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  • 1. Dexterity Warehouse ManagementJim Southern

2. Company ProfileEstablished 1992 Clitheroe, LancashireDexterity is wholly developed and owned by DashAccredited Developer for Sage Mid Market (Sage 200)Cisco Select Certified Partner (SMB Specialists)Microsoft Developer Network Subscriber (MSDN) 3. Dexterity TechnologyMicrosoft SQL Server 2005/2008 or betterMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET DevelopmentInfragistics Design LayerVirtual Server Compatible VMwareLive Sage Integration via Business Objects (SBO)Same environment as Sage 4. Dexterity WMS FunctionalityCustomersDexterity Warehouse ManagementSuppliers Demand DeliveriesSolutionDeliverySuppliers Order Pick Face Goods Receiving ManagementReplenishmentOutbound Inbound ServiceStocktake PI Manufacture Order Picking QC Checks ChecksDespatch &Audit & Intelligent RoutingTraceability PutawayOn Time Other EfficiencyAccuracyOptimisationThe SmartWarehousePayback ROI 5. Top Warehouse IssuesInventory InaccuracyPoor Space & Location ManagementPoor Picking & Put-Away ProceduresStocktake Timeouts & EffortInefficient Labour UtilisationOrder Picking Errors 6. Warehouse EfficiencyInefficient Labour UtilizationInefficient Put-Away ProceduresInefficient Picking ProceduresPicking & Shipping Errors Labour time analysis in a typical warehouse Tomkins Associates - USATravel TimePick OrdersFind ProductsProcess Orders 7. Equipment in the WarehouseHandheld TerminalsWearable Terminals Fork Truck TerminalsMobile PrintersDesktop Printers Wireless 8. Barcode DrivenProduct LabelsBatch NumbersPallet ID LabelsPick NotesPackage IDTracking NumbersDespatch Notes 9. Managing StockStock Management Rules FIFO Batch / Lot Numbers Expiry / Best Before Dates Shelf Life Serial Numbers Pallet Units (Unique IDs) Packages / Boxes / Bundles Complete 10. Goods ReceivingReceives against the PO recordUses RF Terminal or Dexterity Screen to receive stockQC Options can be built in (with multiple statuses: QC, Quarantine, On-Hold)Mobile Terminal processDexterity Screen processCross Dock / Back to Back / ReservationsLabel Pallets / Items at Goods InCustomer 11. Receiving & Putaway StrategiesSystem can guide the putaway based onwarehouse rulesPickface for product first (single pickface perproduct)LocGroup AisleBays above the pickfaceEmpty location in the same aisleSame Product Group locationsReduces putaway time and accuracyIncreases order pick efficiency Ship Recv 12. Planning & Order ManagementColour codes fororder statusLive view of alloutstanding ordersGroup and sortorders by customer,due date, carrier, 13. Order Picking & DespatchAutomates Order Picking via Mobile TerminalsDexterity guides the picker to the correct locations 3to pick order linesPicking Activities Validated Against Sales Order 2Ensures Customer Receives an Accurately Picked 14OrderOrder Check Process Blind check to ensure a 5true recountPrint Despatch Notes with Shipping ID, CustomerLabels, Package Labels, Carrier Tracking LabelsShip 14. Pickface ManagementProactive ReplenishmentDaily task to fill pick face locationsActive Dashboard Views and Alerts to Identify LowPickface & Replenishment TasksPriority based on: Empty Pickface Low (Minimum) Stock Levels Demand for an item based on current daily 15. Managing Pallet UnitsDexterity manages pallet unitsUnique Pallet ID binds the stock together in the systemManage pallet sizes & locationsSingle scan for pallet movementsPick whole pallets units for bulk ordersNo item counting or errors Unique Pallet Record 16. Back to Back / Stock ReservationsDexterity manages Back to Back orders from Sage 200Dexterity uniquely labels and reserves the stock for the Sales OrderCross Dock possibility to direct to pick at receiptCreate Pallets/Packages Shipping LabelsDexterity will identifywhether there are linkedSOs for the items from thePO record.Pallets are labelled andidentified with uniquecustomer and package IDswith linked SO details. 17. Pick to Box/Bundles/PackagesPick & Pack Multiple Packages for an Order / Shipment small itemsUnique Package LabelIndividual package numbers shown on delivery documents with contents 18. Carrier Software IntegrationSeamless Integration with Carrier Shipping SoftwareAutomatically creates shipping labels, records carrier tracking detailsComplete traceability from pick to delivery 19. Works Orders & BOMThe Kitting and Bill of Materials (BOM) module in Dexterity WMS allows you to manage top levelitems and sub-components.The Dexterity module can integrate with the Sage 200 BOM and Manufacturing modules or operateas a standalone feature. Raw Materials WH ManufacturingPick & Issue Components to Works OrdersReceiveFinished Goods Works Orders Complete history of the Works Order from creation through issuing materials to manufacturing to the booking of finished goods. Links Works Order to Sales Order & 20. Stocktaking / Cycle Counting / PIPhysical Counts: Scan the locations and itemsto quickly count stock.Cycle Counting Periodically by Location.Optional in-task counting (putaway & pickinginterleaved) 21. Promotes Efficient Warehouse LayoutUse Dexterity statistics to determine the most efficient warehouse layoutGenerating velocity statistics helps the Warehouse Manager improve warehouselayout SlowMediumFastShipRecv 22. Live Messaging - emailsAutomates the line of communication from warehouse 23. Dashboards & KPIsThe Dexterity Dashboard is a powerful tool used to provide a real-time mission control view of Warehouse Operations as well asgiving instant reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)Live data views in dials, charts, graphs & gridsSay goodbye to hearsay figuresThis is actual live informationSave on manual and spreadsheet work for monthly KPIsMeasure Actual v Planned in real-timeData Analysis based on Historical DataPick out warehouse wide statisticsSpecific Process Statistics (Picking, Receipts, Issues)User Specific Statistics (User Activity Levels) 24. Dexterity WMS / Sage 25. System Architecture Built on Microsoft.NETSage 200 (SBO) Live end-to-end systemCarrieremail alertsIntegrationPutaway GRNPicking RulesDexterityLabels DocumentsLocations Pick NotesZones Despatch NotesProcessesMobile Terminals/ PrintersWarehouse Floor 26. Dexterity Software 27. Dexion CominoWarehouse & Storage SolutionsSage 200 IntegrationDistribution OperationQA Inbound ProcessBack to Back & Stock ReservationsPick to Bundle Unique ID & LabellingVehicle LoadingDelivery DocumentationMulti-Company with Sage 200We chose Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT primarily because of its verytight integration with Sage 200. However, in addition to the software, wehave been very impressed with the completion of the project byBarcode-IT within our very demanding timescale. says Eric Wood-Thompson, Warehouse & Inventory Manager at 28. Eat NaturalFruit & Nut Cereal Bars & MueslisSage 200 IntegrationManufacturing & Distribution OperationQC Stock Status ManagementIngredients & Finished GoodsWorks Order & Manufacturing TraceabilityOrder Picking with Batch & Julien DateManagementDelivery DocumentationCarrier Software Integration (UPS)Our customer Eat Natural, a manufacturer and supplier of nutritionalcereal bars, needed a solution to manage and automate their inventoryand warehouse operations and processes to work alongside Sage 200.After considering their requirements we introduced Barcode-IT with theirDexterity WMS solution because it offered a Sage listed solution and acomplete warehouse management system.Says Natalie White, Managing Director at 29. Coach House AntiquesFurniture & Giftware WholesalerSage IntegrationDistribution Operation500,000ft2 Warehouse14,000 SKUsRoute Planning & PickingReverse Load BuildingPick to Box ID & LabellingCustomer ReturnsDelivery DocumentationShowroom Order Taking"The Dexterity WMS has enabled us to expand the business to a level thatwe could not have reached without its implementation." says MarilynBurgoyne, IT Manager at Coach House. With Dexterity our warehouseoperation is really efficient and completely transparent. The equipment iseasy to use so training new staff is incredibly quick." 30. Kays Medical Medical Supplies Sage 200 2010 Integration Linked Back to Back Orders Discreet Order Picking Kit Building / BOM Customer Returns Delivery Documentation"The Dexterity WMS solution was ideal to integrate with Sage 200 andBarcode-IT made our barcoding ideas into a reality." says Andy Johnson,Operations Manager at Kays Medical. Dexterity has allowed our operationto be much more efficient and picking accuracy is almost 100%. Staff literallycant pick the wrong items now!" 31. Bristol Novelty Fancy Dress & Novelty Wholesalers Sage 200 2009 Integration 800 New Product Lines per Year 15% Increase in Productivity in 12 Months 100% Warehouse Visibility Monitor & Measure Picker Performance Selected Dexterity over competitors for flexibilityDexterity WMS has helped us save both time and money since itsinstallation. The flexibility of Dexterity and the help from the Barcode-IT teamtailoring the system to fit our requirements, made the daunting prospect ofchanging the way we wer