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History of D&D.


  • Designers & Dragons: The 70s Credits

    Shannon AppelclineAuthor and Researcher

    John AdamusEditor

    Karen TwelvesProofreader

    Fred Hicks and Adam Jury Layout

    Daniel Solis Graphic Design

    Andrew BosleyCover Art

    Chris HanrahanBusiness Development

    Carrie Harris Marketing Manager

    Sean Nittner Project Manager

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  • ContentsForeword: The 70s 7

    A Future History of Roleplaying 9A Note to Readers of the First Edition 10

    Part One: Founding Days (19531974) 11TSR: 19731997 13

    A Brief Introduction: 1958+ 13Gary Gygax & Chainmail: 19671971 14Dave Arneson & Black Moor: 19691972 15Publishing the Fantasy Game: 19721973 18Selling the Fantasy Game: 19741975 20A Year of Innovative Products: 1975 23A Year of Innovative Changes: 1975 26A Year of Expansion: 1976 28Allies & Competitors: 19761982 31The Tolkien Connection: 19741977 33Basic & Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: 19771980 36Growing Staff, Changing Priorities: 19771980 39Back to Basics: 1981 40D&D Supplements & Growth: 19781981 41Mutants, Gunfighters, Spies, Gangsters & Knight Hawks: 19781983 49A Hysterical Interlude: 19791982 51Rapid Expansion & Growth: 19801983 52The Blumian Revolution: 19811982 54The SPI Takeover: 1982 55The Lawsuits, Round One: 19821984 57The Book Explosion: 19821983 58D&D Soldiers On: 19821984 59The Bubble Bursts: 19831985 61Dragonlance & Other Media: 19841985 66Marvel Super Heroes & Other Color-Chart Games: 19841986 67The Gygaxian Counter-Revolution: 19851986 71Lorraine Williams vs. Gary Gygax: 19851986 76Enter the Forgotten Realms (and Mystara): 19871989 78Other MediaBooks, Computers & Comics: 19881993 81The Rest of the Hysteria: 19821990 85AD&D 2: 19841989 87TSR West: 19891992 91Early Second Edition Lines: 19891991 98New Settings: 19891993 100Basic D&D Ends (Triumphantly): 19891996 102A Buck Rogers Interlude: 19881995 104Other Games: 19871994 105The Lawsuits, Round Two: 19871994 106AD&Ds Nadir: 19931996 108Innovation to the End: 19941996 110TSRs Demise: 19961997 112Thoughts on a Rise & Fall: 1997 114Thoughts from the Future: 2013 114

  • Part Two: The Floodgates Open (19751976) 119Flying Buffalo: 1970-Present 121

    PBM Beginnings: 19701975 121Enter Tunnels & Trolls: 1975 124Other Roleplaying Beginnings: 19751980 126Death, War, Traps, and Retail: 19801981 128Blade Appears: 1982 130A Hysterical Interlude: 19791982 132The Crunch: 19831985 132RPG Endings: 19861997 135Quiet Years: 19952004 137The RPG Revivals: 20052009 137Flying Buffalo Today: 2010-Present 138

    Games Workshop: 1975-Present 140Before the Dwarf: 19751977 140The Birth of White Dwarf: 19771978 143Citadel & Explosive Growth: 19781982 145Fighting Fantasy: 19801995 146The End of the Beginning: 19821985 148The Move to Nottingham: 1986 152The Last Years of Roleplay: 19861988 153Beyond Roleplaying: 19892004 155The Black Library: 1997-Present 158Back to Miniatures: 2008-Present 160

    GDW: 19731996 162Wargaming Beginnings: 19721975 162The Path to Traveller: 19751977 163Traveller the RPG: 1977 164Little Black Books All the Same: 19781984 166The Early Licensees: 19791984 169The Rest of Classic Traveller: 19821987 171Wargames and Twilight: 19771987 172The First New Traveller: 19861989 174DGP and MegaTraveller: 19851987 175Hard Times: 19871991 177The New Era Dawns: 19901991 179The New Era Emerges: 19911995 180The Dangerous Journey: 19921994 183Final Days: 19911995 184Latter Days: 1996-Present 187

    Judges Guild: 19761983, 19992010 190The Founding of the City State: 19741976 190The Initial Subscriptions: 19761977 193Becoming a Business: 19771978 195A Dungeoneer Interlude: 19751981 200Meeting the Competition: 19781980 202Licenses, Licenses, Licenses: 19781982 204Guilded Heights & A Fall: 19801981 206Judgement Day: 19811983 208Rebirth: 1999Present 211

  • Part Three: The First Wargaming Wave (19761977) 215Metagaming Concepts: 19751983 217

    Board Game Beginnings: 19751976 217Roleplaying Beginnings: 19751977 220The MicroGame Breakout: 19771982 223A Fantasy Trip Begins: 19771978 224The Metagaming/Jackson Split: 19801981 226TFT after Jackson: 19801981 227The Rest of The Fantasy Trip: 19811982 229Final Trends: 19811983 230

    Fantasy Games Unlimited: 19751991 234Scattered Beginnings: 19751976 234A Chevalier Rides Through: 19761979 237Other Early Publications: 19781980 239Space Opera & The Rest of Simbalist: 19801984 241Picking Up Other Lines: 19811983 243The Good Times: 19811986 244FGUs Waterloo: 19871988 248Aftermath (Not the Game): 1988-Present 249

    Chaosium: 1975-Present 253Board Game Beginnings: 19751981 253Roleplaying Beginnings: 19771980 256The Birth of RuneQuest: 19771983 257Other Supplemental RPGs: 19791987 259The Birth of BRP: 19801982 263BRP Growth & Change: 19821987 266A Licensing Interlude: 19792000 269The Emergence of Arkham Horror: 1984 270The Waking of the King: 19851987 271The First Downturn: 19851988 272The Second Golden Age: 19891992 274Fiction Lines: 19921997 276Another Boom & Bust: 19931998 279The Chaosium Split: 19972000 280Modern Chaosium & The Third Downturn: 19992003 281Mostly Monographs & Reprints: 2003-Present 282A BRP Renaissance: 2008-Present 286

    Gamescience: 19651969, 1974-Present 288Wargaming Beginnings: 19651969 288Lou Zocchi, Independent Author: 19711973 290Lou Zocchi, Independent Distributor: 19731975 291The Early Dice Chronicles: 19751980 292The Return of Gamescience & The Start of Roleplaying: 19741977 295The First Superhero RPG: 19771978 297Soldiers & Martians: 19781980 298The Empire Strikes Back: 19801987 301The Rest of the Roleplaying: 19871995, 2010 304The Rest of the Dice: 1983-Present 306Winding Down: 1997-Present 308

    Heritage Models, 19741983 310Separate Paths: 19641976 310The Boom Years: 19771979 312The Year of Change: 1979 315The Final Years: 19801983 316

  • Part Four: Universal Publishers (19781979) 319Grimoire Games: 19791984, 1993 321

    The San Francisco Bay Area Before Grimoire Games: 19751977 321Dave Hargrave Before Grimoire Games: 19681978 323Enter Grimoire Games: 19791980 329An Adventure & Other Revisions: 19811984 331Dragon Tree & The Last of Grimoire Games: 19841993 333Arduin After Grimoire Games: 1993-Present 336

    DayStar West Media: 19791982 338A Few Publications: 19791980 338Secrets Uncovered: 1981-Present 340

    Midkemia Press: 19791983 342The Press Gang: 19751977 342The Publication History of Midkemia Press: 19791983 344Raymond Feists Midkemia: 1977-Present 346The Chaosium Rebirth: 19861988 348Latter-Day Midkemia: 1993-Present 349

    Appendix I: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Roleplaying in the 70s 3521. Roleplaying Still Lay Very Near Its Wargaming Origins 3532. Games were Competitive 3533. Rules were Guidelines 3544. D&D was the De Facto Standard 3555. Science-Fantasy was a Heavy Influence 3556. Players Made Up Their Own Stuff 3567. Players Published Professional Content Too 3578. Companies Didnt Know What to Publish 3589. There Were No Editions as We Know Them 35910. Centralization Was Poor 360

    Appendix II: Bibliography & Thanks 361Books 361Magazines 362Web Sites 362Fact Checkers 363Scanners 364Special Thanks 364

  • The Magic of Beginnings

    The dawn of the gaming industry was magical, like the start of a new year or the birth of a baby. A bright and promising event was occurring as we watched, somewhat wide eyed with amazement and tickled by every new thing that

    occurred. It was like getting a new game thats so cool that we started to play before we even knew the rules.

    I was in that zeitgeist up to my ears. I had just moved to California and my daughter had just been born. There I was, a young father in a new place seeking to establish myself. All options were open. Every act had long-term implications, none of which were known.

    Incredibly, magic literally did help form Chaosium, which was like another child for me. I had not planned to start a company and help shape an industry. I designed my first game simply to fulfill a passion. My personal magic of the beginnings was a Tarot card reading that commanded me to start a company for an industry that did not yet exist. I dove into it; ignorant of what was needed, riding entirely on that passion. I published my game and went forth to sell it. Details of this courageous and nave act are contained in Shannons history of Chaosium, including wonderful facts about how our indu