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Unleash the Power of the License Management App Developers Logan Henriquez: salesforce.com Sarah Whitlock: salesforce.com

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Unleash the Power of theLicense Management AppDevelopersLogan Henriquez: salesforce.comSarah Whitlock: salesforce.com


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Key Points

Force.com is a trusted application platform for ISVs building cloud-based applications The License Management App (LMA) is a licensing and support tool to help ISVs sell Force.com apps Learn how to get the most out of this powerful tool


Before we get started let first review what this session will focus on. This session is for those that are new to packaging and the AppExchange or have some experience with it already and want to better understand the process and possibilities. With that said this session will focus on (3) components of the distribution model: Build, Test and Distribute.

The other ISV sessions will cover some of the key steps in more detail and the other areas involved in the App distribution.

Questions to Ask the AudienceRaise your hand if youve been out to the AppExchange and browsed aroundKeep your hand raised if you or your company has installed an AppExchange ApplicationKeep your hand raised if your company has published or is thinking about publishing an App on the AppExchange


Agenda SlideKey Features of the LMAWhen (and, When Not) to Use the LMAInstalling and Configuring the LMAManaging Licenses with the LMAPackage Support Access Pilot


Cloud App Lifecycle



Distribute Commercial Apps in Managed PackagesUpgradeableSeamless InstallsIP ProtectionLicense ManagementSupport ToolsAPI Versioning



Not UpgradeableOpen SourceFully Editable


Key Features of the License Management AppBlocks access to your managed package if license is not validLimited time trials (1-90 days)Trial to Active conversion Per user OR Per-Org licenses License expirationLicense renewal


When to Use the LMA Want to charge for your appApp will be used by multiple orgsWant to charge per user or per siteWant to sell on AppExchange and/or TrialforceWant to support your customers



When NOT to Use the LMASelling only to one org, e.g. a custom appYou dont own the IPYou dont want to use a managed packageFree app

Selling only to one org, e.g. a custom appYou dont own the IPYou dont want to use a managed packageFree app


Installing and Configuring the LMA


LMA is Available FOR FREE on the AppExchange


Best Practices: Installing the LMAInstall the LMA into your production (EE or UE) orgEligible partners can get a free org for installing LMA Do not install the LMA into an org thinking you will change it laterDo not install the LMA into your DE orgDE orgs are for developersLicensing is a business (not a developer) function

Terminology: The org where you install the LMA is called the LMO, or the License Management Organization.

To test the impact of the LMA on your production orgInstall the LMA into your Sandbox org first and simulate creation of lead and license records


Best Practices: Configuring the LMATo make the LMA workFollow ALL implementation steps in the License Management App Administration and User Guide Assign the Edit License Page Layout to users who need to modify licensesTo keep the LMA working properlyDo not create mandatory custom fields, validation rules, or before triggers that interfere with the creation of lead, license, package and package version objectsSet the package lead manager to an active user


Best Practices: Configuring the LMATo make the most of the LMACreate a lead list view filter for leads created by installed packagesUse time-based workflow to track license expiration proactivelyUse workflow to act when a customer uninstalls your packageUse workflow and outbound messaging to kick off internal processesTo maintain proper security of dataSet appropriate user permissions, field-level security, and page layoutsEnable history tracking for license fields


Licensing a Managed Package


Environment: Publisher Packaging (DE) OrgCreate managed packageUpload packageStep 1: Upload Package to AppExchange


Step 2: Register Package Environment: AppExchange (use Packaging Org credentials)Register packageAssign package to LMO (use LMO credentials)Set license defaults


How It All Comes Together1. Subscriber installs package into their org in trial mode

Subscriber Org2. LMA delivers lead and license to LMO

3. LMO user converts lead to account & contact4. LMO user updates license parameters ISVs LMO


Best Practices: License ManagementRegister your package version with your LMO after uploading to the AppExchange every time you have a new versionTest license enforcement options for best customer experience, considering: Users with licenses and users without licenses, When licenses are suspended and expired.Never suspend a license without exploring all other options first


Things to KnowLMA cant be uninstalledLicenses cant be migrated from one LMO to anotherThe LMA works with managed packages onlyWorks for Managed Released stateDoes not work for Managed Beta stateThe LMA is available in English onlyNo lead/license records result from managed packages installed into subscriber Sandbox orgs


Avoid These Common PitfallsLead and license records not showing up in LMOIs your package registered with your LMO?Has your package version been registered with your LMO?Are there mandatory custom fields or before triggers on lead, license, package, and package version custom objects? Or, other configuration that could prevent insert of an LMA record?Is the lead manager for your package an active user?Ooops, I need to change my LMOContact Salesforce SupportLicense records in the current LMO do not move to the new LMO. They stay with the original LMO.


Package Support Access Pilot


Package Support Access - Setup Access

1. Subscriber admin grants access to org2. Support rep accesses subscriber org from LMO

3. Diagnose installation problems


Package Support Access User Login Grant


Package Support Access User LoginAfter logging in via Setup Access, Log in as a user


Helpful ResourcesLMA Installation Guidetinyurl.com/lma-install

LMA on the AppExchangetinyurl.com/lma-listing


Logan HenriquezSenior Product Manager, PlatformSarah WhitlockTechnical EvangelistQuestion & Answer

The LMA is a powerful licensing and support tool to help ISVs sell Force.com appsInstall the LMA in your production sales orgIncorporate the LMA into your business processesAvoid common pitfallsRegister your package and all package versions with your LMOAvoid configurations that interfere with LMA operationMake sure the lead manager for your package is an active userStay tuned for Package Support Access!Key Take Aways


Unleash the Power of the License Management App


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