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Yep, developers have superpowers. We also have some of the most effective, collaborative communities in modern society: open source development teams. Coincidence? Unlikely. We’re going to have to save the world. To prepare for our destiny, we’ll explore historical superheroes, software projects that benefit society, and ways to strengthen our powers and save the world.


  • 1. DevelopersareSuperheroes@DBNess of @CodeMontage
  • 2. Hi! Im Vanessa@DBNess of @CodeMontage
  • 3. A character possessing"extraordinary orsuperhuman powers" anddedicated to protectingthe a Superhero?
  • 4. Not Everyone is a
  • 5. Whats a Superhero? Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills and/oradvanced equipment A strong moral code A motivation A secret identity A distinctive costume An underlying motif or theme A supporting cast A number of enemies Independent wealth or an occupation that allows forminimal supervision A
  • 6. Spider-Man: Rescues Train Riders
  • 7. reliable than Spider-Man
  • 8. Captain Planet: Saves the Earth
  • 9. amobilefuture.comMore accurate than Captain Planet
  • 10. Brute Forces Everything
  • 11. folding.stanford.eduMore meaningful force than Hulk
  • 12. Wonder Woman: Finds the Truth
  • 13. truthteller.washingtonpost.comMore truthful than Wonder Woman
  • 14. Batman: Saves Gotham with Tools
  • 15. kopernik.infoMore affordable than Batman
  • 16. Daredevil: Locates Kids in Trouble
  • 17. ushahidi.comMore accessible than Daredevil
  • 18. DevelopersareSuperheroesAnd So Can You
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  • 20. Stan LeeAmazing Fantasy #15(Spider-Man comic)"With great power comesgreat responsibility."
  • 21.
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  • 23. spread the word:computing is abouthelping peoplewe can save the world
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  • 25. Vanessa