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    hp designjet 500 series printershp designjet 800 series printers

    ?how do I


    o c k

    e t g

    u i d



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    ContentsHow Do I...

    Navigate the Front Panel 4The Front-Panel Display 4

    Alphabetical List of Front-PanelMenus 6 Examples of How to Use the FrontPanel 17

    Manage Prints 25

    Cancelling a Page that is BeingPrinted 25 Cancelling the Drying Time for a

    Printed Page 26

    Managing Pages that have Not Yetbeen Printed 27 Prioritizing a Job in the Queue

    (Move to Front) 29

    Deleting a Job from the Queue 29

    Manage Prints (continued)Making Copies of a Job in theQueue 30

    Avoiding Paper Waste by Nesting

    Pages 31Replace Ink Cartridges and

    Printheads 33Replacing Ink Cartridges 35 Replacing Printheads 38

    Load a Sheet of Paper 47Unloading a Sheet of Paper 54

    Load a Roll of Paper 55Installing a New Roll on the

    Printer 55 Loading a Roll of Paper 58

    Unloading a Roll of Paper 64

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    Information...You can find moreabout the followingtopics in the UsersReference Guide , whichis on the Using Your Printer CD: Paper types; more about loading Ink supplies Page formatting Printer configuration Care of your printer Accessories More about solving problems General index; Glossary of terms.Many of the procedures in the UsersReference Guide are animated.

    You may also find other informationabout HP Designjet printers, associatesoftware and support at this HP Website:

    See the other side of this Pocket for information about troubleshootingproblems.

    2000, 2005 Hewlett-PackardCompany

    Hewlett-Packard Company,Inkjet Commercial Division,

    Avda. Graells, 501,08174 Sant Cugat del Valls,Barcelona, Spain

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    4 The Front-Panel Display

    The Front-Panel Display

    Display area Action keys

    Up ( ) and Down ( ) keys

    The panel on the front of your printer is the principal way of changing the printersbehavior, apart from controls provided by the software you use.

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    The Front-Panel Display 5

    Display-Area Keys

    Up () and Down () let you navigatethrough the items in a menu list. If thereare more options than can be shown onthe front panel, a vertical scroll bar

    appears on the right side of the panel.If further choices can be made for a menuitem, the symbol appears to its right. Aselected setting is shown by a tick ( ).

    Menu takes you to the main screen. Itcancels any choices that have not yet beenselected by pressing Enter .

    Back takes you to the previous screen,also cancelling any choices not yetselected with Enter .

    Enter selects the item in the menu list andmakes it current. If there are further

    selections to be made, Ethem, shown by the arrows (that starts on page 6 .

    Display-Area Screen: Me

    Action Keys Cancel cancels the current(printing or preparing for pri

    Form Feed and Cut cau

    ejected or the roll to be adva

    There are four main

    front-panel menus,each with a differenticon highlighted.You can always reach

    a main menu bypressing Menu andthen scrolling ( or )

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    6 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    On pages 7 through 16 are the printers front-panel menus, listed alphabetically . The key

    to the list is on the right.In the Users Reference Guide (on theUsing Your Printer CD) they are listed

    according to the structure of the menus.

    For examples of how to use the menus, seepage 17 .

    Note : PostScript functions in the HP Designjet500ps printer are available through thesupplied PostScript driver, and are not available from the printers front panel.

    Key to the List of Front-Panel Me

    There is more in this Pockthe page indicated in black

    is on the reverse (The Problem Is..There is more in the UserGuide , some sections with an

    Only available when PostScript or His available on the printer (HP Designjet 500 [with HP-GL/2 Acard], 500 plus, 800 and 800ps).

    Only available when PostScript is avon the printer (HP Designjet 800ps)

    Only available when HP-GL/2 is avthe printer (HP Designjet 500 [with

    Accessory card], 500 plus, 800 and 8


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    Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus 7


    calibration Align



    Page format Size ANSI sizes

    I/O setup AppletalkCard ID (depends on card)

    Page format Size ARCH sizes

    PS settings Encoding ASCII

    Drying time Automatic



    Graphic language

    [HP Designjet 800 series Page format Size

    PS settings

    Encoding Print quality

    Advanced options

    PS settings Encoding

    Color settings


    Front Panel

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    8 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    Color calibration Calibrate now

    Color calibration

    Calibration (paper advance)

    Graphic Language CALS/G4[HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Queue/copies Cancel

    # Jobname (print in progress or waiting) [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    I/O setup Card ID

    I/O setup Card setup

    Information Ink cartridges




    ca Color settings CM

    Color settings Co

    M Co


    (R Color settings

    Rendering intent Co

    Front Panel Co

    Queue/copies Rep # Jobname co [HP Designjet 800 series p

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    Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus 9

    Cutter (on/off)

    Defects in images ( Troubleshooting )

    HP-GL/2 settings Define palette

    Queue/copies Delete (print# Jobname already printed) [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Advanced options Best quality settings Maximum detail

    Color settings CMYK DIC

    I/O setup DNS nameCard ID (depends on card)

    Advanced options Optimize for Drawings/text



    (none, autom PS settings



    Color settings CMYK

    Page format Size

    Advance calibration R

    Print quality

    Advanced options

    [HP Designjet 800 series

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    10 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    PS settings

    PS Scale

    Fit to page Front Panel

    (language, buzzer, contrast)

    Graphic language

    (PS, HP-GL/2, CALS/G4, Automatic)[HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Color settings Color/Monochrome Grayscale


    Graphic Language HP-GL/2[HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    HP-GL/2 settings

    I/O setup HW addressCard ID (depends on card)


    I/O setup I/O

    Ima (Troublesh

    Advanced options Optimize for Ima


    cartrid Pri


    Information Ink

    Rep car

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    12 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    HP-GL/2 settings Merge (on/off)

    Page format Mirroring

    Color settings Color/ Monochrome

    Queue/copies Move print to# Jobname top [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Color settings CMYK Native CMYK

    Color settings RGB Native RGB

    Nest settings Nest (on/off) [HP Designjet 800 series only]



    Nest settings Ne

    wa [HP Designjet 800 series p

    Print quality No

    Advanced options Op (drawin

    Page format Size Ov


    HP-GL/2 settings Pal(de


    Page format Pap

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    Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus 13

    Select paper type

    Advance calibration Pattern (create, measure)

    HP-GL/2 settings

    Define palette ... Pen width, color Color settings

    Rendering intent Perceptual

    Graphic Language PostScript [HP Designjet 800ps printers only]

    Queue/copies # Jobname Print cancel

    [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Page format Print (paper) size



    also Set-Up

    (poor) ( Trou

    Page format Size


    PS settings (PostScript)

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    14 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    Print Quality (best, normal, draft)

    Quality of images ( Troubleshooting )


    (on/off) [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Queue/ copies

    [HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Advanced options Fast quality settings Reduced speed[HP Designjet 800 series printers only]

    Color settings Rendering intent







    Queue/copies Rep# Jobname co

    I/O setup Cardsetup Advanced Res

    Color settings RG

    Ro (lo un

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    Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus 15

    Page format Rotate (0, 90, 180, 270)

    Color settings Rendering intent Saturation

    PS settings PS Scale

    (PostScript) Select paper type


    (load, unload)

    Page format Size (of paper)

    Page format SoftwareSize (Automatic )


    Advanced options Fast quality settings [HP Designjet 800 series

    Color settings RGB

    Color settings CMYK

    Advanced options Optimize for

    I/O setup

    Color settings CMYK


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    16 Alphabetical List of Front-Panel Menus

    Select paper type

    Unload roll

    Unload sheet

    Nest settings

    Wait time




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    18 Examples of How to Use the Front Panel

    The scroll bar at the right indicates that thelist of available options is longer than canbe displayed at a time.

    3 Press the Down key ( ) several times untilDrying time is highlighted.

    The number of times you have to press theDown key depends on: which model of printerHP Designjet

    500 or 800 series, whether you have an accessory cardinstalled on an HP Designjet 500 seriesprinter,

    which options were recently used.

    4 Then press Enter .

    5 Press Down () twice to highand then press Enter again. select Manual drying tim

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    Examples of How to Use the Front Panel 19

    6 Press the Up key ( ) to change the dryingtime selection from 1 to 2 minutes . Thenpress Enter to set the two-minute dryingtime.

    If the front-panel Buzzer is set On, there

    will be a short beep to confirm thechange. The value will be confirmed by atick mark at the right ( ).

    7 Finally, press the Menu kmain menu.

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    Examples of How to Use the Front Panel 21

    Ensure that the highlighting is on Queue/copies , by pressing the Up () or Down key ( ) if necessary.

    3 Press Enter to enter the Queue/copies menu.

    You will see a list of jobs that are in theprint queue. Jobs that have already beenprinted have negative numbers; jobs thatare waiting to be printed have positive


    Suppose the list of jobs are athe diagram. The job that is cprinted is number 0, whose jJob #7.

    4 Suppose that the job you waagain is number -2, piston.Press Up () or Down (to highlight it; and then presselect this job.

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    22 Examples of How to Use the Front Panel

    5 The options available for the job are listed;select Reprints and press Enter again.

    6 Press the Up key ( ) to select threereprints, and then press Enter to set thenumber of reprints to 3;

    the earlier screen is shown, with availableoptions.The reprint is automatically moved to thefront of the queue.

    7 Finally, press the Menu key top-level menu.

    See page 27 for more aboutand Nesting print

    You can navigate to any ofsettings in the table that ston page 6 in a similar

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    Examples of How to Use the Front Panel 23

    Reprints with the HP Designjet 500Series PrintersTo obtain extra copies you must have an HPDesignjet 500 plus printer, or a 500 Serieswith an accessory card. Proceed as follows:

    1 With Job management highlighted ( ),press Enter .

    2 You will either see the message Queue isempty , or the name of your job. In thelatter case, press Enter to see the optionsavailable (including Reprints ), andcontinue as in Step 5 on page 22 .

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    24 Examples of How to Use the Front Panel

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    Cancelling a Page that is Being Printed 25

    Cancelling a Page that is Being Printed1 Press the Cancel key on the front panel.

    The printer advances the paper as though theprint were finished.

    A multi-page job or a bigto stop printing than oth

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    26 Cancelling the Drying Time for a Printed Page

    Cancelling the Drying Time for a Printed PageUse caution when performing this procedure as an image which has had insufficient time to dget damaged.1 Press the Form Feed and Cut key on the

    front panel.2 The printer will release the p

    fall into the paper bin.

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    Managing Pages that have Not Yet been Printed 27

    Managing Pages that have Not Yet been PrintedQueueing and nesting are only available on theHP Designjet 800 Series. (You can obtainreprints on the 500 plus, or on the 500 Series ifan accessory card is installed; see page 23 ).Change the Queueing setting by selectingQueue On or Off from the Job Management

    ( ) menu.

    To change the Nesting setting, see page 32,Turning Nesting On and Off .If the printer is turned off with unprinted files inthe queue, the files are lost and must be resent.

    With Queueing Turned ONWhen Queueing is On and the printer receivesprint files, the files are stored in the queue in the

    order they are received. If Nare printed as soon as possibare received. If Nesting is Owhen the time-out period exenough files to fill a page wfiles which have already beepage 31, Avoiding Paper WPages . You can send pages to th

    waiting for the current p Pages are stored in the q

    they are received. You can manipulate the

    for example prioritizing them.

    You can use nesting, the

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    28 Managing Pages that have Not Yet been Printed

    saving feature (see page 31 ). While one page is printing, the printer will

    accept and start processing the next file.

    With Queueing Turned OFFIf Queueing is Off and the printer receives files,they are printed as they are received, and are notstored in the queue. Nesting settings have noeffect.

    Files are printed as they are received, and arenot stored in the queue. The printer will not accept another file sent

    from the computer until the current page hasfinished printing and the printer is ready.

    You cannot use nesting.If you turn queueing off while pages are still in thequeue, they will be printed and (if nesting is on)

    nested, until the queue is empty.

    Position in Queue

    The job currently being printed The next job to be printed is in pafter in position 2, and so on. Thprinted is in position 1, the one

    position 2, and so on.

    up to 16 jobs







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    Managing Pages that have Not Yet been Printed 29

    Prioritizing a Job in the Queue

    (Move to Front)To make any job in the queue the next one to beprinted, select it and choose Move to front .If nesting is turned on (see page 31, AvoidingPaper Waste by Nesting Pages ) the prioritized

    job may still be nested with others. If you reallywant this job to be printed next and on its own onthe roll, then first turn Nesting Off and then useMove to front to move it to the top of the queue.

    Deleting a Job from th

    Under normal circumstancedelete a job from the queue will just fall off the end offiles are sent. However, if yo

    error and want to avoid any reprinted, you can delete it bchoosing Cancel .To remove a job that has not

    simply identify it by its posipage 28, Position in Queuchoosing Cancel and preIf the job is currently being

    position is 0), and you want and to delete it from the queCancel key and then cance

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    30 Making Copies of a Job in the Queue

    Making Copies of a Job in the Queue

    In all cases, the job must still be in the queue.

    Copies and ReprintsHaving selected the job and choReprints (from the Job Man

    menu), use the scrolling keys tonumber of copies required, and number you enter is the actual nto be printed; for example, choo

    not yet printed means you will gand one additional; choosing 2 fprinted once will result in a totaoriginal one and two more). The

    number you can specify is 99. The setting you specify in thany value set by your softwa

    If Rotate was on when youcopy will be rotated also.

    Has the job alreadybeen printed? What to do

    YesUse Reprints

    (see right)

    No UseCopies

    (see right)

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    Avoiding Paper Waste by Nesting Pages 31

    Avoiding Paper Waste by Nesting PagesNesting can only be used with roll paper.Nesting means placing pages side-by-side on thepaper (rather than one after the other), to avoidwasting paper.

    The Printer Tries to Nest Pages When... The printer is loaded with roll paper rather

    than sheet paper; and In the front-panel menus, Queue is On (the

    default). See page 27, Managing Pages thathave Not Yet been Printed ; and

    In the front-panel menus, Nest is On (that is,set to a value from 1 to 99 minutes). See page32, Turning Nesting On and Off .

    To be in the Same Nest, PaAll the Following Conditio All must be Color or

    Grayscale may include ain grayscale.

    All must be at the same All have the same print q

    Normal , Draft ). All have the same M All must be HP-GL/2 All must have the sameNesting does not cause any pages.

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    32 Avoiding Paper Waste by Nesting Pages

    Turning Nesting On and Off Which Pages cannot be Rotated

    Apart from obvious physical limany HP-GL/2 page containingbe rotated.

    Nest SettingSelected Printers Response

    Off The printer will not nest pages.

    99, ... 2, 1The numberrepresents

    the number ofminutes thatthe printerwaits, after

    receiving afile, before itstartsprinting.

    Choose one of these values ifyou want to use the leastamount of paper. The printer will

    search all through the queue forsuitable pages. It will nest thepages according to an algorithmthat, for most combinations of

    page sizes, saves the mostpaper. The resulting nestingpattern may still vary, dependingon the size of the first page.

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    34 Ink Cartridges and Printheads

    The frequency with which you need to change inkcartridges depends on the workload of your HPDesignjet printer. Printheads should not needreplacing so often, only when problems of image

    quality occur. If you find problems with the imagequality, follow the procedure on page 16 in TheProblem Is...Image Quality in this Pocket Guide .

    Location of Printhea

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    Replacing Ink Cartridges 35

    Replacing Ink CartridgesIf the printer detects that an ink cartridge needsreplacing, you will see a message with four icons(explained below), referring from left to right to theCyan ( ), Black ( ), Magenta ( ) and Yellow ( )cartridges.

    The icons may be any of the following:The cartridge is OK ; the approximate level of

    the ink is indicateda full cartridge has thewhole interior black;

    Flashing; the cartridcorrect one must be subsequent steps;Flashing exclamatiolow on ink , and nearliest opportunity;to 1/8 full, and for scan be adequate for Flashing pump; the

    and must be replaceprinting can be done

    Flashing cross; theinstalled, and must b

    further printing can

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    36 Replacing Ink Cartridges

    1 To replace a cartridge *, first open the inkcartridge cover.

    2 Then remove the ink

    * Dont replace cartridges during printing.

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    Replacing Ink Cartridges 37

    3 Insert the ink cartridge into its correct position,pushing it down until it clicks into place. Coloredlabels on the ink cartridges must correspond withthe same colored labels on the printer. Arrowson the cartridges point towards the front of theprinter.

    4 When all cartridges havinstalled the icons will son the front panel (or aw

    5 Finally close the ink car

    the front-panel messagesuccessfully installed

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    38 Replacing Printheads

    Replacing Printheads

    If there is an error with one or more printheads, theprinthead status is shown by four icons, referringfrom left to right to the Cyan ( ), Black ( ),Magenta ( ) and Yellow ( ) printheads.

    In this example, three of theprintheads are OK but the magentaone is missing (the icon flashes).In the second example, the magenta

    printhead is faulty (the crossflashes).If you identified a printhead as being faulty duringthe Troubleshooting routine (see page 16 on the

    reverse of this Pocket Guide ), the icon shows aflashing exclamation mark.If the printer is unable to determine which of severalprintheads are faulty, the front panel shows three or

    four flashing question marks.

    Printhead Status1

    To determine the status the main front-panel me( ) and press Ente

    2 Select Information a

    3 Select Printheads athen call up the informa

    printheads by selecting

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    Replacing Printheads 39

    Follow these Steps to Replace Printheads1

    From the main front-panel menu, select InkSystem ( ) and press Enter .

    2 Select Replace Printheads and press Enter .

    3 Wait for the front panel to replace printheads. and locate the carriage a

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    40 Replacing Printheads

    4 Release the latch on the printhead cover. Youmay need to hold this latch up out of the wayduring the next steps.

    5 Lift up the printhead covaccess to the printheads

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    Replacing Printheads 41

    6 To remove a printhead, lift up the blue handle. 7 With controlled force, pupwards until the printhcarriage assembly.

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    42 Replacing Printheads

    8 Remove the tape from the new printheads. 9 Insert a new printhead, elabel on the printhead coprinthead slot.

    10 h h l d ll h d h d 11 l h l h h

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    Replacing Printheads 43

    10 When you have replaced all printheads that needreplacing, pull the printhead cover down over theprintheads.

    11 Close the latch on thcatching the hook ovhandle towards the b

    12 Fi ll l h i d Ali i P i h d

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    44 Replacing Printheads

    12 Finally close the window.

    After the replacement of the printheads, theprinter checks that they are all functioningcorrectly; this may take several minutes..You will see the front-panel message HP No. 11printheads successfully installed.Then the printhead alignment procedure starts,

    see the next section.

    Aligning Printheads

    The printhead alignment probe loaded, and will take sevYou can start the procedure after clearing a paper jam, a

    1 From the main front-panSystem ( ) and pre

    2 Select Align Printhead

    3 Choose either Standa4 minutes, and which inormal use) or Specia

    11 i t d t bl th t C l C lib i

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    Replacing Printheads 45

    11 minutes and can correct problems that occurwith alignment across the width of the paper);press Enter .

    Standard alignment requires paper of at least A4/Letter-size, loaded in landscape mode.

    Special alignment requires paper of at least A3/B-size, loaded in landscape mode. Two separateprints are made.Not all paper types are supported for alignment;

    the printer will tell you if you load the wrong type. Among those supported are: Bright White InkjetPaper, Coated Paper, Heavy Coated Paper andPlain paper.

    Color Calibration

    Color calibration is the pwith the paper. When ninstalled, we recommenCalibration routine to

    images is optimized.You can discover what pcurrently calibrated for,

    1 From the main front

    System ( ) and

    2 Select Color calibr

    3 Choose Status and press Enter 5 The printer will print an

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    46 Replacing Printheads

    3 Choose Status and press Enter .

    You will see something like the following:

    4 If the paper loaded is not as shown, chooseCalibrate paper .

    5 The printer will print anpattern to ensure an optipaper and the ink.

    L di g Sh t f P 3 Use the or

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    Loading a Sheet of Paper 47

    Loading a Sheet of Paper 1 Using the Menu and the or keys, select the

    Paper menu; the following message will appear:

    2 Press Enter . The following prompt will appear:

    3 Use the or the Enter key. with a list of pap

    4 Select the type o

    and keys) andwhatever you us

    5 The front panel d

    Open the window; the vacuum which will hold the 6 The front panel disp

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    48 Loading a Sheet of Paper

    Open the window; the vacuumwhich will hold thepaper in placecomes on.

    6 The front panel disp

    Lift the blue lever up

    7 If you are using large sheets of paper make sure that 8 The front panel

  • 8/12/2019 Designjet 5


    Loading a Sheet of Paper 49

    7 If you are using large sheets of paper, make sure thatthe bin is in its unfolded position by pulling it out if

    necessary, so that the sheet can rest inside it.

    8 The front panel