designing for mobile. a ux perspective for developers

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Designing for mobileA UX perspective for developers

Oscar GonzlezDuppy Oscar@duppy_ocioDuppy Oscar

UX Architect at Accenture/AvanadeUX / Front-end ConsultantExa UDEM (LTI)

OverviewKnow your userKnow your goalsEvaluate the resourcesGet inspirationDesignTest

Know your userPeople have different needs, goals, preferences and devices

Needs & GoalsIs it for fun? Is it for business?What is the user expected to do?What is the app expected to do?Why would this app be successful?

It is useful to do Personas / ArchetypesBusiness goals

App goals

User needs

Choosing platforms

iOSAndroidWindows 8BlackberryHandhelds

Example:Adoption of Windows Phone in ArgentinaBanorte

Available ResourcesAccelerometerGPSCameraNFCInternet connection

App contextHow and where is our app is going to be used?

Portrait / LandscapeLighting / ContrastHow is the device going to be heldIs people driving? Flying? Laying on bed?Is people in an emergency?Do we need voice commands?

Get inspiredGetting ideas from others

How to get inspired?Take a look to others workLook for patterns and conventionsSketch Ask for helpPractice

Guidelines & ResourcesDifferent platforms, different experiences

iOSContent is kingTake advantage of the whole screenReconsider visual indicators of physicality and realism.Let translucent UI elements hint at the content behind them.

Defer to content

iOSUse of plenty negative spaceLet color simplify the UIEnsure legibility by using system fontsEmbrace borderless buttons.Provide clarity

AndroidDelight me in surprising waysReal objects are more fun than buttons and menusLet me make it mineGet to know meEnchant me

AndroidKeep it briefPictures are faster than wordsDecide for me but let me have the final sayOnly show what I need when I need itI should always know where I amNever lose my stuffIf it looks the same, it should act the sameOnly interrupt me is its important

Simplify my life

AndroidGive me tricks that work everywhereIt's not my faultSprinkle encouragementDo the heavy lifting for meMake important things fastMake me amazing

Windows 8 Metro Modern StylePride in craftmanshipDo more with less: Content, not ChromeAuthentically digitalWin as OneFast and fluid: be alive (motion)

Think around the boxGuidelines Template

Sketch firstDraw, erase, redraw

There are plenty of tools available

Interactions & GesturesBuild for the fingersSwipePressPress & HoldDrag to refreshPinchTap.

Create engagement with interactionsFor example:FlipboardJobrTinderPaperInfinite scroll

Building your ideaNative / Responsive / Web app

Which way to go?NativeResponsiveJquery mobileXamarinTitaniumPhonegapChoose wisely: They all have pros and cons. Evaluate their strengths Evaluate time and effort User tolerance Performance

Dont forget middle tiersWeb services are your friends

Common mistakesRolloversBig data loadingUnreachable ButtonsTactile areaResolutionsMissing guidelinesCant be developed

Testing & PrototypingYou dont need expensive tools for ptototyping:

Paper PrototypingPower point (seriously)AxureOmnigraffleUXPIN

Thank you