Designing Smart Facilities for Distance Learning Environments

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Designing Smart Facilities for Distance Learning Environments. Presented by Israel Fletes UCR - Multimedia Technologies. Background. UCR received a large donation in support of a new campus in Palm Desert (Palm Springs area) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Designing Smart Facilities for Distance Learning EnvironmentsPresented byIsrael Fletes UCR - Multimedia Technologies</p></li><li><p>BackgroundUCR received a large donation in support of a new campus in Palm Desert (Palm Springs area)Design and Construction carried out the design and recommendation process for building, furniture, landscaping and AVComputing was given a copy of the AV consultants recommendations on the new campus technologyThe technology plan was extremely limitedAVC-Computing challenged the recommendation by having the computing team generate a UCR design of the AV, phones and network</p></li><li><p>ObjectiveBuild a campus with a standard suite of presentation technologyThe technology must be supported via the networkAll rooms need videoconferencing devices</p></li><li><p>Why are we doing this?New Remote Campus 45 minute driveNo Provision for Technical StaffCampus FocusEntrepreneurial Center for Management.Mostly Professional StudentsNew Campus is still being built</p></li><li><p>Heckmann Construction</p><p>To be Completed March 2005</p></li><li><p>Heckmann Entrepreneurial Center</p></li><li><p>Consultant RecommendedRoom had a budget of $350K to all technologyAvailable $$ were consumed in 2 large lecture halls12 rooms with no technologyUCR used existing plans to generate a technology plan for this buildingPlans were approved by budget office and design and construction office</p></li><li><p>General Meeting SpacesUCR Plan calls for 14 rooms with TechnologyClassroomsConference RoomsLecture HallsMultipurpose Rooms</p></li><li><p>Selection of Technology</p><p>Based on recent technology plansOriginal 4 year Classroom Technology PlanNew Classroom Technology Plan 4 more yearseClassrooms</p></li><li><p>UCR Classroom TechnologyOriginal Plan</p><p>Equip G.A. Classroom with video playback and LCD Projector50 Rooms over a 4 year Cycle (10 added later)Standard Setup Across all classrooms by profileType A (up to 80 seats)Type B (81-140 seats)Type C (greater than 140)Type X (special rooms) </p></li><li><p>UCR Classroom Technology 4 More YearsProvide common controllers that can be supported via the campus networkAdd computers in every classroom(thin-clients or with software to be managed)Enhance the available technologyReplace Projectors</p></li><li><p>UCR Classroom TechnologyeClassroomsUses videoconferencing equipment and IP-based computer lab management software to incorporate two multimedia labs into a single virtual classroom. </p></li><li><p>Heckmann TechnologyGeneral Classrooms and Meeting SpacesLCD Projector 4000 lumensPC ComputerSVHS &amp; DVD S-VideoDocument Camera - XGAMultimedia Switcher IP supportedVideoconferencing DevicePolycom VSX7000Visual Concert (for data)Smartboard 580</p></li><li><p>Heckmann TechnologyConference RoomsOne or two - 50 Plasma PanelsVideoconferencing DevicePolycom VSX7000Visual ConcertComputer LabsLCD ProjectorVideoconferencing DevicePolycom VSX7000Visual ConcertNetOPs School Software for all PCs</p></li><li><p>Budget Office SupportWill support classrooms that are self-service.</p><p>Will support state-of-the-art technology</p><p>Approved new UCR plan, with some cuts.Room WizardSome Videoconference enhancements</p><p>Increased AV budget to $704K</p></li><li><p>RoomWizard</p></li><li><p>Carrying out the PlanBuildings are already under constructionMeeting with budget office for approvalsMeeting with architects and project managersMeeting with electrical engineer</p></li><li><p>Installation &amp; TrainingObjective is to find local System Integrator or InstallersUCR to manage project installationUCR to conduct training to facility manager or end-users</p></li><li><p>SupportMultimedia SupportExtron 5IP (demo)Global Viewer (demo)Computer SupportThin-ClientsDistance Learning SupportPolycom (demo)</p></li><li><p>Contacts &amp; Websiteshttp://multimedia.ucr.edu</p><p>Israel Fletes, israel@ucr.eduMultimedia Technology</p><p>Joel Nylander, joel.nylander@ucr.eduComputers and Software</p></li></ul>