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Developing Blended LearningMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Developing Blended Learning


1. Understand Your NeedsBy gaining a deep understanding ofyour needs and requirements we can ensure that they are met on time and within budget.

Its important to get clear on these as soon as possible to make sure that we get it right first time.

If youre unsure on any of this, were here to help by providing guidance and advice.March 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentTogether well explore:The PurposeBackgroundLearning ObjectivesTarget AudienceNumber of LearnersMeasures of SuccessYour BudgetHome


2. Agree Content OutlineMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentBy getting really clear on the type of content you want and how this can be best delivered, you will start to see early on how this will help your learners.

We can show you examples from our existing courses. This will give you a flavour of how different learning formats help engage learners and embed learning once the course is completed.

Its also great to think about how you can monitor progress and check the skillsthat are being learnt along the way and on completion.Together well discuss:Different learning formatsAny existing materialsBranding contentIn and Out of ScopeAny barriersHome


3. Agree ProcessMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentWe believe in a truly collaborative approach, which helps ensure the development process is as smoothas possible.

By understanding timelines, whos responsible for what and when things will happen, this gives us both clarity and understanding.

We commit and deliver to agreed timelines to ensure we meet your needs.Together well agree:Project timelinesDevelopment PlanA Project TeamContent reviewersStakeholders



4. Develop ContentMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentWhen we are clear on what we are doing, why we are doing it and when we need to do it by, we start to work on designing your amazing content.

We start by creating storyboards to show how different learning formats are used to deliver learning objectives.

We will then brand and develop your content to fit in with your organisation.Well start designing your:Content:Learning materialsSupporting resourcesCommunication PlanHome


5. Test and ReviewMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentTesting and reviewing is a really important part of the process. Its at this point where you will see your content for the first time.

We will do our own review and test the formats, functions and learner engagement before you see it.

We know that seeing it for the first time can lead to some amends and well agree with you what this looks like.Well all test and review:Learning delivery methodCourse functionalityContent look and feelLearner engagementCourse durationHome


6. Engage AudienceMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentFor learning to be effective its vital that your learners engage with their learning.

To ensure this happens, the project team follow the communications plan, which outlines: what to say, to who and when. It also details the roles of the: key stakeholders, internal champions and managers, to support and drive learning engagement.

We will be with you every step of the way!The project team will engage:Key StakeholdersInternal ChampionsManagersLearnersHome


7. Implement Learning SolutionMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentWe will work with you to make implementation as smooth as possible.

This involves us giving you all the information, training and support you require to fully understand how to use and manage the learning.

And then, thats it! Your engaging and collaborative blended learning is upand running.We will:Train your administratorsRegister learnersSet up reportingLaunch courseMonitor progress



8. Project ReviewMarch 2016Chrysalis Consulting: Blended Learning DevelopmentWe wont implement and run. We work with you right to the end and we genuinely want to share feedback, learnings and next steps.

We find this just as valuable as our initial meeting and in some cases even more so.

We do like a bit of a celebration at this point, so you provide the coffee and well provide the cake!Together well:Review development processReview implementationDiscuss any learningsAgree ongoing supportAgree any next steps