back together and make a model using Denture. 7. Chamfer broken edges of Denture. 8. Wet broken join with monomer. Add Self-Curing repair acrylic. Over-contour the repair. 9. Dust Polymer powder over repair. 10. Cured Acrylic. 11. Acrylic is trimmed and contoured 12. Ready for Pumicing & Polishing!