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Presented at the Public Sector Trainers Meet Trainers (PSTMT) Seminar held at INTAN Bukit Kiara on 9th December, 2014. Description: In this interactive talk, we will explore how to design interactive and engaging blended learning experiences using various methods and online tools. We will actively look at how we can transform face-to-face (F2F) learning using the ‘Flipped Classroom’ and ‘Gamification’ methods. Then we will explore various interactive web tools to engage participants and develop interactive presentations.


  • 1. Zaid Ali Alsagoff

2. Biggest Challenge Ahead? The Second Machine Age: Anything you can do, I can do BETTER, FASTER & CHEAPER! Disruptively rapid codification and automation of routine and complex processes by computers and robots. 3. Future Learning Methods? Learn While Sleeping! Massive Open Sleeping Courses! Super Delta Brain Wave Learning! 4. Learning Uploads/Chips! Future Learning Methods? Learning Pills! Learning Implants, Uploads & Super Learning Neurons! 5. TopicTodays Menu LEARNING BLENDED FLIPPING TOOLS GAMIFYING 6. 1 LEARNING 7. Time Cover:,16641,20061218,00.html 8. Survival Skills for Careers, College & Citizenship 1. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving 2. Collaboration Across Networks & Leading by Influence 3. Agility & Adaptability 4. Initiative & Entrepreneurialism 5. Effective Oral & Written Communication 6. Accessing & Analyzing Information 7. Curiosity & Imagination Presentation Slides: Video: 7 Dr. Tony Wagner 9. Constructive Alignment (CA) Learning Activities ContentAssessment Learning Outcomes More about Constructive Alignment:'_Model_of_Constructive_Alignment_in_Curriculum_Design/Introduction - John Biggs 10. Brain-Targeted Teaching: Rules: Empower Brain-Designed Learning Minute Rule to Stimulate the Brain and Maximize the Students Potential. 10 11. Source: Juggling has been shown to increase both GREY and WHITE matter in the brain! Did You Know? Empowers us to: FOCUS BETTER THINK FASTER IMPROVED COORDINATION ENHANCED PERIPHERAL VISION AWAKEN THE KID IN US! 12. 2 BLENDED 13. More Flexibility Better Quality Global Reach Save Money Reduce Seat Time Enhance Digital Literacies Video Introduction: Blended Learning: General Video (Curtis Bonk): What & Why Blended Learning? Why? F2F Online *F2F: Face-to-Face 14. Table: BLENDEDF2F ONLINE 0% - 29% 80% - 100%30% - 79% *F2F: Face-to-Face 15. 5 Key Components of Blended Learning Source Slide 13: 16. 3 FLIPPING 17. Blended *F2F: Face-to-Face Finding the Right Blend Online F2F Video: Christensen Institute (Source): 18. Infographic: Introduction Video: 19. Source: 20. Source: 21. 4 GAMIFYING 22. If You Can Have _______, WHY NOT? 23. Gamify Learning Experiences! 24. Gamification? The process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users. - Gabe Zichermann Source (Slide 11): 25. Game Mechanics? Constructs of rules and feedback loops intended to produce enjoyable gameplay. Building blocks that can be applied and combined to gamify any non-game context. 26. Chopped out from this Infographic: Building Blocks Badges: Rewarded a badge for completing a task/level. 27. Chopped out from this Infographic: Building Blocks (2) 28. EXAMPLES? 29. Uses Existing Games to Amplify Learning! Mr. Pai Mr. Pai features scalable, game based curriculum using Flower Power of, Timez Attack,, Nintendo DS, Brain Age 2, Raz-Kids, etc. 30. BozemanScience: Uses Moodle & Google Docs! Paul Andersen His Method: Uses elements of game design to improve his AP Biology class. The entire class revolves around Moodle. Students complete levels to acquire experience points and move up the leader board. 31. Acquire Badges for Completing Tasks! Western Oklahoma State College 32. C2S2C Method 33. GAMIFY IT! Use C2S2C Method to 1 Challenge 2 Compete 3 Show COURSE Learning Outcome (LO) LO LO LO LO LO LO LEARNING ACTIVITY 4 Score 5 Celebrate! 34. Gamification can be applied to sequential or non-sequential learning tasks/activities. o Level 3 o Points (100) o Advanced o Badge (3) o Map (100%) o A o 100% o Destinction o Rubric o Peer-Assess o Level 2 o Points (80) o Novice o Badge (2) o Map (80%) o B o 80% o Credit o Rubric o Peer-Assess Examples: o Level 1 o Points (40) o Beginner o Badge (1) o Map (40%) Examples: o C o 40% o Pass o Rubric o Peer-Assess 1. CHALLENGE TASK/ACTIVITY 1. A 2. A-B 3. A-B-C 4. A-B-C-D 5. A-B-C-D-E 6. A-B-C-D-E-F 7. A-B-C-D-E-F-G 8. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H 9. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I 10.A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J 11.A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J-K GAMIFICATIONGRADING 35. Example? Gameplay: 3 Hours to do this Group Activity 36. 2. COMPETE Individual or Group 37. 3. SHOW PRESENT YOUR MASTERPIECE! FEEDBACK + Q&A 38. 4. SCORE Map Levels Points Polling Badges Rubric Scored by Self, Peer, Teacher and/or Computer Assessment. Select Your Game Mechanics Flavor! Rank Survey Bonuses Countdown Rewards Rewards StatusAvatars 39. 5. CELEBRATE Its NOT really about winning, but using game mechanics to engage and inspire real effort. - Zaid Alsagoff 40. OER Workshop at USM (27 28 June, 2012) Gamifying to engage USM ACADEMICS to develop OER! *OER: Open Educational Resource 41. 2nd OER Workshop at USM (27 28 August, 2012) Gamified Classroom Learning Works! 42. 43. Dont gamify everything, but at least consider gamifying the BORING stuff! Zaid Alsagoff Image source: 44. 5 TOOLS 45. A Content Development 46. Tools to Spice Up Your Content? Design 1 10 Minute Learning Nuggets! 47. Share Your Content Online 150+ Tools: 48. B Online Interactivity 49. 150+ Tools: Build Online Courses Free & Commercial Options! 50. Interact & Collaborate Online Using IMU Webinar Series (example): Various Social Media & Web 2.0 Tools! 51. Use Social/Intelligent Curation Tools To Pull, Discover, Filter, Organize & Share! 52. C Classroom Engagement 53. Use Interactive Web Tools to Spice Up Face-to-Face (F2F) Learning! Student Response Systems (SRS) that empower teachers to engage their students via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 54. D HELP! 55. Blended & Flipped Learning in 56. Android iPAD Web 2.0 Blooms Digital Taxonomies! Google M O R E 57. More Learning Tools? 58. Best Quick Reference Guides to Tools? Social Media & Web 2.0 Reference Guides: 59. 6 MOVING FORWARD 60. Designing Blended Learning Simplified! Engaging Flow Gamify! Learning Activities ContentAssessment Learning Outcomes Tools Blended Mix F2F Online 61. Have a ZaidLearn! Finally, You Might Want To 62. 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