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The end of server management

Dev+Ops: How to automate infrastructure

Quentin ADAM@waxzceClever Cloud

Immutable infraCall to action Liste de course1

Quentin ADAM from the Clever Cloud@waxzce on twitter github- soundcloud instagram .Who am I ?

My day to day work : Clever Cloud, the IT automation company

Keep your apps online. made with node.js, scala, java, ruby, php, python, go

Cloud & on premise ;-)

And learn a lot of things about your code, apps, and good/bad design

Give back to the community


Our industry is a game changerbut its still very young

Its about 30/40 years old

From nothing to billion $ companies and impressive market

And what about how we work?

Take some time to think about

Mankind is evolving

Ray Kurzweil The Law of Accelerating Returns

And progress makes the next technological step closer


We have built our world to enhance our lives

And to be able to manage the population growth

this is why we create tools

To enhance production

Achieving to industrialize the production

What is industry?

A cost efficient way to produce large volume

A repeatable and scalable process

Achieving to create commodity response to a need

The 19th was the centuries when we industrialize manufacturing

Allowed by the engine


The computer

Very efficient tool to industrialize brain power

The engine for intellectual services commoditization

We are in the era of industrial revolution



Comparing prices


Geolocation and ways

Translation ? Image recognition ?

Machine learning with neural network

Companies create it department

( like virtual / real world comparison )

Split it on different agenda

Project vs run

The book keepers point of view

Investment & Return on investment

Project = investment

Use software 3 years at least

Software = real estate

V cycle

Lifecycle and evolution is drive by book keepers and not by the business

This is madness

Run / prod

Run / prod

Cost center70% old things

No linked agenda

Server is billed on ops team to help dev team

Goals are not the same

Financial rules killing the productivity of the all IT


Devops Or dev + ops

a world of expert

Fusion dev + run inside the new automate workforce

Align goals, get efficient peoples

Software needs to be fit to the market

Constant improvement

software is a continuous delivery service

Because we can improve continually our industrial asset

But we become architects of the business factory

fully automated software factory

Considering servers

Even in the cloud

Is it an industrial way to think?


Production has to be perfect

People are not perfect

people have nothing to do on production stuff

At Clever Cloud ssh connection is a red alert

What do people need?

Free from old constraints

The company stacklike

The company frameworklike

If you write some code, you need to maintain it

Remove code

Security voodoolike

Security is evolving

we have nobody else problems

IT department Future

Be the best friend of the company others peoples

No more maintenance period

Release early, release often

Build toolkits




Self service

Create tools for others

Make them efficient

Software is eating the world

And the world is small

Efficiency is mandatory

Use human brain for valuable usage

Give a try Im @waxzce on twitter Thx for listening