Developing Product Ideas Product Design Sketching Activity.

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Slide 1 Developing Product Ideas Product Design Sketching Activity Slide 2 Framing Project (20 min) Using comic-like sketches, give answers to some framing questions: Who are your users, their age, sex, individual or in group, etc.? What your product offer to the users, a product or a service? what your product get in exchange, coins, notes, data? When will your users most likely to use your product, what will they be doing before, during, and after using your product, for how long will they use it? Where is your product, indoor or outdoor, what are the neighbors of your product? How to operate your product? Why your users chose your product from his options? Annotations as supplement Slide 3 Conceptualizing Solutions (30 min) Apply the SCAMPER method to create new product ideas Use thumbnail sketches to let your creativity flows Keep sketching, do not hesitate Slide 4 SCAMPER S Substitute Consider any part of your product/process that can be substituted by something else? Example: A book for child that made of cloth, but not paper What improvement can I make by the substitution? What happens if I change for that? How can the following items be substituted? e.g. Place, Time, Materials, People C Combine Try to combine 2 or more parts of your product to become a different product/process to enhance the synergy Example: Vanilla Coca-Cola What materials, features, processes, people, products or components can I use for combination? Where can I build the synergy? A Adapt Consider which parts of the product/process could be adapted or change the nature of the product/process by adapting someone elses idea What could I change for part of the product? What could I exchange? What else is like this? What could I copy? What different contexts can I put my concept in? M Modify/ Distort Try to find out which parts of your product or the entire current situation can be changed, or to distort the whole thing unusually If I warp or exaggerate a feature or component, what changes would I bring to the product? What happens if I modify the process in some way P Put to other purposes Consider how to put your current solution/product/process to other purposes How can I make the product to suit in other use? Any other way to use it? E Eliminate Think of eliminating various part of the product/process/profit opportunity, what might happen in that situation Example: Eliminate the cable of computer mouse, become wireless mouse Which part can eliminate? What will happen after the elimination? R Rearrange/ Reverse Consider what might happen if part of your product/process worked in opposite or done in different order. Example: Lego toy What if I did it in an opposite way and what different effect will I get from this way? Slide 5 Developing Product (20 min) Select the best idea so far or combine the best ideas into one Make quick presentation sketches of the idea to address the following questions: How are the merchandises, if any, displayed? How are stocks maintained and replenished? What are the basic assembly parts and components? How do the parts operate? How to establish an identity? User interface? What are the payment options? Lighting? 1 2 views per A4 sheet Use bold lines and high-contrast shading to accomodate the visualizer output Annotate as supplement Slide 6 Finalizing the Design (10 min) Reflect on what you have done so far List the points you want to address in your 5 minutes presentation Collect sketches that will help you to persuade your points Sort your sketches, highlight the thumbnails when necessary