design portfolio. purpose of this presentation –define portfolio...

Download Design Portfolio. Purpose of this presentation –Define portfolio –Indicate portfolio content –Explain portfolio uses –Give examples of portfolio entries

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  • Design Portfolio
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  • Purpose of this presentation Define portfolio Indicate portfolio content Explain portfolio uses Give examples of portfolio entries Show how instructors can use these
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  • What Is a Portfolio? Record of history Display of best works Organized collection of materials Collection of evidence to prove original work Tool used to help students master course content
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  • Portfolio Types Types of portfolios Project Course Combined For our purposes, we will focus on a course portfolio
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  • Why Use Portfolios? Uses of portfolio Record important events Show samples of best work Provide evidence that the design is an original Teach revision, professionalism, and evaluation
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  • Whats Inside a Portfolio? Design portfolio contains Technical graphics and photographs of project work Written documentation such as design brief, research, and statistical information Rubric by which work was graded Self-evaluation
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  • Portfolio Structure Design process can be used to arrange portfolio in a logical manner
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  • Protective front and back covers Spiral binding so that portfolio opens fully to lie flat Personal logo Contact information Physical Aspects of a Portfolio
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  • Contains Your picture Brief autobiography Content related to your goals Personal Information Page
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  • Design project introduction Design brief Explains the problem, the challenge, and the project constraints Project Title Page
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  • Research Examples of project research Key findings Information simple and clear Be brief
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  • Show ideation process or result of brainstorming Include several types Evidence of idea selection process Sketches
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  • Document idea development work All dimensions Information to justify materials selected Mathematical calculations Technical Drawings
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  • Assembly explanations Images of prototypes Modeling
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  • Statistical information to support solution Improvements or modifications Testing and Evaluation
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  • Rubrics Include rubrics May include self- assessment May include team assessment
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  • The Completed Portfolio Sources cited Stands alone Can be used in presentations


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