designing open badges to recongise digital leaders

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  • 1.Designing Open badges to recognise StudentDigitalLeaders/ Digital Leaders #DLBadges DesignWorkshop Toshiba lecture Wed 30 Jan / 1 Feb #Bett2013

2. Whos involved in Open Badges? 3. Our Open Badge 4. MedalsPushedouttoOpenBadgeInfrastructureandhavevaluetoabroadaudienceQualita9veassessmentofskillsbypeers/leaders3setsJournalist,Coach&Producer3levelsineachset:Bronze,Silver&Gold 5. WhatareDigitalLeaders? 6. Essen9alelementsofDigitalLeadership Role ProblemPassing solvingon skills Technologymastery 7. How to young people sum upStudent Digital Leaders? Mozilla London HQ Jan 2013 8. Mozilla London HQ Jan 2013 9. Student concept:Backseat Teacher 10. People look up to us and askfor help. We arent strangeanymore for liking ICT. Theyvalue are thoughts and ideasStudent, Lady Lumley School 11. TheProblem:HowdoyourecognisetheaccomplishmentsofDigitalLeaders? 12. WhatareMozillaOpenBadges? 13. BADGE101 14. Open Badges are images withmetadata hard-coded into them 15. Visual representations ofachievements, learning, skills, interests, competencies 16. They can represent hard & soft skills, peer assessment, andstackable lifelong learning 17. after-school program free online course government agency 18. DISPLAY SITESpersonal web sitejob sitessocial networking WordPress / Tumblr proles 19. 20. Whatarebadges? >Recognisebehaviour >Trustbuiltbycommunity 21. >Unlockrewards 22. Badgedesignprocess:>Skills,behaviours,ac9vi9es>Evidence,milestones,levels>Mo9va9on&endorsement>Design>Issuing 23. BadgeIdeas:StudentDigitalLeadersLadyLumleySchoolYork 24. MoreBadgeIdeasfromDigitalLeaders 25. How dowe issuebadges? 26. Howarebadgesawarded?>Teacherawarded>AutomaQc> 27. HowtogetinvolvedJointheS2RMedalsBetagroup 28.