determining the why: developing a ux strategy

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  • Determining the WhyDeveloping a UX Strategy

    Ashley Keller @ashk3l

  • Listen Lynda, the client

    wants you to make this look better

  • What usually happensLikely to

    Jump to solutions Struggle to prioritize Waste time

  • What usually happensUnsure of

    Scope Sensitivities Strategic priorities

  • Typical project process

    Starts well

    Client feedback

    Revisions approved

    Stakeholder feedback



    Customer feedback

  • The beginning is the most important part of any work.


  • Learn together

    Iterate quickly

    Customer feedback

    Developwith confidence

    Ideal project process

    Launch withconfidence

    Customer validation

  • You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer

    on the construction field. Frank Lloyd Wright

  • What should you create?



    Human(usability, desirability)

    Balance breakthrough

  • How do you figure it out?

    You need to have a plan.

  • Clear need

    Value proposition



    Customer validation

    Tenants of a strategic framework:

  • 5 day design sprint

  • Design thinking + Lean UX

  • How can you apply this?

  • This can be hard at first.

  • Something new can be scary

  • There are no facts inside the building. Get out of the building.

    Steve Blank

  • What we call them:

    Business Requirements

  • What they really are:


  • So how do you get started?

  • We talk so much about having empathy for users as if those users are the only

    ones that matter Tom Greever

  • Articulating the processGarnering support from our team and stakeholders

    Project manager Account executive

  • The biggest challenge

  • Anyone

    I dont know.

  • Typical hierarchy

    I dont know.

    Uh oh.

  • The great equalizer

    I dont know. Great! Lets find out.

  • You need an environment that not only supports, but encourages [saying that you dont know everything],

    so you can develop processes that assist in discovering the answer to what it is you dont know.

    Jared Spool

  • Demonstrate value

    Involve everyone

    Share early and often

    Make research fun

    Capture your process

  • Ask often

  • Ashley Keller @ashk3l